What is Earthdawn

This area is for those interested in learning more about Earthdawn from the systems creation and history behind the game to the actual game play, also over the coming months we hope to continue updating our campaign so that new or experienced players can learn more about Earthdawn.

Earthdawn books


Earthdawn is large fantasy RPG system set in the post apocalyptic world of Barsaive that was first published by the (FASA Corporation) in 1993 who released over 20 fantastic source books from a team that had some real passion about the game, this not only created a wonderful landscape and colourful new races and characters to play, but it also made a great role playing system with one of the best and most interesting histories of any role playing game on the market, in fact by 1999 (Pyramid Magazine) called Earthdawn “The millenniums most underrated game“ as while Earthdawn struggled in the early 90’s amongst the sea of other RPG systems is was defiantly one of the best and those who played it found a new interesting and very enjoyable system.

However for various reasons (FASA) in late 1999 had to stop publishing Earthdawn and from there the entire future of the game hung in the balance until (Living Room Games) tuck on the license for the game as even the people at (LRG) could see this game has some real potential, that it is a legend worth keeping alive. From 1999 to 2005 the Earthdawn game stayed at (LRG) and while they released a 2nd edition they didn’t change much and sadly (in our opinion) they made a real mess with the artwork on the front of the books which put people off playing the game, and Earthdawn like some sleeping legend went to sleep and waited in the darkness for a long time.

The editions first second third

While (LRG – Living Room Games) had the license for Earthdawn until 2005 it seemed the game was in trouble and in 2003 a second license was granted to (RedBrick LLC) who are the new publishers of Earthdawn and from there we noticed some real activity, for example:

2003 – RedBrick re-publish the 2nd Edition with changes in a PDF format

2003 – RedBrick begins work on new system and development stage

2007 – RedBrick starts to release Earthdawn based novels

2008 – RedBrick announce the (Age of Legends) series which is a new port of Earthdawn that can be used with the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition rules.

2009 – RedBrick announce the release of a true 3rd edition Earthdawn series

2010 – RedBrick continues to work on Earthdawn products and have already re-published a lot of material in the new format.

2012 – RedBrick is now halfway through development of the revised 3rd edition of Earthdawn and are working on various other RPG systems that are now becoming very popular.

What does all this mean? It means that since its release in 1993 Earthdawn has been bruised, beaten, thrown around and faced the brink of disaster various times, and like some sleeping legend it has even laid in the darkness and dust for many years. However in those years we have seen no less than THREE major RPG publishers jump on this game, we have seen (FASA) strive to build the game amongst the sea of other RPG systems, then in later years we have seen the people at (Living Room Games) strive to keep the game alive as they could see a game with vast potential, and now in more recent years we have seen (RedBrick LLC) jump all over this game and are now working on even more material, and remember the people at (Pyramid Magazine) called Earthdawn “The millenniums most underrated game“ so ask yourself, how good must this game be?

Earthdawn legend


The world of Earthdawn is set in the large fantasy landscape of Barsaive which is a mystical and ancient part of our world that is filled with powerful magic’s, new exciting races, deadly creatures and lost items of vast power that are just waiting to be found. Much like any other fantasy system the ancient lands of Barsaive has mighty forests, huge jungles, massive rivers, epic mountains, scorching deserts and everything you would expect from a fantasy landscape, it even has an entire sea of lava, volcanoes, cursed forests and an ocean.

Yes the land of Barsaive has everything you would expect from a fantasy world, everything from the most breath taking views to the highest fantasy landscapes, everything from ancient myths to fantastic great dragons but for all its beauty and magic the world of Earthdawn also has a much darker and more terrible past that nearly destroyed the entire world, and that dark an apocalyptic time that lasted 400 years and became known as The Scourge.



I would say as a player or a GM playing Earthdawn can be a real treat as after the great Scourge your players are thrown straight into a dark and epic fantasy land that has not been explored in hundreds of years. I mean many other RPG systems have huge glorious maps and just about every place on that map has been explored and documented, however in Earthdawn its not really like that as your game begins in the ruins of an ancient world that people haven’t explored for generations, and now around every corner is a new surprise, around every corner is a new adventure, in fact with every foot step you are the original pathfinders of your world.*

This creates a fantastic action packed world of high fantasy and great danger and now spread across the lands like horrific tombs are the remains of thousands of strongholds in all manor of places, entire lost cities wait to be discovered, new cultures emerge after hundreds of years of hiding, items of vast power lay deep within Horror infested strongholds and with each footstep the players are taken further into a world of fantasy and darkness that they wont forget.

The world of Earthdawn not only offers all the things you would expect from a fantasy world such as dangerous creatures, lost cities, powerful magic’s, political issues and big armies that are on the verge of war, but it also offers a dark and meaningful focus in form of the Horrors who provide a new and terrifying enemy for the players to fight. In a strange sort of way this dark and terrible enemy helps Earthdawn groups form a bond that you don’t see with other systems, it gives your group and shared and terrible enemy that drives them closer as they head off into the darkness.


In Earthdawn the Horrors provide a vicious and powerful enemy but these Horrors come in all shapes and sizes (some even look human) or like one of the other races of Earthdawn, a few good examples of Horrors from our own world today would be as follows.

Modern horrors

These sorts of Horrors will not only kill you, torture you, send you straight to hell, but they will infest your mind and your dreams, they will sneak into your cities and villages, this gives such a vast array of options where the Horrors are concerned as some can be huge killing machines bent on the destruction of the world, while others can be dark magical predators who corrupt the mind and soul using horrible magic’s, this gives GM’s a fantastic amount of options as not only can players fight all the normal creatures you would find in a fantasy world and other races, but they can also fight a vast collection of Horrors that can all be different.

What is Earthdawn