The Far Striders

Adept Adventuring Group including Lady Yuriel


Budroes, T’Skrang Elementalist:

Party leader. He was a charismatic individual, who was greatly respected by all of the Far Striders.

Grendak Shatptooth, Troll Sky Raider:

A a mighty warrior of ferocious character, known for his booming war shouts and distinctive facial tattoos.

Spargrot, Troll Outcast Warrior:

Spargrot looks up to both Budroes and Grendak, and spent his life trying to compensate for whatever dishonor drove him from his tribe, a dishonor of which he would never directly speak.

Esra Khuzaad, Dwarf Nethermancer:

Esra tries to maintain the image of the frightening Nethermancer, though in truth he is a gentle soul.

Ike Goen, Human Warrior:

Ike thought that the surest way to quickly rise in Circles as an Adept would be to hire onto a legendary group. Unfortunately, he didn’t consider that his plan might also be very dangerous.

Toeth Nightscar, Ork Scout:

Hired by Yuriel’s cousin, Belstraum, to make sure that the young elven noble stays alive.

Lady Yuriel, Elf Swordmaster:

Donovan Kael, Human Archer:

A very quiet and dimunitive man, but one of the best archers in the land, well respected for his accuracy.


The Far Striders