Razor Mammoth

Horror Corrupted Mammoths


The Razor Mammoth is a lumbering beast standing seven feet tall at the shoulder. They have three eyes and two long curved horns above rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth. Hanging from its jaws are six sets of tentacles that it uses to pull victims into its mouth. Razor mammoths have a thick, leathery hide and a single, one-foot long talon on each of their four feet.

It is possible that razor mammoths were once peaceful creatures until the Horror Nemesis twisted their patterns in order to use them in his gladiatorial pits. After the matches, Nemesis loosed them into the surrounding areas to make way for his other creations. Instead of spreading out after their release, however, each group of beasts kept together in packs, each pack containing razor mammoths from different
pit sessions.


Razor Mammoth