Human Elementalist



Race: Human Dalaris

Base Stats: Dex 10 Str 10 Tough 10 Per 10 Wil 11 Char 9

Name: Rastin Dranco

Hair: Black

He has a black beard

Eyes: Green

I didn’t find this unusual as many in my Monastery where the same, maybe something in the blood but those who might have told me are long gone now

Size: 6 Foot 2 Inches with a wiry slim build

Weight: 176.5 Pounds

Personality: Trusting, Ambitious

Rastin’s life is ruled by the passions, almost everything good in the world is normally inspired by one of the passions.

He is quick to trust once people have proven them self’s and keen to help all for together people can do the impossible.

Once trust is broken though (in large ways) he holds a grudge for a long time and becomes more subject to the worse of the passions mirroring how he has been treated

Rastin is very ambitious stemming from fact a lot needs to change to save the world

I believe every passion exists within us all not just the positive. Each passion is a two headed coin to create you can also destroy, to love you can also hate, to heal you can also hurt. All that has happen to the mad passions is the flipped tails rather then heads.


Cut Down version of Rastins Life Story.


I was born in a small monastery hidden by powerful illusions and protected by massive wards inside a cave high up In the beautiful mountains of Delaris with stunning views and a serine sense of peace aided by the natural effects of these strange mountains.

The secret of this place was it contained hundreds of books everything from how to survive and live and build to children’s story books. It even contained a full set of the Books of harrow and one hitherto unseen volume Kept safe for thousands of years. Within its cryptic pages are hints on how to end the scourge forever but only when the time was right for the world would have been lost had the knowledge been used prior to the scourge.

Some 350 people lived in the monastery at the time I was born with a mix from all disciplines and life paths. Librarians to warriors and versatile enough to share each other’s disciplines and learn to cast together focused through individuals who could weave all the threads and they barley seamed to age.

The eldest had lived for over 500 years keeping the knowledge alive through the dark times of the scourge. There was much worry during these dark times as with each new generation the power waned and the gift of long life slowly slipped away and they pondered their ability to survive tell the magic levels dropped.

Part 2

I was born some 16 years before the Great doors were opened and learned much in the early years reading the Books of Harrow and many other ancient texts and the basics of the elemental magic and the history of the passions.

During this time I learned the reason for our long life the Great Dragon Yuichotol passed the gift of life to preserve the knowledge tell the time was right to strike against the horrors and free the world from slavery and fear.

Sadly our Supreme Hierophant discovered Therra killed Yuichotol. (UD:70) and with our benefactor gone before the scourge began many plans will have died with Him maybe the even the fate of the world it’s self. Who knows if he passed on knowledge of us to others such as his children Vasdenjas & Vestrivan (see end of text for references)

But we had the book and several hundreds of years to study the ancient texts. The world can still be saved if we but have the will to try.

I learned to make maps and venture out into the world to explore and acquire the skills to survive what plants are deadly? What heal or can be eaten? Then in turn how these can be used to help heal the sick and the wounded.

How to conceal items quickly should the need arise and most importantly how to tell if people really believe what they are saying.

Then the great Doors were opened and I experienced the world for the first time learning to apply the knowledge id been taught to survive in the real world.


For 10 years I continued to learn both more about the world and about our history, ritual we had devised for combined casting and the hopes to overthrow the Horrors

When I was 26 and out learning to survive In the wilderness I returned home after 2 long weeks out in the winter mountains to find.. I cannot describe. The entire mountain side had been carved out and ripped free nothing remained and all sign of life was gone not a scrap of cloth or even a single stone of the monastery remained.

I didn’t not tarry to see if any of our secret caches where safe, for whatever power could destroy a mountain and slay my order would not have even needed to pause to extinguish me.

So clutching my sacred staff (see weapon section) I fled remembering what skills id learned and parts of the text id had committed to memory vowing to return to look for what was lost.

I made my way through the fading snow of early spring drawing on the skills id learned over the past 10 years to stay alive as I slowly made my way toward Morn Moot marked on my ancient map.

When I drew near the moot I was certain I was being tracked but nothing came to challenge me that I could tell but the unease feeling never went away.

Once I laid eyes on the moot I destroyed the map committing my home to memory and strode forward to accept my fate. Did the troll still reside hear? or had the horrors wiped them out.

I was greeted as I neared the town, they must have recognized my staff as a small entourage including the moots shaman came to great me.

He said he had a dream of my coming and to find my path I needed to travel to Thrall the dwarf kingdom there I would begin the next stage of my destiny.

He offered to fly me there in one of their Moot’s Sky Raider airships a but the price would be a year and a day of service to the elements for there was much I still needed to learn and the time of the dream has not come to pass.

During this time I learned the moots scourge history to add to my own knowledge and learned some of the art of fighting how to use a dagger and a blow gun along with my Staff but I must confess it mostly consists of preventing me being hit !

A year and a day later I was flown in one of their sky raider ships to Bartertown and from there made my way to the village where I sit enjoying a relaxing drink.