"Obsidimen" "Horror Stalker"

Discipline: Horror Stalker Circle: 2nd Race: Obsidiman Gender: Male
Age: 148 Hair: None Skin: Grey w/Purple Viens Eyes: Amethyst
Height: 8’ 8" Weight: 888 lbs Racial Ability: Wound Threshold 3 Phy/Mys Armour +3/1


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 16 7 d12
STR 20 8 2d6
TOU 16 7 d12
PER 13 4 d10
WIL 13 6 d10
CHA 9 4 d6


Initiative: 6/d10 Physical Defense: 9
Physical Armor: 10 Spell Defense: 8
Mystic Armor: 7 Social Defense: 6
Death Rating: 60 Recovery Tests: 3/d12
Unconscious: 52 Knockdown: 7/d12
Wound Threshold: 14 Movement: 5
Max Karma: 6 Current Karma: 6

Discipline Talents (Talent Rank Cost)

Talent Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Karma Ritual - - - 2 - -
Astral Sight Simple 1 6 2 8 2d6
Melee Weapons Standard 0 7 4 11 d10+d8
Call of Harrow Standard 1 6 2 8 2d6
Steel Thought free 1 6 2 8 2d6
Abate Curse Simple 1 6 2 8 2d6

Talent Options (Talent Rank Cost)

Talent Action Karma? Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Acrobatic Strike simple No 1 7 3 10 2d8
Durability No NA 0 - 3 - -

Skills (Skill Training Cost)

Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Artisan: Sharpen Weapon Sustained 0 4 1 5 d8
Speak Language Standard 0 6 3 9 d8+d6
Read Write Language Standard 0 6 1 8 d12
Creature Lore (K) Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Geology (K) Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Second Attack Simple 2 7 3 10 2d8
Wilderness Survival Mountains Sustianed 0 6 2 8 2d6
Climbing Standard 0 7 1 8 2d6
Racial Lore Troll (K) Standard 0 6 1 7 d12


Read/Write Languages Spoken Languages
Throalic Throalic, Obsidimen, Troll


Total Legend Points: 3255 Legend Points Spent: 3200 Current Legend Points: 55

True Name: Gron’uk Anguinizan

Calling Name: Gron

Appearance and traits

  • Age 148: Chronology
    • 100 First Awakened
    • 110 Wandering; cut short by 10 years
      • Joined Troll Clan
    • 122 Left Troll Clan
      • Wandered mountains and had little contact with name givers
    • 142 Entered solitary dreaming
      • Stayed in this state for 6 years
    • 148 Returned to society to avenge my brothers
  • Taller than most Obsidimen and a little lighter in frame
  • Grey skin colour with veins of amethyst over chest, arms and down back
  • Greatly elongated head
  • Ware matching coloured clothing, purple, like amethyst veins
  • Have an obsession with anything purple coloured
  • Vegetarian, will not eat meat at all costs
  • Quick to anger in the presence of Trolls, but not suicidal
    • This excludes Nethermancer’s
  • Will speak to all Obsidimen I see seeking information and companionship
  • Constantly writing things down, unusual for Obsidimen as I became interested with the spell caster of the Troll Clan, who was a Nethermancer called Tharagon
  • Favoured passion is Thystonius even though this isn’t a standard passion of Obsidimen. The standard passions are Mynbruje and Jaspree. I picked this up from the Troll Clan and have a strong feeling that his aid would be invaluable with my future as a Horror Stalker
  • Due to my shortened wandering and having spent most of my awakened state away from Obsidimen and society I lack a certain amount of knowledge of the world and its peoples
  • My general temperament when meeting new people is often one of suspicion and I take a long time to become friends
    • Become friends with Nethermancer’s significantly quicker
  • If I am betrayed or lied to in any way, regardless of how small I will cease to have contact with them again, and if this betrayal is significant then I will most likely slay them, if able to.
    • This information I will reveal to people I am thinking of joining
  • Tend to make decisions quicker than most Obsidimen, but still slower than most name givers
  • Troll battle axe has slain a horror a Nightwist after which I named the weapon Night Harvester

Reasons for wanting to adventure

  1. Searching for the Great Brotherhood (The council of four) as I don’t have my own brotherhood as they were all slain during a brotherhood ritual by a horde of horrors
    • The council of four who reside in the Valley of the Elders appears to be a myth
  2. Find out how my life rock got corrupted and eventually restore it
  3. Want to find the Troll Clan that initially took me in and slay the ones who set upon the village
  4. Rid the world of horrors as I have direct experience with their evils

Karma Ritual: Sharpen Weapon

Sit down crossed legged in an area with rocks (inside or outside) the closer I am to the mountains the more connected I feel. Lay down a dagger (any weapon will do) and spend 10 minutes analysing the weapon and its weight, feel and sharpness. Then I take the whetstone and slowly start to sharpen it over a period of 10 minutes the speed of sharpening quickens to the point that it becomes a blur. After this time I then take the oil soaked leather cloth and rub down the weapon. At first I start fast and towards the end of the ritual these movements are almost imperceptible. At the conclusion of the ritual I stand up and carefully place the weapon away.


Background History

Unusually for an Obsidimen brotherhood both elders where killed around the same time as each other. This caused all of my brothers to return to the life rock and begin the ritual to bestow eldership on the two eldest of our brotherhood. This situation rarely happens if ever and for an attack from horrors to have happened at the same time could have been coincidental, but I have a deep suspicion the death of the previous elders was orchestrated and the attack planned.

Due to this unusual situation I had only completed 10 years of the standard 20 years of my wandering after my first awakening. As a consequence I am missing vital experience of the knowledge gained during my 100 years in an awakening state and do not fully know my own True Name. Although I obviously do have a true name I feel there is some part missing. Hence, whenever I see Obsidimen I am always curious and want to gain further insights in to my own existence. I also have a strong desire to enter into a dreaming state, but for reasons unknown to me I also fear it. I speculate that this fear is brought about from the fact that I feel I am cursed, not necessarily horror marked. I feel that who or whatever corrupted my living rock is still out there and connecting with other Obsidimen could cause similar disasters.

The battle had been on-going for two strenuous days and my brothers were starting to tire with nearly half of them already slain, the onslaught was relentless. At this time a Troll Clan called “Dark Slayers” of 300 or more, happened upon the carnage and became embroiled in the fight. During the battle, which lasted for a further three days, all of my brotherhood where slain along with more than half of the Troll Clan. As the last Obsidimen fell the remaining horrors vanished as quickly as they had appeared. Why was I spared? To this day I have no answer to that question but if it takes 1000 years to find out whom or what committed this act, I will avenge my lost brothers.


Dark Slayers Troll Clan Crest

Feeling immense loss and confusion I decided to meld with my life rock but at that moment a Troll Nethermancer named Tharagon stopped me. Shouting…

“Stop! To meld with that now will corrupt you forever, as your life rock has now been corrupted, by some powerful horror of which I cannot discern.”

To corrupt a life rock is unheard of and to perform such an act has always been assumed to be impossible. The only feasible way this could have happened is for a very powerful horror or spell caster to have gained the life rocks true name. No Obsidimen would have revealed the life rocks true name, so the question still remains how this was achieved.

After some time of asking questions of Tharagon he eventually ask if I would join there Clan and if I did he would help determine who or what had corrupted my life rock. Deciding this was probably the best course for me to take at this time I joined the Troll Clan. Before leaving, I chipped away a small piece of amethyst from the life rock and have made this in to a life stone necklace. Tharagon wasn’t as happy with this, he expressed that it would be corrupted and as such would enable who had performed this act to be able to find me as if I was Horror Marked. Good I thought if I can’t find this fiend then I hope one day it finds me and then I’ll have my revenge.

I stayed with this Troll Clan for many years living in the Scytha Mountains. During this time I was taught in the ways of a Horror Stalker, although I had more of a passion to be a Nethermancer, but Tharagon insisted this would be the best route for me to take presently and if I survived long enough to become a Nethermancer at a later date. I continued to study the ways of a Horror Stalker and grew very fond of Tharagon and struck up a great friendship with him during my years with the Troll Clan.

Most of my time was spent studding and occasionally I was invited to go out with a party of Trolls exploring old unopened kaers and slaughtering any horrors we came across. I continued in this vein for many years and my excursions slowly increased. However, after a while it became somewhat unsettling when I started to realise that this Troll Clan was more interested in destroying horrors and collecting the loot rather than helping others. This eventually culminated in me fleeing for my life from the Troll Clan.

Travelling through the Scytha Mountains one day, we happened upon a small village containing three families who complained of being attacked in the night by flying horrors. They pleaded with the Troll Clan for help, who at first appeared understanding and agreed to rid the village of their nightmares. After a successful night battling what I now know to have been Nightwist’s the Troll Clan then asked for their reward which was promptly handed over. This however didn’t satisfy the Troll Clan who then set about ransacking the village of all their possessions and killing two farmers in the process. I appealed to my companions to stop, whom I had once called friends, only then to be set upon. During the ensuing melee I took down one of the Trolls and barley escaped with my life. If it wasn’t for the kindness of Tharagon using his trickery in distracting the Trolls with a spell or two, I doubt I would have made it out alive.

Finding myself now completely alone with no friends, no brothers and no life rock calling me I travelled aimlessly for many years. During this time I had no contact with any name givers and felt completely alone in this world. I fell in to a dreaming state for an unknown length of time, but during this time I started to reconnect with my other brothers (not from my life rock) and started to gain a feeling that all was not lost. Eventually I resolved myself to avenge my brothers and use the skills that the Trolls had taught me and try and discover who or what had killed them, and eventually to rid my life rock of its corruption.

With this new resolve I headed to the largest civilised town “Bartertown” to seek out like minded adventures, preferably a group containing a Nethermancer. I have only one condition for the group I join none of them are Trolls, unless it’s a Nethermancer.