The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Mind terrorAs Jace started to explain what he had just seen, we heard noises from within the cave, looking into the cave the Horror was now flanked by two Cadaver Men, deciding not to wait any longer I charged in and headed straight for the main Horror, quickly followed by the rest of The Circle of Light who mostly concentrated on the Cadaver Men.

Not really knowing what to expect, as neither I nor the rest of the group had encountered anything like this before, I wadded in to the Horror with all my might, only for it to scurry of to the back of the cave, at which point another Cadaver Man rose out of the ground. Finishing of the Horror with ease, helped by a few arrows from Elora, the rest of the Cadaver Men were quickly dispatched.

At this point I felt slightly uneasy as it seemed a little easy to have dispatched this Horror and its cohorts with little to no detriment to the group. However despite thoroughly searching the cave for secrete exits nothing was found. Perhaps we had caught it unawares or the death of the Cannibals had weakened it some, we may have just got extremely lucky, whatever the reason, the Horror was now dead.

I now know that this Horror is called Mind Terror but apart from that and its ability to summon up Cadaver Men from bone and flesh I know little else. From this Horror I carefully sliced away its lower face and skin from which I plan to create a belt and wear it so that its face lies behind me

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Rather than continuing to the Watch Tower that Kenvin spoke off and as the day was drawing to a close we head back to Kenvins hut for the night, as the general direction of the Watch Tower would bring is back round to his vicinity.

That night Kenvin was very talkative appearing to enjoy this unexpected company. He spoke little of Thera, and it was obvious that he wasn’t trying to conceal anything, but preferred not to be reminded of his nefarious past within the Theran army. He did speak volumes about where he traded, mainly at Idelon on the River Mothingale and his dealings with House Sirtis and House Iskarat.

Kaerless seemed mighty interested in his tales of Thera and where and when he traded and eventually agreed with Kenvin upon our return to escort him on his trading route and to be introduced to his trading partners.

Elora was eager to learn how Kenvin made his explosive arrows, of which Kenvin was only too happy to show and much to her surprise after constructing one of the arrows made from True Fire and Air he let Elora keep the one she had help make. Elora was deeply grateful and then eagerly shared her smoking weed, which the two of them partook in. Rastin at this point, never missing such an opportunity, immediately took out his pipe and joined in.

25th of Rua

After a relaxing night and a hearty breakfast we set of for the deserted Watch Tower using Kenvin directions we arrive at the base of the mountains and find a track leading up towards a crumbling Watch Tower. As we approached closer we could see movement through derelict wooden gates, deciding not to enter I shouted

“This is The Circle of Light we mean you no harm, show your selves.”

Gate houndAt this two huge Hounds came out of the entrance and stood guard, realising that we had no other option we attacked, however for some unknown reason at the time I and the rest in the group felt weaker using our magical abilities.

We later discovered that these were not your normal hounds but were indeed Gate Hounds, created before the scourge to protect Kaers from Horrors unfortunately something went wrong in their creation as they soon turned on their makers. They were created to reduce the magic around an area in the hope that having a lower field of magic would prevent the Horrors from entering their Kaers. The idea was probably sound as when the magic levels in this world are low the Horrors retreat; unfortunately to be able to perform such a feat would have required tremendous power.

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker

The battle with these two Gate Hounds was short and once we laid waste to their bodies we entered in to what once must have been a grand court yard from which the views were truly stunning. Of to the south lay the distant peaks of the Throal Mountains, to the west the snow capped towers of the Skytha Mountains reminding us of our recent travails that ultimately lead us here to the Caucavic Mountains.

Walking to the Guard House up roughly hewn steps the first thing we saw was a map carved onto the wall showing a route through the mountains of which Rastin took a copy. As it was now nearly dark we secured ourselves in the guard house for the night.

Caucavic mountains trail

26th of Rua

After an uneventful cold night in the guard house we find the track as shown on the map and make our way further in to the mountains. After about half a day’s walk we approached the area as indicated on the map called “The Pass of a Thousand Thieves” realising that we wouldn’t be able to get through this area in one day we proceed onwards with caution.

It becomes clear to us immediately why this area has the name it does as it’s an ideal pass that many an ambush could be sprung. Steep cliffs flank us on either side and the area is heavily over grown with tall grasses and trees that could easily hide a large band of Trolls. Walking quietly and cautiously expecting a trap to be sprung at any moment the day passes uneventfully. However we are now very much in the thick of the pass and have no option but to camp here for the night.

Taking extreme caution with setting up our camp, trying to ensure that should anything try to approach us we would be alerted soon enough to take action and avoid being surprised, or so we thought. However as the dawn was close to approaching we are woken by Rastin and Elora, who always take the last watch, strangely every time we have been attacked whilst camping for some reason it always happens on their watch. What are they doing, are they making too much noise, not paying attention or is it just pure coincidence, whatever the reason they are always quick to wake us.

Being stirred in our sleep we all find large bats crawling all over us and trying to prise anything they can away from our person. The only one of us who is unlucky is Karaath who wakes up to late as one of the bats takes away his hat, at first I thought it’s only a hat, but at that moment Karaath shouted

“Quick, get that bat, it has my hat, that’s my Grimoire”

Elora then quickly fires of an arrow and manages to dislodge the hat from the bats grasp. It now becomes apparent why this area is called “The Pass of a Thousand Thieves” even though we had been expecting larger and more difficult opponents to have given this area its name.

Deciding to search around the area we follow the bats to one of their lairs thinking it must surely contain other stolen items, but apart from a small amount of gold and silver coins nothing else of worth is found. Discussing if we should search all the bat caves, we eventually decided that the pay off probably wouldn’t be worth the effort or risk.

26th of Rua

Packing up our camp we head back along the trail and travel for the rest of the day unimpeded. As we walk the air starts to get colder and an eerie quietness surrounds us. The only sounds we here are the wind and the falling or rocks from under our feet, no sounds or sights of bird or animal. This surly is a desolate place and it has been many a century since any name giver travelled this route, and from the information we already know no one has probably been here since before the scourge. Unnervingly if the road we travel is towards a Kaer, which is what we expect, then either no one survived or the Kaer gates have not yet been opened. I’m hoping for the latter and being able to free its inhabitants.

27th of Rua

After another uneventful night and a few hours walk we see in the distance two huge Dwarven statues pointing back with outstretched arms in the direction we have come. Upon getting closer we see the entrance into the mountains this must be the “Tunnel of Demeroth” and around the base of the statutes was an inscription.

“You must follow the Dwarven Path”

Discussing amongst ourselves the meaning of this, Kaerless states we probably have to go down through the tunnels. As we entered the tunnels in the room ahead we see something scurrying off in to the darkness and can hear the sounds of flowing water, we pause for a moment and start to prepare for what awaits in the darkness.

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker


Follow the Dwarvern path deeper into the mountain really glad you figured that out

Session 9: Follow the Dwarven Path

That’s because we are cleaver than you think? :-)

Session 9: Follow the Dwarven Path

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