Session 26: Malgims Fate


Magic ritual 3

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

For the last few days we have been resting up in the fortified town of Haven on the outskirts of the great lost city of Parlainth, and while the danger and action here is always high I think the group have really enjoyed a few days off the front line and have taken the time to train further and to get our equipment in order, in fact with the amount of times Gron sharpens his huge axe I’m surprised there is anything left however it seems to keep him calm when he is not killing horrors.

I also think the people here are becoming a little more friendly towards us as it seems many of them have heard of our exploits as these passing weeks have been very hectic for the Circle of Light seeing us delve into the cursed city of Parlainth numerous times where we have fought horrors, drakes, undead and even corrupted name givers who worship the foul demons and each time it seems to spread our legend a little further making the people see we are fighting for good and righteous reasons. Needless to say the last few days have been a welcome break and as I walked down in to the tavern this morning I noticed Rastin and Elora sitting together laughing and smoking their pipes and noticed Gron again Sharpening his axe I found myself feeling happy to have such companions, as for Kaerless well he was probably still in bed and Jace, well who knows where Jace is or who he is robbing, but for now at least the group are in good spirits and well rested.

I have to say however that the town of Haven is still a strange place as while it is full of life and vibrant adventures with the promise of making both fame and fortune its fair to say that the threat and gloom of the lost city is never far away and seems to hang over the small town like a dark cloud that almost breeds and paranoid yet excited vibe to the place like each day here is new, like each day there is a new challenge awaiting us and new adventures to be had, and I was just sat thinking that as I ate my breakfast of lamb stew when one of the guards came walking into the tavern and walking straight over to us with a fairly serious look on his face he said Torgak the Troll leader of Haven wanted to see us as quick as possible as by all accounts something was wrong.

Perhaps we all felt a little nervous at this point as looking around we could not see the thief Jace anywhere and half wondered if we would turn up at Torgaks shop to find Jace locked up in chains after robbing the place blind or something, however at least getting to kick Kearless out of bed was fun experience seeing the Elf Nethermancer Kaerless jump up like he didn’t know where he was, looking me straight in the eyes he said he was just having a dream about death and it was getting to the good part seeing me chuckle and think what a strange character this master of the dark arts really is, however telling him Torgak wanted to see us he soon began to collect his things.

Making our way downstairs we were just in time to see the small Windling Jace flying in through the tavern door with a half eaten apple in his hand, asking him where the hell he had been he simply smiled and said “no where” making us think its probably best not to ask. However getting our gear together the entire group flung open the tavern door and headed out into the hustle and bustle that is Havens streets and think we were all in good spirits as we marched with our companions at our sides seeing several people nod and smile at us as we walked. However it was about half way to Torgak’s shop that we noticed a pair of merchants arguing in the street about the price of fish and they were really going at it and were even threatening each other about such a silly topic.

Shouting and pointing fingers at each other one of the merchants suddenly picked up a massive trout freshly caught from the Onman River and slapped the other merchant right in the face with the huge wet fish seeing them dive on each other and begin to fight, luckily various other merchants jumped to pull them apart seeing the entire group laugh and chuckle at the merchant who had just been rubbed out with a fresh river trout, again I can only say what a strange place this town is and how emotions here run very high, what we did not know however was that incident was just one of many over the last few days and we were about to find out there was a serious problem in Haven.
Getting to Torgak’s shop the huge grizzly Troll met us with and thankful smile and after inviting us inside he explained to us that over the last week there had been an alarming number of incidents in Haven of people seemingly going mad and attacking each other, by all accounts several people had even been killed seeing normal everyday folk go crazy like something was effecting them and on that note the Troll leader of Haven asked us to investigate the matter on his behalf as he wanted to stop any more bloodshed before the matter got out of hand. We did have a chuckle at this point and explained to Torgak that fall outs between fish merchants and house wives was hardly our strong point but the Troll suggested that perhaps there was more behind this than meets the eye.

Promising to help Torgak and keep our eyes open we left his shop not really knowing what to think as our only assumption was that a horror could be lose in the town as the foul demons enjoy playing tricks on peoples minds, however we decided to keep our eyes open and it was not long before we witnessed even more disturbances, in fact over the next two days we witnessed several bar fights and even women arguing with each other in the streets, this would perhaps seem normal considering Havens volatile nature but the arguments and fights seemed to be breaking out over nothing almost like people were just going mad or been effected by some strange unseen power, needless to say we had seen enough at that night the Circle of Light went on night time patrol in the streets of Haven.

I am unsure what we hoped to find perhaps a demon running lose in the darkened streets or some evil spell caster trying to corrupt the town, either way we walked out into the dark streets fully equipped and ready for action. Several hours passed as we walked the dark streets of Haven when all of a sudden we noticed an old women who seemed to be walking through the streets aimlessly muttering to her self like she had gone crazy, watching her for several minutes she seemed to be heading towards the gate into the lost city and it was at this point that the Nethermancer Kaerless summoned up some of his dark powers seeing his eyes roll into the back until only pure white eyes could be seen, for several moments he juddered slightly until all of a sudden his eyes sprang back to normal and he told us he had just looked into the magical astral plane, what he witnessed there however was enough to disturb him.

I do not know much about the astral plane other than it is the world of magic that surrounds us all like a different dimension or sea of magic that washes over our earth, what Kaerless said however was he could see several magical threads attached to the old women that seemed to be leading off into the lost city almost like unseen magical ropes was pulling her to some unknown location. Getting near the gates to the lost city the old women approached seeing the Troll guards above open the gates to let her inside the lost city which we found strange, shouting up to them and asking why they had let an old unarmed women into the lost city they shouted back that we know Torgak’s rules and they are not allowed to stop anyone entering the lost city without Torgak’s orders.

Looking at each other and wondering what to do the group decided to follow the old women into the lost city and have to say a night time venture into the corrupted city was the last thing we had expected from a simple night patrol, however these strange magical threads leading this crazed women was the only lead we had so drawing our weapons we headed off after the crazy old women trying to keep a discreet distance behind her, the old women however did not seem to care in fact and entire herd of Thundera beasts could have been following her and she probably wouldn’t have even noticed as she walked on muttering to herself.

Following the women for sometime we were shocked when a group of 10 cloaked figures stepped out of the night to greet the insane women, looking directly at us the cloaked name givers shouted at us and made gestures to mind our own business before they walked off with the old women further into the lost city. Having little other choice we decided to follow them further which was difficult in the darkened horror infested streets of the lost city, however using very powerful and strange magic the Nethermancer Kaerless turned himself into a small winged bat whilst the Elementalist Rastin turned himself into a large white owl so we could follow them from a safe distance.

I am unsure what happened but maybe they knew we were following them or perhaps it was just bad luck but all of a sudden were heard the sound of running footsteps that were heading towards us when all of a sudden a large group of undead cadaver men came charging out of the darkness towards us and began attacking us immediately, like stated maybe this was just random or perhaps the strange cloaked figures had called the undead somehow but one thing is for sure we were in for a seriously heavy fight as the cadaver man ripped into us with a ferocity that I have never seen, not only that but with the Nethermancer Kaerless been a bat and the Elementalist Rastin been an owl it meant that the rest of us were totally surrounded seeing a hectic fright break out.

Heavily outnumbered me Rayven, Gron the Horror Stalker, Elora the Archer and Jace the thief did our best to fight against overwhelming odds but on hitting them the undead cadaver men seemed to go berserk and flew into a rage letting out volleys of blows with their blackened rotting hands seeing them do serious damage. By this time both Kaerless and Rastin had magically transformed themselves back into name giver form and had began weaving their hands ready to cast powerful spells into the combat but sadly it was to late and both Gron and Elora had been so heavily hurt that they dropped dead on the floor and I could see blood running from their torn veins, this alone sent me into some kind of primal rage and I knew I had no option but to save the entire group, again.

My training tuck over and that night with my sword and armour gleaming under the star light of the corrupted city I showed the group what a warrior can really do smashing my huge sword down onto the enemies one by one. Hack as one of their arms was severed clean off its body before I twisted and turned in combat avoiding multiple blows, again hack seeing one of their legs cut clean off before I spun around dancing on the air like magical steps that guided me, for those few moments it was like a dream like once again I was in the great fighting arena of my people, like once again I was fighting the grand masters of the rising sun and the knowledge and training of my people flooded through me and the magic of the adept swelled inside seeing my very blood boil in anger as I hacked down the enemies one by one as I danced alone in the night.

In those last few seconds I can not remember much as the magic and power of the adept had consumed me so deeply that my training and skills had totally taken over seeing me spin around lifting my massive double handed sword in the air ready to bring it smashing down onto another enemy when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice shouting “Wo Wo Rayven they are all dead” suddenly seeing Rastin appear in front of me trying to calm me from my rage. Looking around we were surrounded by dead bodies seeing me drop to my knees gasping for breath, within only a second Rastin had run over to Elora and Gron pulling our his medical kit he began fighting to save their lives seeing him use every trick he knew to bring them back from the gates of death.

I remember sitting their panting like a wild beast watching Rastin applying the magical potions to Gron and Elora’s wounds seeing him rubbing a thick grey substance deep into their open cuts before beginning to bandage and treat their many injuries, it was a tense moment for us all when suddenly like magic Gron tuck a huge deep breath seeing his lungs fill with the cold night air before he started to groan in pain. Managing to get Gron to his feet we picked up Elora and quickly set out into the night where we walked a short distance before we found an old house to bunker down in for the night, and believe me it was a tense night as both Gron and Elora fought for their lives.

Standing watch that night with our injured friends on deaths door was a lonely and worrying task but that night I do not think Rastin slept a single wink as he fought to control the bleeding of his companions seeing him bandage and heal their wounds with great efficiency. I remember thinking we are lucky to have a man such as Rastin amongst us not only a true master of the elements but a dedicated and trained healer and physician, sadly however there was little time to thank him as the darkened streets of Parlianth requires and ever watchful eye seeing us bunker down until the sun rise finally came, luckily by that time both Gron and Elora was awake which made us all smile.

That morning we had a slow start seeing Rastin apply more powerful healing potions to Gron and Elora’s wounds and changing their bandages before we were finally ready to set off. I have to give credit to Elora at this stage as whilst heavily wounded in battle the fragile and slender Elf archer knew what she had to do and without complaint she knelt down on the floor and touched the sand seeing her eyes flash that strange magical silver colour as she began searching for the tracks that the old women and cloaked figures had left, and even under such difficult conditions she managed to find them with ease seeing us again march off into the unknown of the great lost city.

We travelled for several hours in total and Elora did not falter once in fact even whilst wounded she followed those tracks with the skill and dedication of an expert hunter like she was some trained predator stalking her pray which lead us to our final destination. It was around mid day when Elora on point finally waved us over and running to her side she pointed off into the distance and we noticed a large hole in the ground with a rope ladder leading down into the darkness and Elora confirmed that the tracks lead down there. I have to say it was a tense moment as we approached the large hole in the ground and looked down into the darkness below and think at that stage my bowl of lamb stew back in the Restless Troll Tavern was looking fairly good as we were all feeling like lambs to the slaughter as we looked down into the darkness.

It was at this point that the Windling Jace sprang into action and showed how brave he can be as without caution or complaint he slipped silently down the hole scouting the area for the rest of us seeing him sneak like a black panther through a darkened jungle, and credit where its due he did not make a single noise until several moments later he reappeared and called us down the ladder telling us it was safe. Heading down the ladder we found ourselves in an ancient underground passage which is no surprise for the lost city as the place is full of them so quietly we began making our way down the passage with our weapons drawn.

We did not get far however when Jace at the front of the group suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and began looking around at the walls, landing on the floor for a few seconds he picked up a small handful of sand and walked back several steps where he began rubbing the sand on the wall like he was looking for something. Watching him for several seconds we did not even get chance to ask what he was doing when he simply said “there is a draft” and I think we all jumped a little when suddenly he pushed one of the stones seeing a secret door grind open in front of us again seeing us peer down another darkened tunnel which we decided to explore before going any further.

Walking down the ancient secret tunnel we soon came to a room with a locked door and again Jace proved his worth to the entire group and managed to pick the lock within seconds without making a single sound, peering into the room we were shocked to see three injured prisoners chained to the walls and looking in a sorry state when suddenly one of them cried out “help us, please help us” seeing us walk inside the room whilst Gron watched the corridor. There were three name givers in total one Windling named Rulang, one Dwarf named Juk, and one Obsidimen named Madakas and they explained they had been taken prisoner by the strange cloaked figure some days before and had been imprisoned her since, looking at the injured an unarmed prisoners we decided to release them and told them to follow the tunnel back outside.

With that we continued to follow the secret tunnel further into the darkness until we could see a large opening ahead with light flicking from inside, not only that but we could hear some kind of strange chanting noise from the room ahead so sneaking up carefully to the doorway we peaked inside and was horrified and what we witnessed. Looking into the large square room the first thing we could see was a massive disgusting horror sitting in front of us, as luckily it seems the secret tunnel had led us up right behind the beast, looking at its huge foul body it seemed to be made of oozing jelly like substance and we noticed a humanoid figure trapped inside its gross body, not only that but standing before it praising the demon was countless name givers and cadaver men.

Suddenly Gron’s jaws dropped open seeing him duck back behind the wall where his eyes seemed to peer off into nowhere like he was trying to remember something from years ago until suddenly he gasped and said “Its the named horror the Abomination, the fate of Malgim” seeing us all look at him with confusion. Huddled up together in the darkness Gron explained that many years ago he had heard a tale of a ancient and powerful horror in the depths of Parlianth that had a transparent jelly like form and vast magical powers, he went on to explain that many years ago legends say that a great and powerful wizard called Malgim fought to save Parlainth when the horrors breached the city killing many of them with his powerful spells, sadly however one horror so powerful managed to get into the city that Malgim was powerless to stop the great Abomination and in his dying act the great wizard gave his own life and blended himself with the beast in hope’s of controlling it.

If the legends are correct then the powerful wizard Malgim did manage to subdue the great horror for sometime but over the countless years the horror again won control over the wizards corrupted mind seeing the horror again let loose into the ancient city of Parlainth, needless to say we all shivered at this news as if Gron was correct which he usually is then this beast is not only as old as the Scourge itself but is a being of immense power that feeds off the worship of its followers, and again looking into the room we could notice at least 50 people praising the demon some of which were undead and others name givers who had obviously succumb to the beasts evil powers.

This was a unsure moment for the Circle of Light as the horror inside that room was not only very powerful but its followers already outnumbered us heavily, in fact the only real benefit we had was the element of surprise and with that in mind the Circle of Light decided to strike. Preparing the best we could we decided to run inside the room attacking the horror from behind with all we had got hoping that would be enough to kill or seriously harm the dread beast and taking several deep breaths we all suddenly charged into the room with our weapons ready to strike the Abomination.

Jace been small and fast was first into the combat seeing him launch a vicious surprise attack on the beast where he slashed and stabbed at the beast with his powerful short sword the Emerald Storm, sadly however even Jace’s face looked shocked as the large jelly like mass seemed to absorb the blows with ease. Next in the room was me and Gron seeing the two fighters charge into the beast hammering down numerous surprise blows onto its shaking mass but again the beast seemed so tough and powerful that it absorbed the blows only taking minor damage, over the next few seconds both Elora and Kaerless attacked the beast with both spell and arrow which again had limited effects, it was perhaps Rastin however who saved the day as running into the room with his hands glowing with white magical energy he chanted several words as he weaved his hands in the air and let out a powerful spell of ice seeing the entire floor of the room cover in thick slippery ice.

That alone probably saved us as whilst the horror span around to attack us many of its minions and worshippers were slipping all over the ice Rastin had created, if it was not for that sheet of ice then we would have surly been over run by sheer numbers luckily however it bought us some time and the entire group continued to attack the beast raining down blow after blow upon its gelatinous form seeing the beast hurt in several places. Within only seconds however the beast let out some kind of strange magical attack seeing a dark cloud of energy forming around us and before long sparks of dark energy began flashing like lighting was building in the cloud, sadly however we could not afford to run now so we continued to attack the dread beast.

Only seconds passed when all of a sudden the strange cloud forming around us began to let out bolts of black lighting that struck the group various times seeing several members scream in agony as the lighting hit their bodies, it was at this time perhaps compelled by seeing his companions been hurt that Rastin began chanting in words I do not understand seeing him weave his hands around in the air seemingly pulling energy from the magical world around us as we could clearly see the power of fire beginning to build in his hands like a mass fireball of energy, it was at this point that Kaerless the Nethermancer leaped towards the horror letting out some kind of primal dark energy he screamed “Malgim” and punched the beast seeing his hand sink deep into its jelly like form where he grabbed the dead body of the ancient wizard and tried pulling him out of the foul horrors mass, luckily Elora bravely jumped into help seeing both Kaerless and Elora pulling the ancient wizards body out of the horror just in time.

This was lucky for them however because as they came crashing backwards dragging the dead wizards body with them Rastin stepped forward with fire raging in his eyes seeing him spin around in the shadows before letting out a huge magical blast of fire against the beast that consumed its entire body seeing it writhe around in pain before it seemingly dropping dead on the floor, looking at Rastin however his hands were already weaving to cast another spell against the beasts many minions who now charged towards us. I remember smashing several bottles of burning oil onto the beasts body seeing Rastin’s flames again explode with vigour as the burning oil burst over the horrors body and with that we went about attacking the many cadaver man who swarmed towards us like a wave crashing across the icy floor, in fact without Rastin we would have surly died as his strange mix of both ice and fire surly saved us that day.

From that moment however we noticed that the name giver worshippers who were mainly human had suddenly sprung out of their trance like killing the foul horror had released them from their torment like they had just woken from a nightmare, sadly however the various cadaver man around them had sensed the change and began attacking the poor unarmed people. Knowing we must rescue these innocent souls we went all out against the undead cadaver man hacking them down one by one the best we could, not only that but a number of strange foul mud like creatures had also charged into the combat and we can only assume these are more of the horrors minions seeing us heavily out numbered by evil foes, the Circle of Light however stud their ground.

The fight raged seeing screams and sounds of fighting echo out of the room all around us when all of a sudden the worst happened as in a matter of seconds the strange smouldering mass of jelly on the floor seemed to regenerate itself again forming up into the massive horror that we thought was dead seeing the entire group jump back in shock “The horror is still alive” someone screamed when suddenly the beast let out a flashing magical power than left us stunned for a brief second before it simply vanished before our eyes, looking around in confusion we again witnessed several strange flashes seeing the dread beast reappear right on the other side of the room where it began to cast more spells against the group who were already surrounded and outnumbered.

It was at this point I knew what I had to do so barging past the cadaver men and strange mud creatures I set off running towards the foul horror hoping I could reach the other side of the room to slay the demon before it had chance to hurt any of my friends. It was at this stage however that I witnessed and awesome and powerful sight as seeing the demon reappear sent Rastin into some kind of magical rage as I could hear is dark and arcane words echoing out over the room seeing the wind pick up around us, looking back I can remember seeing Rastin cast his hands towards the ground seeing huge gusts of wind swirl like a vortex beneath him until he lifted up from the very ground itself and was actually flying in the air like the wind itself embraced him and with that he began hurtling towards the beasts at full speed.

Gusts of wind surged around Rastin and chanting in his arcane tongue I began to see massive amounts of magical fire building in his hands and in those last few seconds could see a rage of both fire and ice in his eyes like he was about to release an entire storm of elements against the awful beast, an entire storm that looked like it could have killed anyone it’s path. Looking back in those last few seconds I noticed Rastin was close behind me when all of a sudden he spotted the thief Jace laying injured on the floor with various enemies nearby and while I could tell Rastin was about to destroy the foul horror I could see a struggle within his mind, a struggle between killing the horror and saving his friend and whilst I could see a mass of energy surging inside of Rastin’s eyes he suddenly stopped and looked at Jace, looking back at me he shouted “Go, go Rayven kill the horror” seeing me charge on alone against the beast whilst Rastin went to save Jace.

I know in those last moment it must have taken a lot for Rastin to hold back but he again proved how he would give his life to save a friend and with that courage in my heart I charged forward screaming as I lifted by massive sword into the air bringing it crashing down onto the foul horror several times hitting it so hard the huge horror in front of me exploded into a mass of jelly seeing foul bits of horror fly in all directions as I let out several deciding blows against the beast.
Only seconds later the massive Obsidimen Gron charged to my side seeing him let out more blows against the demon to make sure it was really dead. I am unsure why but as I killed the evil beast the cadaver men still fighting the rest of the group seemed to jolt and panic seeing them run off into the various darkened corridors that surrounded us as perhaps even the undead knew they were no match for the blades of the Circle of Light. Injured and bleeding yet still alive we formed a circle in the middle of the room as the evil undead ran away and at that point I walked over to Rastin and offered him my hand in congratulations as not only had he killed the horror once but he had again saved one of our comrades from certain death.

Reaching out to grasp his hand in thanks my hand suddenly jolted with a small electric shock seeing a cool shiver run up my entire spine and looking into Rastin’s eyes I could tell that that the power locked inside of him was still fading and I knew at that point the storm he had inside would have easily killed the dread beast however he had chose to save his friend. Looking directly at him I think we both wondered how these lesser races would ever survive with out us because us the two humans of the group had managed to kill the horror twice and save Jace’s life, for now at least we are deep within a unknown complex with darkness on all sides of us but we are together and we are alive which brings hope to our hearts, who knows what will happen next or what the dark Gods controlling this world have in store for us, but one thing is for sure whatever challenges we now face, we shall face them together as brothers.



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