Session 24: Horror Marked


Horror marked

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

I woke today with one of the strangest feelings of my life as opening my eyes I instantly looked up to see the sky above me and had a feeling of total weightlessness, so quickly looking around I realised I was flying through the air with the small Windling Jace carrying me, by all accounts the Elementalist Rastin had cast a spell upon me which made me light as a feather meaning the small Windling Jace could lift me above his head like a dry peace of fire wood. Spluttering I tried to catch my breath and began coughing seeing Jace put me on the ground where my heart once again sank as looking around I realised we were still in the lost city of Parlainth and had not yet reached the safety of the town of Haven.

Coming round I asked the others what had happened as the last thing I remember was fighting a foul black horror and it various minions in the temple of Vestrial which we had found deep in the ruined city of Parlainth and what a fight it had been. Perhaps this was the most worrying time as the entire group just looked at me in silence before they explained the combat in the temple of Vestrial had been so heavy that I had fought nearly until my last breath and we had managed to kill countless undead cadaver men not to mention the corrupted name givers who praised the foul horror lurking in the depths of the temple but we had become so wounded that we had to retreat seeing me fall unconscious under some strange kind of spell.

It was at that point that the large Obsidimen Grom offered me is hand lifting me from the floor he looked me straight in the eyes with a serious look upon his face and simply said “We have been horror marked brother” seeing my heart sink yet further into confusion, not only had I woke up flying through one of the most corrupted cities in the world been carried by a Windling who should have never been able to lift me but all of a sudden I found out the entire group had been horror marked by the foul demon that we had failed to kill, looking around however there was one victory at least because I noticed the lady Yuriel travelled with us meaning we had managed to rescue to last of the Far Strider group who we had set out to rescue, this action however had seen all of the group nearly killed and horror marked by a foul demon who could now peer into our thoughts and minds using its foul magic’s to corrupt our souls.

I do not remember much about the fight in the temple other than it was ferocious and hectic as on entering the temple we made our way down a very long corridor when all of a sudden a huge force of corrupted name givers and undead came charging up the corridor towards us releasing vicious spells and attacks upon our group seeing me charge head on into the battle to try and take fire off the group. Within only seconds however the huge Obsidimen Gron had ran away from the enemies seeing him flee down the corridor away from the fight, what we did not know at the time was there was another entire group of undead and name givers flooding towards from that direction. I am unsure how Gron knew this but needless to say the horror stalker that is Gron charged head on into an entire group all on his own leaving me fighting one group while he handled the other, for a while there the entire group was surrounded on both sides with no way of escape.

It was in those last few seconds that it was literally fight or die and I can remember wielding my sword smashing down blow after blow on enemies who seemed to flood up the tunnel, and in those last seconds I can remember Elora firing countless arrows down the corridor and can remember hearing the mutterings of both Rastin and Kearless as they weaved their magical spells. It was after killing many of the minions that the foul horror reared its head seeing us attacked by the foul black creature with its disgusting shadowy form and long unnatural tentacles, the last thing I remember is an almighty roar as Gron came charging back into the fight hitting the horror with such a awesome blow that it retreated back off into the darkness of the temple, it was around that time that all went black seeing me slump on the ground seemingly unconscious.

I am unsure what happened after that but we had managed to find the lost lady Yuriel who we had gone to rescue and by all accounts our wounds were just so great that the entire group had no choice but to retreat back to Haven and try and get the last of the Far Strider group back to safety, for some reason however the group had not been able to wake me and am thankful to them that they carried me all of this way and did not leave me there to die in the depths of hell. The Circle of Light was now horror marked by a vicious and evil demon which weighed heavy on all of our minds and I could tell this especially upset Gron as he kept stopping and looking back into the cursed city and we could all tell he wanted to go back and finish off the foul horror but with such heavy wounds and Lady Yuriel to get to safety we had little choice but to head back to Haven.

On arriving back to the small fortified town of Haven on the edge of the lost city the entire group could have easily been mistaken for undead as blood still trickled down our armour and many of us was in extreme pain from our injuries, however getting the lady Yuriel back safely brought a brief sense of victory and a smile to all our faces as our original mission was to go into the lost city and rescue the lost Far Strider group which we had managed to achieve. Getting her back to safety we limped back to our room in the tavern where all of us collapsed like we had not slept in weeks sadly however that is where it all began and the foul mark of the beast rose its vicious head seeing us all dream nightmares that terrified us to our very core, in fact the group that night hardly slept and waking in the morning I could see it had affected Elora rather badly, by all accounts her dreams had been so evil and vivid that she had not managed to sleep a single wink all night.

That morning we began healing the rest of our wounds and think we were all glad that Rastin was there as this human Elementalist not only hold great power over the elements making him a powerful magician but Rastin is also trained physician and he began patching up our wounds with bandages and magical healing aids which was enough to get us back on our feet again. With that we went to see the Circle Path Company where lady Yuriel was staying and on arrival we found that lady Yuriel and her companion who we had rescued had also suffered horrible and twisted nightmare in the night seeing them also lose hours of sleep, and it was at this point ever single one if us knew what we had to do, no matter if we liked it or not we had to travel back into the depths of the lost city and kill the foul horror who marked us, it was either that or we go insane and end up dying from sheer terror and exhaustion, with that the Circle of Light once again geared up for what could be our final trip into the forgotten city seeing Lady Yuriel and her companion join us for the last adventure.

We had little time to lose as each hour we waited the horror delved deeper into our minds and souls but still bearing vicious wounds we decided to set off early the next day and try and get more sleep that night, this however was not to happen as that night whilst we waited to set off we all had more vicious a twisted dreams that I dare not repeat on paper, in fact even myself a warrior of the rising sun woke up screaming in the night like a child suffering nightmares, one thing is for sure whatever world these evil demons come from is world unlike our own and world void of joy or happiness, in fact where they come from there is only darkness and pain, only suffering like none you can imagine. Perhaps this was made even worse as when Rastin again looked at our wounds his face looked grim and he said if this sleep loss and exhaustion continues then our wounds would become infected seeing us all die a lonely and horrible death.

It was now or never and meeting the lady Yuriel and her companion we prepared to set off back to the temple of Vestrial where we once again planned to fight the foul beast. I can not lie all of us were afraid at this point as the horror stalker Gron said that now we are marked by the beast it will know we are coming, not only that but the countless minions we had killed would have probably been raised as undead monsters by the time we returned, that means we would not only have to kill the beast but would have to fight its countless minions again which sent a shiver up my spine. Our only real blessing was that the Circle Path Company where lady Yuriel was from had agreed to drop us near the temple by air ship, this would not only cut out the long walk through the cursed city making the journey safer but it meant we would be there in only a few hours.

This gave us a slight advantage at least but it also meant we had to undergo a dangerous air ship drop right into hostile territory and if that was not bad enough the demon knew we was coming. I think in our own way we all felt a deep seeded fear during that flight as we sat there quietly contemplating our fate, was this air ship ride the last days of the mighty Circle of Light, was this to be our last adventure in this world as we had no choice but to kill the horror or die ourselves. Within only a few hours we had reached our destination seeing the group embark the air ship by rope seeing our feet once again land on the dusty ancient streets of the lost city, and think from the moment our feet touched the cursed ground it all became real seeing the tired and battered group look at each other before we set off running towards the evil temple of Vestrial.

Making our way back to the darkened entrance to the temple we all looked into the darkness with a feeling of unsure terror and dread in our minds, but this is the life we choose this is the adepts way and with both bravery and companionship in our hearts we once again stepped forward into the darkness. Needless to say the horror stalker Gron had been totally right in his assumptions as the foul horror had a welcome party of undead creatures ready and waiting to greet us as after taking no more than 50 steps into the ancient temple we was once again charged by a horde of foul undead that we had killed only days before seeing Gron shout “Watch our Revenants” which are some kind of foul undead risen by the horrors.

Within only seconds of entering the temple a huge horde of undead came crashing towards us like dark mindless servants of evil that felt no fear, this time however we did not have the option to retreat as we were fighting for our lives, we were fighting for our very souls as if we retreated now then surly the horror mark would have killed us in the following days and with that the entire group screamed out in glory as we charged down the corridor to meet the enemy head on. The fight was again hectic seeing the foul black minions screech as our blades sliced through them and while we were out numbered the group held our ground and it was at this point that the foul horror made its first mistake and entered the combat.

Appearing from one of the darkened tunnels we noticed the foul black demon with its huge tentacles heading towards us like it had sent its minions to soften us up first before it charged to finish us off, this however was the vile horrors mistake as whilst the group fought the minions Gron the horror stalker spotted the foul demon and smashing the undead out of the way like they was not even there he set off charging full speed towards the demon leaving us to handle its minions. I can only say that what happened next was both an heroic yet horrific site as wading through the undead Gron lifted up his huge axe Night Harvester high into the air and let out a battle roar so loud and ferocious that the entire group looked up in shock, even the undead we were fighting seemed stunned by the almighty battle cry seeing Gron summon up all of his magic and hatred towards the horrors bringing his huge axe smashing down onto the beast in one of the most powerful blows I have ever seen in my life seeing the horror nearly cleaved in two with a single blow.

The horror screeched and writhed in pain seeing it quickly retreat back down the corridor like it was running for its very life as it was seriously injured and spilled out foul black blood over the floor. I can remember as Gron turned back around towards the group his entire face and chest was covered in foul black blood that trickled down his body yet his eyes gleamed glittered like fire and anger in the darkness, and on his face was an almost hysterical look of glee like here fighting the horrors was his home, with that however Gron came charging back into the combat to help the group and finish off the undead minions which we did with ease.

With the undead defeated we chopped off their heads before catching our breath and looking at that black trail of blood leading off into the darkness, and with that we went after the horror. Heading down the corridor it was not long before we found the vile demon waiting to ambush us seeing the final fight break out between us and the twisted demon. Crashing towards us the beast let out numerous attacks with its huge black tentacles seeing several of the group members seriously hurt, however under a volley of blows and spells the dread beast finally dropped dead to ground seeing myself and Gron chop the beast into tiny peace’s to make sure it would not resurrect itself using its foul and evil magic.

I can only say as that finally blow was struck the entire group felt a release in their minds like some dark cloud had been lifted from above our heads, it was almost like we knew that the evil mark that plagued us had been broken seeing us all thank the passions for our lives. Taking various bits of the horror as trophies Gron finally finished chopping the horror to peace’s and the group then continued to search the rest of the ancient temple complex which turned out to be massive. From what it seems this place was once a temple to the passion Vestrial who is one of the Gods who was corrupted during the great Scourge and is now known as the evil trickster God seeing us encounter several traps and riddles along the way, thankfully however we all made it out alive and headed back to the town of Haven on foot.

Walking through the ancient city is no easy task as the place itself is covered in evil with all manor of undead and foul horrors waiting in the darkness, but at that stage I do not think any of us cared because as we walked off towards Haven in the late afternoon sun we all felt and incredible sense of achievement as we had not only looked death in the face but we had killed a very powerful horror and managed to survive to tell the tale, using both bravery and companionship we had come out victorious and I do not think any of us had ever been happier to see the huge walls of Haven into the distance.



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