Session 23: The Temple of Vestrial

The Temple of Vestrial

The dark temple

The Writings of Elora: Elf Archer

30th of Riag

Upon arriving at Vestrial’s Temple, the final on our quest I had a very unnerving feeling. Although refreshed from our previous stop on the way, there was something in the air, stranger than normal and that should say a lot here within Parlainth. This wasn’t helped when that arrogant buffoon Rayven struck the gong waiting for us in the first room in the temple of a deceitful passion not once but twelve times! As he was doing this Jace was picking the lock on the door, to me it seems that if you are going to pick your way in there’s no need to ring the doorbell?!

Through this door we entered a long corridor a few hundred yards long, gloomy and ominous, in the dim light we could make out a door at the far end.

As we came to the door the party were all in agreement to pick this door as well, whereas me personally couldn’t agree that this was the correct procedure. As Jace fiddled and the lock clicked open the hairs on the back of my neck shot up and for good reason, as soon as the door was opened we were greeted by an array of enemies including five name givers two Orcs, a Dwarf, a Windling and an Elf.

The Circle of Light sprung into action in our unique brash fashion, chopping and hacking away at the swarm confronting us. With Gron at the head of the action a Guardian Zombie was parted from this world in one mighty blow, at this moment the party was engulfed in a swirling mist of what I can only describe as doom. In my panic I began running back up the corridor towards the entrance, what happened next is all a blur to me. All I can recall is seeing Jace wiz past me and head first into a flaming wall, as he fell to the floor burning I sensed something quite out of the ordinary suspecting something more was at work here. Turning back I was almost trampled to the floor by a huge obsidian charging up the corridor, whatever we needed to kill in that room we were going to have to do without Gron as he ran as fast as on Obsidiman could away from the room and the foreboding fog.

I feel somewhat ashamed that in the midst of battle I felt compelled to run away from the fight and to leave my companions to fend for themselves. All I know is something was in that fog that filled me terror, a terror I have never before felt and I was compelled to get away from it as fast as I could. This was obviously a spell as I fear nothing not even death and would never have willing run away and left my companions to fend for themselves, but as the story unfolds you’ll see it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Gron: Writings, Obsidimen, Horror Stalker

Looking around to gain my bearings I noticed a mark had appeared on my chest, I recognise another archer’s mark anywhere so knew I had been tagged; sure enough an arrow soon bolted up the corridor in my direction but I was lucky enough to escape serious damage. Rastin and Kaerless meanwhile were holding the front line, highly unusual for Rastin who tends to cower round corners until his skills are required, which in this moment they were. Conjuring up a gust of wind he hurled it through the door knocking back all the zombies and most of the name givers within the room.

At this moment Kaerless began screaming out in a roar of pain, I watched as his arm withered away, I have never seen magic of its like, the dark arts in this world are lost on someone who is one with nature and natural order like myself. Seeing Kaerless in this much distress alerted my attentions, I could feel the adrenalin explode in the back of my mind and I soon focused upon a Nethermancer at the back of the room, my draw was swift and my shot true as I fired straight through his dark hood hearing a yelp of pain upon impact. Rayven took this as an opening and charged across the room striking the Nethermancer to the ground with one swift attack.

As all this was happening Jace, Rastin and Kaerless still in great pain, were loading up Rastin porter with oil flasks, ordering it into the room over near a Dwarf and the two Orcs he set it ablaze with a trusty flame strike causing an explosion covering half the room in flaming black ooze.

Knowing Rastin and Kaerless could be in grave danger being confronted by what looked to be a warrior and a beastmaster I knew I had to try to help them out. Leaping into action as only an Elf can I ducked, dodged and weaved my way past all of the beastmaster’s attacks with a little help from my espargra scale cloak, however I was not quick enough to deceive the warrior’s strike and I have to admit it hurt! With a little help from the two casters of the group we managed to put them both down as I managed to see off the beastmaster’s onslaught yet again.

Whilst locked in brutal combat I did happen to see Jace attack that cheeky Windling archer, must be nice for him to fight something his own size for a change. Then they seemed to disappear into darkness, I know not where they went nor do I want to know, he has remarkably beady eyes our little Windling, not quite trust worthy when something shiny catches his gaze.

Rayven meanwhile, armour gleaming from the burning oil, was battling with the Dwarf however they both seem to find the floor to be a good starting point for their attacks, rustling around in the dirt. The Dwarf soon shoved my scepticism down my throat spinning round on the floor and leaping into an almighty attack. At this I thought the old boy could do with a little cover fire so I picked off the Dwarf with a few choice stealthy shots. This gave Rayven all the help he required as a few short seconds later he was bringing his sword down with a precision strike to end the battle, or so I thought.

At this moment my attentions were drawn behind me as I heard a scuffle breaking out. Looking back up the tunnel in the dim light I could make out around ten bodies heading in our direction with Gron confronting them, letting out a mighty holler as his axe swung its way into battle. Looking more closely now and heading back up the long corridor I could see that Gron was fighting what looked to be local ruffians nothing more which I thought strange at first. Peering into the minimal light I saw more bodies heading into this temple of deception, when all of a sudden a dazzling light swirling with colour appeared to dance towards us. I could see there were some more Namegivers heading our way.

The rest of the party sprung into life, charging down the corridor to help out Gron and his neighbourhood watch problem.

Drawing my bow and making out an archer within their party I tagged him with a mark making my already deadly aim even more penetrating, with a twang of my bow string I had him in real danger, I don’t mess around in a place like this, if someone or something acts in an aggressive manner there out for blood. With a second deadly strike I knew deaths door was upon him when all of a sudden the wall of flame that Jace had smouldered in reappeared. Drawing my bow and sending a third arrow towards my mark I watched as it flew straight though and seemed to dissipate the wall of fire.

The remaining members of The Circle of Light still hacking their way through the ruffians seemed on edge by this wall of fire that I knew was not there. They were all deceived by a simple magic trick, to prove a point I fired a fourth arrow into the floored archers body laying strune on the ground. But this didn’t seem to help clear their minds, still at unease at its presence, however this could not stop them from chopping down the ruffian’s.

Knowing our danger was from the Namegivers and not the rabble, I set my sights upon a robed figure who was clearly weaving some form of spell. I rarely miss my target and this was no exception, however this caster seemed to have some form of force field around him as my arrow appeared to me to just bounce off him. The rules had now changed, the caster an illusionist, not my favourite of paths far too much deception, more than even a thief which says a lot after living around one for the past seven months.

The spell he was conjuring was released as a huge fireball was sent hurtling down the corridor towards us. Action was required we couldn’t stay here with no protection, we were like sitting ducks, we needed to gain a tactical advantage. Heading back towards the room was our only option, we moved swiftly as I lay down some cover fire. Hiding behind anything we could find to escape the bombs of fire that had taken our party so by surprise, we needed to get close to them without being out in the open.

As we retreated two Trolls took this as a sign of weakness on our part charging towards us at blistering speed, Gron and Rayven standing there ground ready to take the first big hit which they did, laying into them like men possessed to once again take the brunt of the blow for the sake of the party. I heard a buzzing among all the commotion coming from my right ear, as I turned bow drawn I saw that cheeky Windling archer Jace had chased away.

He screamed “don’t shoot, don’t shoot, I can help you get out of here, there’s a secret exit quickly, quickly follow me”. I did not trust him as he had marked me in our previous skirmish I felt he could be leading us into even more danger than we were already in. The party agreed as much as they could, still fending off the attacks from the two Trolls; it was a fight we were seemingly winning however. Backing away into the room The Circle of Light struck down the two Trolls with a little help from all apart from me and Rastin. We were concentrating upon the illusionist, still hurtling his almighty fireballs towards us.

As Gron stood behind one door and Rayven the other they slowly began to close the doors together, we needed a rest, this had been a hard fought battle and I was not the only one looking jaded, indeed Rayven was breathing heavily almost panting, Kaerless arm half withered away, Jace wings still smoking and Gron was showing signs of fatigue. Indeed the whole party looked battered and bruised apart from Rastin, not a hair out of place let alone a graze or bruise. He must be doing something right I thought to myself.

I’m feeling so weak, I must stop that illusionist, whoever knew they had so much power, Oh shit…

Elora’s: Writings, Elf Archer

Continued by: Rastin
: Human Elementalist

As I watched Elora fall unconscious gasping for breath choked by her own mind one thought blazed through my mind Power. Let the others have their glory and rightly so watching them over come in-surmountable odds bloodied and bruised but a dream reviled when I touched the desire box is coming to fruition awakening a fire of determination within. Passions willing the vision I saw will come to fruition and my orders death not in vain.

I stride through the conflict a flick of a wrist hear sending my opponents flying or a gentle touch crippling our enemies attack but this is just a fraction of what I could become.

Today I have witness firsthand the beginnings of what can be accomplished, glancing at Kaerless and his withered hand, Gron fleeing in terror when he is normally first in the fight. I recalled the heat of the fire that wasn’t real and the cursed mage countering my spells, I have much to learn.

Snapping back to the present I turned towards the main threat reaching out my hand sending bolts of fire into the body of the illusionist as Jace struck with his sword I watched his body shudder in pain. That should help him create better illusions in future crossed my mind and with a sardonic smile I walk forward for the kill, the Illusionist promptly disappeared causing me to curse softly but admiring his strength of will to be able to concentrate enough to cast with Jace sword wound pouring blood.

Spinning around to confront the wizard I saw him pleading for his life and realized me and my companions would live another day, as the ecstasy of combat started to sink in as the adrenalin pumped through my now relaxing heart I recollected on the events just passed.

I saw many good things this day I feel we started to move as one when it counted. Against more skilled opponents our cunning thinking and decisive action won the day.

Elora excelled her fluid grace fending off the beastmaster and warrior and quick thinking identifying the mains threats and hammering them with incredible accuracy caster or melee they were struck down, I have to ask her later what she was smoking! But I certainly wind her up how she was a bit blond to choke herself.

Rayven charged into the room his Armour blazing a ruby gold in the fire light as oil burned all around no thoughts to his safety to do what must be done even grievously wounded he battled on crushing his foes to the very last blow.

Jace intuitive to neutralize the Windling archer and impressive use of his talents later his swift action against the illusionist was vital.

Kaerless quick thinking and skilful use of spells even under physical combat and magical assault was inspiring I can but hope to show the same mental strength when the time comes

And finally Gron recovering his nerve and once more smashing into his opponents like the times of old.

But the night has not even begun in Parlainth what next for The Circle of Light? I stand hear untouched in the middle of our most challenging fight tending to the wounds of my loyal comrades who have given much blood this day. I praise the passions for my fortune and ponder what we must do next.

: Writings, Human Elementalist



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