The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Heading towards the smoke for the rest of the day we eventually arrive at the side of a mountain and can see just over a ridge the smoke bellowing high in to the air. Jace immediately flew over the ridge and rather than finding what we had assumed to be an attack on a caravan, what he actually saw was a large group of about 100 shabby looking name givers, shambling around a large fire and four large buildings. Reporting back what he had seen, we decided that caution was the best option, so slowly we walked around the rocky outcropping and approached the camp making our presence known so as not to scare or cause unnecessary retaliation.

House of saleos village view

Upon first being sighted the rather wary name givers started shouting

Horrors, Horrors!!!!

Saleos village mobAt that many more name givers started coming out of the huts, and by now there were at least 150 of them all staring with fear in our direction. With the warning screams a small band of people slowly approached us, visibly scared and carrying rudimentary farming implements and rusted blades.

Eventually a fat Dwarf holding a rusty sword spoke and asked who we were and he was particularly weary of Jace and me, thinking that we must be horrors. I tried reassuring him that I was a slayer of horrors and meant them no harm; however this didn’t seem to make any difference, so I backed off slightly to let the rest of our group convince them of our intentions.

After a short while of conversing we eventually discovered that the Dwarfs name was Gavus Stout of House Saleos and that they had as recently as two months ago just vacated there Kaer, during that time they had built four huts to house half of their number whilst the rest still slept inside the Kaer. They were in much need of help and sustenance and there leader Hemius Trueborn had recently taken ill and was feared to be dying of some skin rotting disease. They surly did need our help, most of them looked like they had not eaten for weeks and their clothes were thread bare and all looked ashen and weary.

Asking to see their leader we were escorted inside one of the huts when we were instantly taken aback by the putrid smell of rotting flesh. On the bed was man completely covered in yellow stained bandages, Karaath and Rastin said they could probably help but would need to remove the bandages first to be able to diagnose his condition and determine an appropriate treatment.

Hemius trueborn bandaged up

Whilst this was happening Elora, Kaerless and myself decided to help feed the villages, after giving them most of our trail rations we then set out to hunt and find what food stuffs we were able to. After a few hours we managed to bring back enough food stuffs to feed the village for the evening, but we would need to go again over the following days to stock there empty supplies up.

Hemius trueborn bandages removed Karaath and Rastin after removing the bandages from the Hemius Trueborn managed to diagnose that he was suffering from a common disease called Kaer Rot, which was suffered by many during the scourge and was often fatal without treatment. The disease is a particularly painful and a slowly debilitating condition; the victim starts off with small sores that weep continuously regardless of any bandaging or none magical treatments. Slowly over the coming weeks the sores spread all over the body causing excruciating pain and the surface of the skin begins to slough off. If not treated the victim withers away in a pool of puss as the flesh continues to fall off. Fortunately we had arrived just in time to start treatment and gave Hemius the two healing potions we had and a booster potion over the following days.

As Hemius was being treated he revealed small amounts of information as he drifted in and out of consciousness.

The Kaer was created by the House of Saleos who where renown in the days before the scourge as great warriors who had an affinity with handling giant crocodiles some of sizes never seen since at least 70 foot long. When the Kaer was closed 500 year ago, there were initially 1500 hundred name givers from several races, Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Orks. During the scourge they had befallen to internal fighting between the Orks and the other name givers, this resulted in all the Orks being killed and many of the other races. Another tragedy had befallen the Kaer when a huge cave in killed at least half their remaining number and most of their food stock over the following years many more died from Kaer Rot, starvation and other diseases. Finally deciding that if they stayed inside the Kaer much longer they would all die they decided to open the doors and risk what may lay outside.

As nearly all name givers know the magic in this world didn’t drop as far as expected and after 300 years of Kaer habitation the magic level stopped dropping, it took another hundred years of waiting and still the magic levels in the world remained constant. Finally some groups started to open there Kaers to find the world devastated and although many horrors still walked the lands it was relatively safe to start civilisation once again. It appears that within Kaer Saleos, although they noticed the dropping in magic levels, which then remained steady for some 200 years they still didn’t want to risk opening up there gates to what they must have thought was a land still infested by horrors. It wasn’t until they realised that to stay would have been suicidal that they eventually risked their lives and opened up the Kaer.

Following the instruction from the sole copy of the The Book of Tomorrow they started to build up their village once again, but had barely begun and lacked the skills and strength to build the village quickly and provide food for their numbers. I feel that if we hadn’t have chanced upon these people they would have all died within weeks and no one would have ever known of the House of Saleos and its peoples. We now have a chance to put that straight and help these people and spread their name throughout Barsaive.

7th of Mawag

The next day we were shown in to the Kaer, the huge doors that had managed to withstand 500 years of the scourge and beyond had been attacked on various occasions by unknown horrors but had obviously withstood these attacks. How long these attacks went on for I know not, but the noise this must have caused and the terror that would have filled all within probably for days if not weeks and months must have been a terrible time.

Great crocodile tamersAlong the entrance wall a large mural showed what we had previously been told about, a mighty Dwarven warrior carrying a spear ridding abreast a huge crocodile.

Also inside were many other villages in a sorry state of health, huddled up against each other for warmth and protection. In one area we noticed a huge collection of crates and upon further examination discovered that these where bricks with The Rites Of Protection inscribed upon them, these would have been stored inside the Kaer before the scourge began to be used when the Kaer was opened to found and protect their new village. However building a wall at this time was not one of their priorities, building enough huts to house the reaming 175 villages was their first task.

For the remaining part of the day we again sourced as many food stuffs as we could, whilst Karaath and Rastin continued to tend to Hemius, who seemed to be slowly recovering.

8th of Mawag

Continuing to help the village, this time we took the healthier and fittest of the villages on our search for food stuffs so that they would be able to continue to help themselves when we eventually leave. By now we had managed to find a fair bounty of foods that would last the village at least a week or so, yet this still wouldn’t be enough for us just to leave and let them fend for themselves. We were determined to do more and talk of building the wall at least before we left was discussed.

Saleos undead bat attack 2That night as we sat around eating all of a sudden we heard a scream, rushing over to see what the commotion was we could see several large Bat like creatures attacking various villages, shouting for everyone to get inside I made myself as big and as obvious as I could to try and attract the Bats towards me. Elora noticed a small girl huddled on the ground crying and to scared to move and within an instant fired of an arrow at the nearest Bat, picked up the girl and took her in to the nearest hut for safety.

After several minutes all the Bats were slain and after further examination of the corpses between Kaerless and myself we determined that these were un-dead Bats that are often raised by a horror that goes by the name of Nightscare. Realising that this creature must be fairly nearby, before we leave we would have to take care of the beast. The villages asked us many questions about these Bats and if they would come back and why they came now and not before. Some even felt more suspicious about us and thought we may have tricked them and that we were indeed horrors or at least working with them.

Anoka   illusionistAfter reassuring them that they probably were attracted by all the recent activity and that we would set off in search of this horror and slay it, they seemed to calm down.

Elora inquired about the girl and if she was OK, the villages were indeed very pleased that she had been saved as she was one of few within the village that seemed to possess Adept talents. Her name is Anoka, a seven year old Elven girl who was showing the signs of become an Illusionist, this bodes well, now we need to find out who else in this village has Adept like talents.

9th of Mawag

The next day after spending the morning gathering more supplies we set of to try and find the lair were these Bats came from. Determining that they would have come from the cliffs behind the village we head for the waterfall. At first it looks like we would have to climb the sheer rock face until Elora managed to find an old animal track leading up the mountain side. The going was slow as the track was strewn with loose stones and rocks and often we caused a rock fall as the surface gave way. As night approached we setup a precarious camp on the mountain side hoping that our camouflage would keep us hidden during the night from any creature that may come our way.

10th of Mawag

Taking most of the next day to get to the top of the mountain we eventually find an outcropping with many cave entrances of various sizes, this must be where the Bats originated from.

Nightscare caves

As we approached the cave at twilight many Bats could be seen flying out of the various cave entrances but these although big where not the ones we had fought back at the village. Careful making our way inside and avoiding the many Bats flapping about all around us, the creature we have come to slay suddenly appears and cast a spell at me that nearly knocked me to the ground.

NightscareGoing further in to the tunnel it bisects one way in to a room and another way in to a small area with a hole some 30 foot above the ground. It soon becomes apparent that both these two areas are interconnected and Nightscare is moving through a tunnel between the two areas trying to pick us off.

Then the creature then suddenly appears from the other side right in the middle of Elora and Karaath casts a spell then flies of at speed leaving them both quivering in fear.

Realising that we can’t just try and attack it from one area, I throw up a grappling hook and haul myself up in to the tunnel above.

Walking round to the other side as the creature is attacking the other half of the party I charge straight at the beast and with two almighty blows the beast is cut in two. Severing its head to take back to the village we rest for the night.

Nightscare's Cave Map

12th of Mawag

After a day and half trekking down the mountain we arrived back at the village to the relief of the villages and upon showing them the beast we have just slain they are now more trusting of our intentions. At this the leader Hemius Trueborn makes an appearance, looking fully cured he thanks us for our help, then he asks us one last favour.

Hemius trueborn

As you can see we have need of your help and for that we are eternally thankful. I do ask one last favour, albeit a huge favour. We need to rebuild our village but we have neither the skills, knowledge nor equipment to build a village of anything but the trees around this place. We have the bricks to build the wall, but we don’t have the necessary equipment to erect it. We do have 350 gold pieces to procure the necessary items we would require to start to build our village and with that we would like you to secure these items. We would also like to have you advise and provide input into helping us design and build our village in to a town that we can once again be proud of and give life to the once proud House of Saleos.

Simultaneously and unanimously The Circle of Light agreed to help as much as we can. The planning now begins, we need to ensure this town is sufficiently protected, has the starting of farms and other essential services to commence trading with the world.

Rastin instantly gets out his quill and paper and starts drawing a sketch of the area and measuring the terrain.

Kaerless seems more interested on what the Kaer could be used for.

Elora is extremely interested in what Rastin is doing, I’m not sure if these two are starting to have a relationship with each other as they are always together, mostly.

Karaath seems more interested in a girl he seems to have befriended and is last seen walking off with her in to one of the huts.

Jace being Jace says he’s surveying the area, but we all know that he’s looking for shinny things to put in to his lost and found collection.

I on the other hand am overwrought with honour The House of Saleos has bestowed upon us to help build their four huts in to a town. I will spread their name far and wide and encourage all friendly peoples to visit and help build up this soon to be new town in to a respected house.

House of saleos village map

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker


Saleos found and saved and reconstruction begun! Nice work, Gron

Session 12: Saleos Found

Thanks for comment :) and yes good log this week Gron

Session 12: Saleos Found

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