Session 27: Malgims Salvation



The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

Darkness now surrounds us on all sides and the Circle of Light are standing deep inside the catacombs of the lost city of Parlianth where we have just killed the named horror know only as the Abomination seeing us rip through is huge gelatinous form in an epic fight that could have easily cost us our lives, luckily however on killing the foul horror many of its worshippers and undead minions fled off deeper into the catacombs meaning death now waits for us in the darkness.

We did notice however that on killing the horror its name giver worshippers seemed to be freed from its evil grasp and in total fear and shock they ran away into the many corridors with the undead chasing them. I felt guilty at this point as whilst the fight had been heavy and we panted deeply to catch our breath the human Elementalist Rastin did not rest for more than a few seconds before he set off running down the corridor shouting “Come on we must save the innocents” seeing him again through his hands to the floor where mighty gusts of wind hurtled him down the pitch black corridor trying to save the innocent corrupted worshippers from the undead, this again shows what a caring soul Rastin is as I think many of us had abandoned hope of saving them, yet alone Rastin charged off into the darkness.

The Windling thief Jace again showed his bravery as only seconds later he darted off after Rastin seeing him fly down the tunnel at full speed where the green burning magic in his sword burst to life bathing the corridor in a strange green light that shimmered off the moist walls, only seconds after we witnessed the tell tale flashes of Rastin’s fire smashing into the undead foes that remained, it was not long however before then entire Circle of Light charged after our friends knowing that where they go we follow. Charging up the corridor was a surreal experience as the entire place was shimmering in both magical green light and fire with the screams of people echoing over the halls until all of a sudden the undead seems to turn around and begin charging back towards us.

Session 26: Malgims Fate


Magic ritual 3

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

For the last few days we have been resting up in the fortified town of Haven on the outskirts of the great lost city of Parlainth, and while the danger and action here is always high I think the group have really enjoyed a few days off the front line and have taken the time to train further and to get our equipment in order, in fact with the amount of times Gron sharpens his huge axe I’m surprised there is anything left however it seems to keep him calm when he is not killing horrors.

I also think the people here are becoming a little more friendly towards us as it seems many of them have heard of our exploits as these passing weeks have been very hectic for the Circle of Light seeing us delve into the cursed city of Parlainth numerous times where we have fought horrors, drakes, undead and even corrupted name givers who worship the foul demons and each time it seems to spread our legend a little further making the people see we are fighting for good and righteous reasons. Needless to say the last few days have been a welcome break and as I walked down in to the tavern this morning I noticed Rastin and Elora sitting together laughing and smoking their pipes and noticed Gron again Sharpening his axe I found myself feeling happy to have such companions, as for Kaerless well he was probably still in bed and Jace, well who knows where Jace is or who he is robbing, but for now at least the group are in good spirits and well rested.

I have to say however that the town of Haven is still a strange place as while it is full of life and vibrant adventures with the promise of making both fame and fortune its fair to say that the threat and gloom of the lost city is never far away and seems to hang over the small town like a dark cloud that almost breeds and paranoid yet excited vibe to the place like each day here is new, like each day there is a new challenge awaiting us and new adventures to be had, and I was just sat thinking that as I ate my breakfast of lamb stew when one of the guards came walking into the tavern and walking straight over to us with a fairly serious look on his face he said Torgak the Troll leader of Haven wanted to see us as quick as possible as by all accounts something was wrong.

Session 25: The Golden Sword


Golden sword

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

We had just arrived back to the fortified town of Haven after killing the foul horror in the temple of Vestrial seeing us finally released from the foul beasts horror mark which was a huge weight off all of our shoulders, we should have killed the dread monster the first time we entered the temple but having slaughtered most of its minions we had no choice but to retreat and go back and finish the job once we had healed, but at least now we are back to Haven and Lady Yuriel of the Circle Path Company is safe seeing our rescue mission finally completed and think we were all looking forward to a well deserved rest.

Walking into the town of Haven through the massive gates of the lost city once again gave us all a sense of great achievement knowing we were safe behind the high defended walls meaning we could rest in peace for a while, however on making our way back to our room at the tavern we walked in to find the place had been ransacked by criminals seeing our room over turned and searched like they were looking for something, needless to say this was the last thing we needed after such a hard fight and a long walk home through the corrupted streets of Parlianth.

The group however were probably too tired to be upset about this as we had left nothing of value in the room so we decided to switch taverns for a few nights just in case the would be thieves or assassins decided to come back in the night, getting some sleep however we all felt better in the morning and after a hearty breakfast we set out into the streets of Haven to sell our loot that we had acquired from the lost city seeing us sell various trinkets and old weapons we had found along the way, however it was on our way to see Torgak the Troll leader of Haven that we noticed the streets were unusually busy with adept groups who seemed to have an excited look upon their faces all of which seemed to be gearing up for trips into the lost city.

Session 24: Horror Marked


Horror marked

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

I woke today with one of the strangest feelings of my life as opening my eyes I instantly looked up to see the sky above me and had a feeling of total weightlessness, so quickly looking around I realised I was flying through the air with the small Windling Jace carrying me, by all accounts the Elementalist Rastin had cast a spell upon me which made me light as a feather meaning the small Windling Jace could lift me above his head like a dry peace of fire wood. Spluttering I tried to catch my breath and began coughing seeing Jace put me on the ground where my heart once again sank as looking around I realised we were still in the lost city of Parlainth and had not yet reached the safety of the town of Haven.

Coming round I asked the others what had happened as the last thing I remember was fighting a foul black horror and it various minions in the temple of Vestrial which we had found deep in the ruined city of Parlainth and what a fight it had been. Perhaps this was the most worrying time as the entire group just looked at me in silence before they explained the combat in the temple of Vestrial had been so heavy that I had fought nearly until my last breath and we had managed to kill countless undead cadaver men not to mention the corrupted name givers who praised the foul horror lurking in the depths of the temple but we had become so wounded that we had to retreat seeing me fall unconscious under some strange kind of spell.

It was at that point that the large Obsidimen Grom offered me is hand lifting me from the floor he looked me straight in the eyes with a serious look upon his face and simply said “We have been horror marked brother” seeing my heart sink yet further into confusion, not only had I woke up flying through one of the most corrupted cities in the world been carried by a Windling who should have never been able to lift me but all of a sudden I found out the entire group had been horror marked by the foul demon that we had failed to kill, looking around however there was one victory at least because I noticed the lady Yuriel travelled with us meaning we had managed to rescue to last of the Far Strider group who we had set out to rescue, this action however had seen all of the group nearly killed and horror marked by a foul demon who could now peer into our thoughts and minds using its foul magic’s to corrupt our souls.

Session 23: The Temple of Vestrial

The Temple of Vestrial

The dark temple

The Writings of Elora: Elf Archer

30th of Riag

Upon arriving at Vestrial’s Temple, the final on our quest I had a very unnerving feeling. Although refreshed from our previous stop on the way, there was something in the air, stranger than normal and that should say a lot here within Parlainth. This wasn’t helped when that arrogant buffoon Rayven struck the gong waiting for us in the first room in the temple of a deceitful passion not once but twelve times! As he was doing this Jace was picking the lock on the door, to me it seems that if you are going to pick your way in there’s no need to ring the doorbell?!

Through this door we entered a long corridor a few hundred yards long, gloomy and ominous, in the dim light we could make out a door at the far end.

As we came to the door the party were all in agreement to pick this door as well, whereas me personally couldn’t agree that this was the correct procedure. As Jace fiddled and the lock clicked open the hairs on the back of my neck shot up and for good reason, as soon as the door was opened we were greeted by an array of enemies including five name givers two Orcs, a Dwarf, a Windling and an Elf.

The Circle of Light sprung into action in our unique brash fashion, chopping and hacking away at the swarm confronting us. With Gron at the head of the action a Guardian Zombie was parted from this world in one mighty blow, at this moment the party was engulfed in a swirling mist of what I can only describe as doom. In my panic I began running back up the corridor towards the entrance, what happened next is all a blur to me. All I can recall is seeing Jace wiz past me and head first into a flaming wall, as he fell to the floor burning I sensed something quite out of the ordinary suspecting something more was at work here. Turning back I was almost trampled to the floor by a huge obsidian charging up the corridor, whatever we needed to kill in that room we were going to have to do without Gron as he ran as fast as on Obsidiman could away from the room and the foreboding fog.

Session 22: The Master of the Twists


Parlainth the lost city

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

28th of Riag

Waking just before the sun set we were locked in an almost daze like state which was somewhere between lack of sleep and pure adrenalin knowing that once again we would be heading into the lost city of Parlainth in search of the lost Lady Yuriel and the adept group known as the Far Striders but whatever evil they have gotten themselves into seems to be the work of one of the passions themselves, for now we have a list of 11 riddles carved on the silver plaque along with a map pin pointing the location in the Twists that The Far Striders have headed to, for now at least we sat alone in the early morning silence with our hearts beating strongly in our chest.

Sitting for a short while in the tavern downstairs we sat quietly nursing our hot tea while watching a small grey mouse scurrying up and down the tavern floor and collecting small bits of food from the obvious festivities the night before, perhaps as we watched the tiny old mouse it reminded the group of ourselves searching the massive ruins of the forgotten city like we were mice scurrying through a world of giants hoping to find the treasures left behind, I think that brought a smile to all our faces until suddenly out of nowhere we heard an horrific hissing noise as the large black tavern cat came crashing down from one of the tables just missing the tiny mouse by a cats hair with its razor sharp claws, within almost seconds the mouse had set of running towards the small cracks in the floor seeing the large black cat give frantic chase while it swiped at its helpless pray.

Dashing under one of the chairs gave the mouse a small advantage and for a second the small rodent looked home free and was just sliding down into the cracks on the floor boards when suddenly the large scruffy cat dived towards the hole bringing its paw slamming down onto the hole where we heard a frantic squeaking noise as it seemed the large cat had just managed to pin the mouse’s tail before it dropped off into the darkness. The cat gnawing at the edge of the floor board was trying to get the mouse out until we heard a sharp high pitch squeal seeing the cat release the mouse having ripped off half its tail which it held between its teeth proudly, our hearts once again stuttered realising that today we would be the mice inside the most corrupted city in the world.

Session 21: The Death of Yuriel?



The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

11th of Riag

After our recent bizarre frivolities with the Desire Box we all decided to have a well earned break and spent the next two weeks resting and training in Haven with the other adepts in the town, managing to find our relevant masters willing to train us further in our disciplines we all enjoyed some time off the front line and each night after a hard days training we would take in more of the darkened yet action packed night life of Haven seeing us drink and rest in the various taverns and once again fill our bellies on freshly cooked food and mead, in fact one could spend hours here just listening to the stories and rumours that come out of the great city, stories of vast treasures and deadly animals, of huge horrors and corrupted beings, even stories of ghosts that walk the forgotten streets, it seems there is everything here, everyday something new, everyday a new story, it certainly is an exciting place and thinking deep down were all glad to be part of it.

25th of Riag

The weeks soon passed and we had just about finished our training when we were approached by the thin Elf Dyntheri from The Circle Path Company who said there had been some news, this was a relief as The Circle Path Company were the ones who originally hired us to come to Haven to find the lost sword master Lady Yuriel and it would be good to finally bring some resolve to the original quest that brought us here. Like we already knew the sword master Lady Yuriel is a high ranking member of The Circle Path Company that was last seen in this area travelling with an adept group by the name of the Far Striders who recently went into the great lost city, what we were about to find out was that one of the Far Striders had been spotted back in town.

Session 20: Where's all the Profit



The Writings of Jace – Windling Thief

10th of Riag

Well it would seem that our time in haven would be coming to a close! Or so we bloody thought! Those Far Striders had turned up gone around town visiting the local merchants grabbing up potions basic items for their journey into Parlainth. So all we have to do is sit back and wait for the idiots to get out of there, Free Money.

So our time was ours to do as we pleased, Great news! More time to make maps of Haven and gain more profit, most of us journeyed to see people who would gift us with knowledge of our own paths we walk.

One afternoon after having a few ales and listening to Rayven’s ever going on tales we heard quite a commotion outside being curios of the horde of people we set off to follow them. All of them were wearing the sword emblem that was slowly becoming more popular around haven.

Torgak’s is where we ended up where there was a large mob all hyped up like they were ready for a lynching, we quickly found out what was going on Archiana Smoothskin was leading the rabble, all the people with the sword symbol seemed to be under her influence but how? How could such a weak mind fool have convinced all these people to rebel against Torgak! Stones were being pelted at his shop the mob was screaming for his blood, there were all absolutely crazed. At the front of the group was Archiana stood telling everyone about a meeting where she will explain her plan to become the mayor of Haven and that everyone should attend. We had enough of the stupid group of crazed Barsavians and decided to leave them to their rants.

Session 19: Queen of the Dead



The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

9th of Riag

Just hours before we set out on a search and rescue mission to save our friend Sekra who has been dragged off into the lost city of Parlainth by the undead queens forces seeing us mount a daring and extremely risky extraction mission from deep within the catacombs, our objective if possible is the safe retrieval of the female T’Skrang right from the heart of the undead queens territory, this alone will take us straight into Twiceborn’s and could cost us our lives. For now at least we have done nothing but fight seeing us attacked by ancient stone statues, winged undead Bone Sprits and even a large group of what looked like cultists or horror possessed humans, it seems with each step this accursed city is trying to swallow our lives, almost like the city itself is trying to kill us.

Having just been attacked by a large group of scruffy cloaked figures we still catch our breath after winning the fight and are tending to our wounds, also the single mounted Ork that we rescued from the cloaked figures still bleeds but seems to be coming round with the help of strong healing magic that we have used to revive him, who is this lone Ork and could he perhaps help us somehow or at least explain why these cloaked figures were looking for him or why they attacked us without need, for now at least we catch our breath as we discuss our options as we now have an unconscious Ork and his large Thundra Beast mount that I have been able to steady using my riding skills, for now at least we have the option of pressing on with our current mission or investigating these cloaked figures more and finding where they had come from.


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