The circle of light

The prophecy has awoken.
The Horrors have come.
Our world is now doomed.

Mighty nations fall in flames.
Kingdoms lay shattered into dust.

The great Scourge washes over our lands.
Like a tide the Horrors come in their thousands.

Their world taken from them.
Their kingdoms and nations destroyed.
Hunted and fed upon like animals.
Forced to hide for hundreds of years.
Pushed to the very edge of extinction.

It is here.
When all hope fails.
When we are totally surrounded by darkness.
That we form a circle.

That we form a circle of the light.

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Gron Obsidiman Horror Stalker Quiet, kind and trusting, not quick to anger, except in precedence of Trolls. If I am betrayed or lied to in any way, regardless of how small I will cease to have contact. Hates most Trolls. Likes Nethermancer’s. Determined to rid the world of horrors, but not suicidal. Won’t put travelling companions at risk
Elora Elf Archer Elora is a cunning elf who learnt at a young age that her looks and charm can be used to her advantage. Her youth was spent in a woodland kaer where she honed her skills in her botany and alchemy passed on by her father. She loves the sounds of a crackling fire while taking in her surroundings with a peaceful smoke, and hates unnecessary cruelty; however there is always a time and place for torture!
Rayven Human Warrior Rayven is a clean brave and extremely well trained warrior that is one of the last knights of a holy order that was destroyed during the wars with Thera. The first thing people notice is his gleaming and highly crafted suit of gold and silver plate mail armour which is covered in carvings of his knighthood and people, and while strong and out spoken he has undergone years of intense training at the Rising Flame Academy where he rigorously studied the arts of combat and even diplomacy, tactics, acting, storytelling, archery and many other skills that have helped him become a highly motivated and extremely resourceful warrior.
Jace Windling Thief Jace is loud, fast talking. Always seems up to something even when he’s sat still, only because there’s more silver in the world that he doesn’t own. Always on lookout for more profit and is glad to have such great traveling\business partners to give a helping hand when the inevitable happens. Getting caught is just another part of life getting out of the trouble is where the fun starts.
Kaerless Elf Nethermancer Kaerless appears cold and distant to those around him, simply because he is not used to company. Growing up in the keep of a Kaer with few around him bar the dead means that he is slow in conversation, as there is always more time to converse with the dead. He is keen to follow the paths of others as it will provide him more knowledge of this world, and improve the skills he already holds, and also where he needs to be, and hopefully allow him to find answers to the secrets he brought out of his Kaer.
Rastin Human Elementalist Rastin is fairly out going, life outside his home has taught him to stay true to his beliefs of being friendly and looking out for others but to trust people slowly. Once earned he is Up for a laugh. Living with a close nit group of talented people reminds him of his home. He will do almost anything for his friends unless they perform actions against his core beliefs whilst being slow to forgive. Rastin's very ambition is to cause a united world and cast off the shadow but he will be reserved of this until he knows who to trust.



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