T’skrang are reptilian beings with a flair for the dramatic. They average 5 feet 9 inches tall, and their tails add another 6 feet of length. T’skrang weigh an average of 200 pounds, of which nearly 40 is tail. T’skrang skin colors ranges from verdant green to green-yellow or green-blue, with aqua-blue and even sunset-red variants. T’skrang have cauliflower-shaped ears set into the sides of their heads. The t’skrang mature physically by the age of 10, and often live 80 or more years. The t’skrang talent for tale-telling casts doubt on their claims of a 181-yeear-old t’skrang, particularly because careful dwarven observations place the oldest known t’skrang at a mere 115. T’skrang scholars blame this variance on faulty dwarven calculations, which of course the dwarfs vigorously deny.

T’skrang give primary loyalty to their families, though like humans, they can transfer this loyalty to tribes and nations. Some individuals pledge their loyalty to other races’ societies, but pirate federations are the closest things to a nation the t’skrang have built for themselves. Females have lead t’skrang society, which is matriarchal in most aspects. T’skrang prefer to live in roofed dwellings along bodies of water, and submerge portions of their homes. T’skrang love to swim and immerse themselves in water, becoming sulky and irritable if unable to do so at least once a week.

T’skrang consider members of the other Name-giver races rather dull and boring. In turn, most other Name-giver races consider T’skrang overly flamboyant and somewhat frivolous. All races agree that each holds a unique and necessary place in the society of Barsaive, and so agree to disagree.


T skrang boatman

T skrang tail dancer

Old t skrang

T skrang swordmaster

T skrang merchant