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25th of Mawag

Kings Assassins Escape

After the attempted assassination attempt on King Needen, and speculation that Theran agents from Vivane were responsible no real information has yet come light. There are others in the court of Throal who have voiced openly that it’s not the Therans that they need to be concerned of but the Denairastas of Iopos. Rumours of trade agreements between the two cities ceasing since the assassination attempt have only increased this speculation.

King Needen has recently spoken openly to try and quell all rumours of Theran or Denairastas involvement, insisting that such rumours do nothing for the court and he reassured the people that whoever was involved will be found and dealt with accordingly.

Unfortunately even the Kings own words have done nothing to quell fears that there are other things happening within the kingdom of Throal that the people are not being kept apprised off. The army has recently started a massive recruitment drive throughout the lands of Throal; payment for conscription has even increased by double the normal fees paid.

When the court of Throal was asked what the new recruitment drive was intended for the answers have always been brushed off. Explanations that the standing army is experiencing many retirements and that this is simply to readdress the drop in recent numbers has done little to convince the masses that war is looking imminent.

- Helgardo Smyte

Throal News