The Circle Path Company of Throal

Circle path company emblemThe Circle Path Company of Throal was founded by a family of elves who settled in Throal before the Scourge. Though all Namegivers are welcome to purchase shares in the company, its leadership and staff are mostly elves. Circle Path’s j’havim cycle through various jobs in the company, mimicking the mystical paths trodden by Elven nobles. The head of the company, a soft-spoken woman Named Alfaliel, claims that this system makes Circle Path more efficient because everyone understands everyone else’s job. Most other traders think this is foolish, and a fearful few see some kind of mystical Elven threat in it.

The fact that Circle Path does a small amount of business with the royal court of the Blood Wood, which is widely feared in Throal, only adds to some people’s apprehension. Most of Circle Path’s business, however, lies in importing food to Throal. Circle Path’s success is founded on good relationships between individual farmers and its traders in the field. Alfaliel keeps her company out of political debates as much as possible, and gets nervous whenever conflict with Thera looms. She knows as well as anyone just how much Throal can be hurt by disruptions in its supply lines.

Lady Alfaliel has been ill for some time and it is thought that she will pass to the other side any day now. During her illness Lord Remiel has been acting head of the Company, but Lady Yuriel is the rightful heir.

When Lady Yuriel set off adventuring shortly afterwards Lady Alfaliel fell ill, at first her condition was not thought to be life threatening but after three months of gradual deterioration and no magic’s able to restore her health it is now commonly known that she is not long for this world.

Notable Characters:

Lord remielLord Remiel
Non-Adept Elf Scholar
Will reside at Loak’s Legacy the entire top floor

Obsidiman Bodyguard

Elf Weaponsmith

Elf Nethermancer

Elf Wizard


Nemarac, Relian and Gildon

Elf Warriors

Elf Elementalist

Elf Archer

Elf Swordmaster

The Circle Path Company of Throal