Smoking Leafs

By: Rastin Dranco

Dalaris Dreams:

Found high up in the Dalaris Mountains and is unusual as its ready to be cut when the frost’s of winter start up in the mountains

The colour is purple but this was the only area of the plant to show colour. The stems were dark red, but the leaves stayed green.If it weren’t for the beauty of this plant, and the fabulous high, it would have been a total loss.

This plant had a nice fat cola surrounded by really puny bud sites that never really got any bigger. Yield was lousy as a result.

Colour: green leaves and calyxes except for the main cola.
Beauty: 10. Fantastic colour.

Smoke Report:
This one was by far my first choice to try. The taste is amazing! Very berry-like,
Very smooth easy on the throat and mind numbingly potent. This is my happy pot – it just makes everything about the present, better. Nice up lifting high with built in body numbing as a bonus. The real killer is that this herb is so good that I feel it would be worth doing a serious hike to acquire a regular supply.

Potency: 9
Taste: 8
Smell: 9
High: 8. Up w/body tingling side effects.
Paranoia: 0

Death Sea Hash:

Unlike more traditional Leaf as such it is made from dried sap of the bushes near the Death Sea most commonly found where the shores of the Death Sea & scarlet sea meet.

The sap is putted in a cauldron, boiled at high temperature and then left for about 2 weeks to dry. Once that is done, it is cut into little pieces, just right to fit into a pipe.

It is tougher to smoke because you smoke off something about as hard as a rock, but when in contact with fire it melts and can be smoked pretty easily once in it’s “oozy” state.
it provides the smoker with an inner heat. The taste is very sweet and is one of the elves’ favourite. It also keeps the smoker from going to sleep; it was often smoked around a hot chimney fire to stay up late and tell stories or for those on watch.

Nowadays it is less frequently seen due to demand from Thera but is still a little popular within the bards and storytellers.

Effects: It provides the smoker with an inner heat, assists with being alert and awake
Side Affect: The side effect is that because the person has a difficult time sleeping, the next morning, the smoker suffers

UN PROCESSED: The sap is a mild poison causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea for a day or so Onset 15-20 minutes after consuming

Summers Walk:

A group of travelling dwarves discovered this herb. They were always tired of carrying heavy packages, so they stopped in a cave and they found small white flowers called cave stars. They took the flowers and putted a lot of them in their pipe and smoked. The Summers Walk herb was discovered.

It is the most frequent pipe weed found in a traveller’s belt pouch. Nowadays the flowers are grown in caves and sold as pipe weed, making it not rare at all. If you come across some cave stars you simply take them and put them into your pipe and voila! The taste isn’t all that great but still puts pleasure in the traveller’s heart. All races like that taste, especially dwarves.

This weed is usually smoked before going on a long day’s walk or just after one. It gives the smoker a good moral boost and makes him forget of all the hard day’s work he just endured. It doesn’t have any special effect except that the smoker will fall into a deep, deep, deep sleep, so if they are attacked, it might take a big SCREAM to wake him.

Flame Leaf:

This weed is fairly common near the Dragon Mountains. One other name for it is Ice grip because it could be used to make a flu-healing potion.

The Trolls found out that when smoked, it could protect from the ice-cold wind and became one of the major pipe weeds in any fleets or expedition in winter.

Mostly humans & Trolls smoke it but the taste is good for every race. It tastes a bit like salt and is full of savour (a lot more than normal weeds.

The major effect of this weed is that it “cures” colds. It removes any sensations of cold in one’s body. It also helps the smoker to sleep, making the healing of a flu-like illness go faster. It may be smoked more than once a day but the effects aren’t cumulative. If you smoke 2 times a day you won’t heal 2 times faster.

Also it provides a 5 step resistance to cold-based attacks but doesn’t include a dragon’s breath. It also alters the taste of the food, everything tastes saltier than it really is.

Caucavic Dreams:

Aroma: Potent trademark “Dream” smells with an overall mouth-watering fruity scent
Colour: Overall sage green with accents of deep purple varying into dark blue
Duration: 1-2 Hours
Effects: Sedative and pain-relief sensations are an immediate onset and last for the duration of relief. The initial 20-30 minutes also include a strong feeling of euphoria or general well being. Newer patients may find themselves medicated after only a small dose.
Suggested for: Pain, Nausea, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Migraines, Appetite, Bi-Polar Disorder, Wasting Syndrome
Texture / Overall: Under the microscope, frosty white trichomes full of resinous cannabinoid compounds look whole as if completely untouched. This tightly manicured bud is frosted with visible trichome coverage. Sticky dense buds are configured tightly together on the stem.
Potency: 10

Servos Succour:

This is my favourite Servos Leaf and was fortunately the best producer. This plant exhibits a tallish cola and long heavily budding branches.

Good sized fat and dense buds. These were more Sativa in appearance and as a result grew taller than others with more numerous bud sites and better exposure to the light.

Colour: Purple leaves and Orange Stem

Smoke Report:
I was pleasantly surprised to find a true couch lock in the group. Two hits will park you for a good long time. The taste is truly amazing. Blueberry, with a hint of spice. Fortunately, the potency will prevent you from being able to smoke too much, ’cause the taste is addicting.
Potency: 10. Stupefying.
Taste: 10+. Promises to cure into the best I have ever had.
Smell: 9. Close all the windows.
High: 9. Couch lock; cancel your plans for the evening.
Paranoia: 0

Smoking Leafs