Organisations and Cults

They work in the shadows, behind the scenes of everyday life. They may be the village blacksmith, the rug merchant down the street, or the simple old woman next door. They are members of Barsaive's secret societies, clandestine groups of every description whose anonymity is their safeguard and their strength. Unseen and unsuspected by most ordinary folk, they pick at the threads that hold the tapestry of Barsaive together. There are the Keys of Death, silent killers who spill their victims' blood on the ground in hopes of freeing Death from imprisonment beneath Death's Sea; cultists of the Horror Verjigorm, who aid their dread master in his quest to destroy all dragons; and many more!
- Anonymous


To: Overgovernor Kypros
From: General Ilfaralek, Akarenti of Vivane

After many months of investigation, we have at last completed our compilation of reports on secret societies known to operate in the province of Barsaive. We have concentrated our efforts on groups we identified as likely to have an impact on Theran interests; those most potentially useful and/or threatening appear in the first half of this collection. All of these reports, compiled by myself and Akarenti Gendel from the work of our respective agents, present the most up-to-date and accurate information available to us.

In the years since the Barsaivian rabble drove our forces back to Vivane and Sky Point, we have monitored the activities of our enemies in the province, most notably the Kingdom of Throal, so that when the time came to retake Barsaive we would know as much as possible about the opposition we might face. While planning for the establishment of the fortress Triumph at Lake Ban, First Governor Kanidris and Arbiter General Andreax ordered us to step up our observations in Barsaive’s cities and expand our investigations further, so as to learn of every Barsaivian power or faction that might oppose our efforts. We have, of course, had operatives in most of Barsaive’s cities for many years, including the Kingdom of Throal. However, we suspected that a number of other groups-including strange cults and various other secret orders-remained beyond the reach of our existing operatives. Thera’s spies in the larger cities had provided more than adequate information about significant news and major events in those locales but could not keep track of the hundreds of small cults and secret groups that call this backwater province home. Given the importance of our efforts to the reconquest of Barsaive, it was imperative that we learn all we could of these smaller factions to determine whether they might threaten our presence or further our interests.

Akarrnti Gendel arrived in Vivane just a few weeks prior to the arrival of the Triumph at Sky Point. Using information gathered by our spies across Barsaive, Gendel and I chose the groups that would be the subject of our investigations. When the Triumph arrived at Sky Point, Akurenti Gendel went with it to Lake Ban, where he continued his research. Throughout our investigations we have coordinated our efforts whenever possible and updated each other as necessary on our progress.

As we worked, we learned of other groups worthy of the Empire’s attention and assigned operatives to report on them. Some groups we at first thought significant proved otherwise, while others we had initially discounted proved to be more of a threat than first believed.

The reports that make up this document come from several authors and sources: myself and Akarenti Gendel, operatives in our employ and in one case by Azim Keel, chief magician at Triumph. Many are first-hand accounts from our spies who infiltrated the various groups. In some cases our operatives were unfortunately discovered and killed; a few chose to abandon the Empire and join the groups they had been assigned to infiltrate. Luckily, in these few instances we gained considerable information from our errant informants before they turned.

In preparing this document, we have edited only as needed, included cross-referencing notes where applicable and provided explanatory note.: when the circumstances by which a given report came into our possession are not clear.

Meanwhile, our efforts to monitor Barsaive’s secret societies continue. Should we learn of any new group that warrants attention, we will not hesitate to inform you.

- General Nikar at Triumph, First Governor Kanidris and Arbiter General Andreax.



Organisations and Cults