Obsidimen are tall, reaching an average height of 7 feet 3 inches. Seen from a distance they seem squat, because their massive average weight of 900 pounds offsets their height. Their craggy skin and bodily tissue incorporate the properties of stone, and the most common colorations are black or gray. Their blood is blue-gray. The skin of a few obsidemen, usually those of high-ranking families, shows veins of semi-precious stone such as tourmaline. Obsidimen are mostly hairless and have internal ears completely covered by a thin layer of skin. Obsidimen mature physically by the end of their first century of life. Natural life span has yet to be determined, because as they age, obsidemen spend more time attached to their Liferock, the largest source of stone within four hours’ walk of their birthplace. They may remain attached to the Liferock for decades, showing no signs of being aware of their surroundings, and then emerge again in a time of crisis. In one indication of obsidemen lifespan, dwarven records show that individual obsidimen have traveled and lived away from their Liferock for at least 500 years after reaching maturity.

Obsidimen feel loyalty to their Liferock and all others formed from it. These loyalties loosely resemble human or ork loyalties to a tribe. Obsidimen do not form villages or cities, though they do erect ceremonial structures on or near their Liferock. Obsidimen prefer to live outdoors, exposed to the sky. Obsidimen can live underground for short periods, but those who spend too many months in a dwarven city without traveling outside to the open sky fall into a hibernation-like state. Once carried outdoors again, the Obsidiman will awaken in two to five days.


Obsidiman horror stalker

Obsidiman merchant


Obsidiman warrior

Obsidiman head


Black obsidiman