Lost Cities of Earthdawn


Parlainth the lost city

The Lost City of Parlainth is just one of the lost and ruined cities of Earthdawn, as during the great Scourge when the Horrors came to our world entire cities burned and kingdoms fell.

Burning city

Now spread across the lands are the ruins of ancient kingdoms long forgotten by time, great lost cities laying hidden deep within jungles or high into the mountains, some even deep underground, and many of these ruined cities not only hold items and treasures of vast power but are also infested by evils that are hundreds of years old, entire kingdoms are waiting to be found.

Lost city

The land of Earthdawn offers a huge variety in landscapes with everything from rolling fields, huge mountains, great rivers and oceans, mighty jungles, cursed woodlands, blazing deserts and even seas of lava, so these lost and ruined civilizations could be anywhere.

Lost jungle city

Underwater city

During the great Scourge when the Horrors and demons broke into our world many fled underground into great kaers, strongholds, citadels and in some cases even entire underground cities that hid the people for hundreds of years while the beasts above destroyed our world, this terrible time became know as “The Time of Hiding” and sadly the Horrors discovered so many of these underground holds that thousands of people were killed and now lay in vast underground strongholds that are nothing more than tombs that have not been searched in hundreds of years.

Here in Earthdawn there is an entire world lost underground

Underground fortress

Great stronghold


Lost Cities of Earthdawn