Haven's Organisations

Members of several local organizations make their home in Haven, as do members of organizations with a wider influence. Each group has its own agenda. The most significant of these organizations are described below, including a prominent member of each. In exchange for a registration fee of 10 SP and 2% annual dues of all goods found within Parlainth, all organisations of the following services, to one degree or another.

Hiring Recommendations:

The Order’s leadership recommends explorers for hire from among its members, of the appropriate Discipline and price range for any group wishing to hire. If player characters need to hire other explorers to round out their adventuring groups, the Loyal Order of Delvers is an important resource. Also, player characters looking for wOrk are more likely to be approached by patrons if they join the Order.

Information Exchange:

The Order maintains a list of which areas of the ruins its members have explored. If members have a question about the Vaults, for example, the leadership can tell them which other members possess firsthand knowledge of that area and might be able to give useful advice. For the benefit of everyone in Haven, the Loyal Order of Delvers also monitors additions to the Map Wall.

Mutual Protection:

Loyal Order members try to look after their own. They often refer to each other as “brother” or “sister,” and will come to the aid of fellow members in a street fight or other trouble. Members who make themselves particularly popular, buying lots of drinks for fellow members, for example, might even inspire their brothers and sisters to mount rescue expeditions if they get into trouble in the ruins.

Favors and Influence:

Because Torgak and Liniarg Blindingshout are close friends, Torgak tends to see members of the Order in a positive light until they do something that proves otherwise. Torgak’s deputies are all senior members of the Order and tend to give their brothers and sisters the benefit of the doubt when disputes arise.

Loyal Order Of Delvers:

Loyal order of delversLeader: Liniarg Blindingshout

One of Torgak’s cronies, the Ork, Liniarg Blindingshout, founded and runs this explorer’s mutual aid society with the help of other early residents of Haven. The order maintains the Map Wall and sponsors several celebrations in Haven during the year. The order’s leaders encourage all would-be explorers to register as members of the Loyal Order of Delvers by paying a membership fee of 10 silver pieces, plus 2 percent annually of proceeds (if any) from the exploration of Parlainth. Underreporting loot is grounds for expulsion from the order.

The Association of Unaffiliated Explorers:

Association of unaffiliated explorersLeader: Archiana Smoothskin

The Association of Unaffiliated Explorers provokes laughter among the members of the Loyal Order of Delvers simply because of its name; they point out that an organization of “unaffiliated” people is a contradiction in terms. The Association’s hotheaded leader, Archiana Smoothskin, explains to anyone willing to listen that the term “unaffiliated” means that the members of her group refuse to be toadies in the pocket of the greedy, complacent Torgak. Angered by Torgak’s cushy setup, Archiana started her rival group soon after arriving in Haven. She saw Haven as less a town than a business run by one Troll, unelected and therefore with no legitimate authority.

Since founding her Association, Archiana spends more time rabble-rousing in Haven than exploring the ruins. She wants Haven to become a real town with an elected mayor and sheriff who will jointly perform the duties Torgak now claims for himself. Archiana sees the Association of Unaffiliated Explorers as one means of breaking Torgak’s power; to her mind, the Loyal Order of Delvers puts new explorers firmly in Torgak’s camp at no benefit to the explorers themselves.

Archiana’s organization offers its members the same benefits as the Loyal Order of Delvers, but its membership is only about a third as large as its rival. Consequently, Association members possess less information and aid to give one another. Also, some members of the Association of Unaffiliated Explorers are unsavory Name-givers kicked out of the Loyal Order of Delvers for breaking Torgak’s peace or failing to pay membership dues. Roughly half of the Association’s members are committed to reforming Haven; the other half are shiftless ne’er-do-wells. If Archiana actually achieves the office of mayor, as she hopes, she would likely run the latter element out of town. For now, however, she needs them.

Justice for All:

Justice for allLeader: Justice Bells

Justice for All is a small political party interested in formally aligning Haven with Throal. A group of idealistic adventurers, members of this party make themselves thorns in the side of Theran agents in particular and slavers in general. All of them know the Council Compact of 1270 TH by heart and want to spread its doctrine to all
Name-givers. Though none are Dwarfs or Throalic citizens, they see opposition to the Dwarf kingdom’s political ambitions as the major obstacle to the spread of the Compact’s philosophy. Because they wish to be seen as independent activists rather than paid agents, Justice for All members never accept money or other tangible rewards for their wOrk from Throal.

The founders of Justice for All arrived in Haven a few years ago, pursuing a group of Theran spies against whom they sought vengeance. Realizing that Haven was a hotbed of Theran activity, they stayed in the town and recruited new members to fight Theran influence. Currently, they maintain an uneasy alliance with the Association of
Unaffiliated Explorers.

Both organizations want to wrest control of Haven’s government from Torgak, but both have different plans for what to do once they gain power. Justice for All members can serve as useful allies for player characters if they get into too much hot water with the Therans.

Justice for All currently has a mere dozen members, all active adventurers led by Justice Bells, an Ork liberator. As the Barsaivian equivalent of Robin Hood, Justice considers what she does to be stealing power and influence from the Therans, and so her idealistic goals do not impede her progress as a thief.

Grim Legion:

Grim legionLeader: Hotbolt

This loosely affiliated group of warrior bands dedicates itself fanatically to destroying Horrors and those tainted by them. Like members of the Grim Legion everywhere, Haven’s local crop dresses in black leather, affects a gung ho attitude, and generally feels that the end justifies the means.

Haven’s Grim Legionnaires have seen better days. Once a shining example of the best of their kind, they have gone Horror-hunting in the Twists a few times too many and all are now a little mad. They spend most of their time drinking their recurring hallucinations away in The Restless Troll, declaiming their victories against the Horrors. This sorry lot may prove helpful as informants or back-up fighters for adventurers out to kill Horrors. Otherwise, they serve as a graphic illustration of the sad fate that awaits those who try to tame Parlainth. From time to time, Grim Legion bands from elsewhere in Barsaive come to Haven to search for a particular item in the ruins. These teams usually better reflect the organization’s fearsome reputation. They usually try to shape up local Legionnaires, and sometimes they temporarily improve morale. After they leave, however, the locals sink back into dissipation.

Haven's Organisations