Cast Of Characters


(Stephen) Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker
Quiet, kind and trusting, not quick to anger, except in precedence of Trolls. If I am betrayed or lied to in any way, regardless of how small I will cease to have contact. Hates most Trolls. Likes Nethermancer’s. Determined to rid the world of horrors, but not suicidal. Won’t put travelling companions at risk.

(Mike) Elora: Elf Archer
Elora is a cunning elf who learnt at a young age that her looks and charm can be used to her advantage. Her youth was spent in a woodland kaer where she honed her skills in her botany and alchemy passed on by her father. She loves the sounds of a crackling fire while taking in her surroundings with a peaceful smoke, and hates unnecessary cruelty; however there is always a time and place for torture!

(Ray) Rayven: Human Warrior
Rayven is a clean brave and extremely well trained warrior that is one of the last knights of a holy order that was destroyed during the wars with Thera. The first thing people notice is his gleaming and highly crafted suit of gold and silver plate mail armour which is covered in carvings and of his knighthood and people, and while strong and out spoken he has undergone years of intense training at the Rising Flame Academy where he rigorously studied the arts of combat and even diplomacy, tactics, acting, storytelling, archery and many other skills that have helped him become a highly motivated and extremely resourceful warrior.

(Ed) Jace: Windling Thief
Jace is loud, fast talking. Always seems up to something even when he’s sat still, only because there’s more silver in the world that he doesn’t own. Always on lookout for more profit and is glad to have such great traveling\business partners to give a helping hand when the inevitable happens. Getting caught is just another part of life getting out of the trouble is where the fun starts.

(Dave) Kaerless: Elf Nethermancer
Kaerless appears cold and distant to those around him, simply because he is not used to company. Growing up in the keep of a Kaer with few around him bar the dead means that he is slow in conversation, as there is always more time to converse with the dead. He is keen to follow the paths of others as it will provide him more knowledge of this world, and improve the skills he already holds, and also where he needs to be, and hopefully allow him to find answers to the secrets he brought out of his Kaer.

Dylan   rastin
(Dylan) Rastin: Human Elementalist
Rastin is fairly out going, life outside his home has taught him to stay true to his beliefs of being friendly and looking out for others but to trust people slowly. Once earned he is Up for a laugh. Living with a close nit group of talented people reminds him of his home. He will do almost anything for his friends unless they perform actions against his core beliefs whilst being slow to forgive. Rastin’s very ambition is to cause a united world and cast off the shadow but he will be reserved of this until he knows who to trust.

Session 1: A New Beginning


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Year: 1510 TH

11th Veltom

EclipseUpon approaching Bartertown I became somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of activity in the town and decided that my entrance back in to society could do with being introduced on a less daunting level. Deciding not to enter Bartertown I thought I’d find a small town on the caravan trail where I might be able find work and possibly find other likeminded adepts to join up with. This would be a better reintroduction than entering the hustle and bustle of such a massive place as Bartertown.

13th Veltom

After two days walking west of Throal just as the sun was setting I happened on such a place called “Cethin Hill” (Dark in Celtic). Seeing at the end of the road a small fortified town surround by enchanted 12 foot walls to repel horrors, (which I was to find out later that night.)

TOWN OF CETHIN HILL (2 Days West of Throal)
• Town Leader – Dwarf Male – Ulgar Mias
• Inn / Tavern – The Cethin Well – Human Female – Julies Selvia
• Merchant Shop – Goods of Cethin – Dwarf Male – Ridus Kal
• Book Translator – Elderly Human Male – Emett Thusdale

Session 2: In Search of Horrors



Cethin hill

14th of Veltom

Set off to the West following horror tracks, built camp safely

15th of Veltom

Carried on following horror tracks, camped safely

16th of Veltom

Followed the horror tracks to what looks like an old and abandoned mine, the bones of animals and name givers litter the floor outside (it must be the horrors nest) the light is failing now, should we attack or try and last out the night in horror controlled territory.

The Obsidimen Gron decided to lead the way and charged into the first two horror constructs outside the mine cleaving them to pieces with several mighty blows from his large axe. Looking around the group found various bits of bone surrounding the cave entrance (some from animals others from name givers) a quick search of these bones found some scattered coins and a silver bracelet before the group entered the mine.

Session 3: Purify the Kaer


En faden loki

The Writings of Kaerless – Elf Nethermancer

20th & 21st Veltom:

I’m still getting used to this idea of day and night, and days, such strange things to split your time up into day and night, where before all I had was the dark. After what my travelling companions claim to be a hero’s welcome was given to us, I returned to our previous lodgings, and procured a room in which to rest.

The next morning the others went about their own business. Karaath to talk to the old fool again, maybe they can practice being clowns together. Elora, to outside the village, hunting as she called it, yet I never saw her bring in anything worth eating. Jace was wheeling and dealing, and seemed to have formed a bond with Elora, sharing her room in the evenings, up in rafters, his dog was pleasant enough company though in the bar of an evening. Rastin, I don’t know, I saw him around several times, but could never say what he was doing for the most part. Gron, that one is the strongest, yet he keeps watching me, I do not know if this is for good or ill, I know the others don’t trust me, and I hear hushed whispers as I walk through the town, simple minds.

Session 4: Wheat Fields of Horror


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

3rd to 6th of Charassa:

Scarecrow k ing ritualFor the next three days as we practiced our talents, we scoured the Kaer for anything useful and managed to find a few trinkets including a booster potion, which will defiantly prove useful as I appear to have become the one everyone stands behind. I have no problem with this and the spell casters in our group do have some very useful spells that give me a greater advantage against the foes we have met so far. Although I would be a little happier if we had another skilled warrior in our group, at least we have a Nethermancer.

During this time and feeling proud of this group of brave adventurers, whom I now find myself making a strong bond with, we started to have a very long and drawn out discussion if we should name this group. The group, after what seemed like an interminably long period of time even for an Obsidimen, eventually decided yes we should have a group name, and then the real disagreements started. Too many names to list were thrown about all being derivations on the same theme of Night and Day. Again after many hours of discounting many names we eventually ended up with two possible names that really matched what our adventuring group exemplified.

Session 5: The Dawns Crusade


Dawns crusade

The Writings of Kaerless – Elf Nethermancer

9th of Charassa:

We were met from the scarecrow creatures abode by a group of villagers, though as we appeared they seemed to lose focus, some were dropping to their knees and others staring blankly into the fields as they saw us.

We took these lost fools back to the village, checking on the children we had left, and seeing to the wounded, much as I would have liked to teach these fools a lesson, it appears their own daemons had come back to Haunt them. We spoke to the elder of the village, Terith Kembon the only one who seemed able to communicate at this time, and found out just what these people had done to survive.

Session 6: Into Skytha


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

27th of Charassa:


After spending one last night in Cethin we plan to set off for the Skytha Mountains where the Dwarven nation’s empire began before the onslaught of the horrors. Our search for the place where Valus Rarg was said to have come from will hopefully lead us to this magical axe that has been mentioned in the translated text. I fear that what we will find will not be an empty, unprotected Kear as this mountainous region is well known to harbour a large and varied number of horrors. A whole Dwarven nation was forced to evacuate this region many years before the scourge and this was a time when the presence of horrors was few and far between. Even now the lands of Barsaive are hardly safe and many horrors still roam the lands freely and undisturbed. Thus I am convinced upon arriving at Skytha Mountains we will be challenged in a way that we can only imagine. Our previous encounters with horrors will be comparable to defeating a rat to what I believe we will be up against in those tainted mountains.

Session 7: Engias Trial


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

8th of Rua

Unknown fortificationLooking over to this once grandiose fortification, we inspect the bridge to ensure its safe appearing to be so we slowly make away across expecting at any moment for it to collapse or to meet a swarm of termites charging out of the keep. Fortunately nether happened, which in some way was rather disconcerting, we could see recent tracks of these termites and not by any means had we been quiet, so either the tracks where of those crossing the bridge to the mounds through the tunnel or a yet unknown surprise lay ahead of us.

Checking the entrance to the keep we could see nor hear any obvious signs of movement cautiously we entered in to a court yard area, on either side where towers with many balistraria, which would have one day been this keeps first line of protection from invaders. Not wanting to risk being trapped and becoming pin cushions Jace investigated and found no traps, but we did get assaulted by a hand full of termites which once again were easily dispatched without too much trouble or concern. On the right side we found very much the same, a few more termites and a larger mound. All were slain and the mound burned by pilling wood from the sleeping quarters on top.

Session 8: Caucavic Horrors


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

14th to 21st of Rua

Serpents coveWe spent a long week in Serpents Cove, kitting out more fully this time, with better armour a large cache of booster potions and burning oil. Many more sleepless nights ensued until I finally relented to some of this weed Rastin always wanted to share. At first all it seemed to do for me was make me cough and splutter, persevering I managed to inhale and after a short while I started to feel lightheaded and slight dry in the throat. I know I talked with Rastin for many an hour and drank profusely but of what we spoke I only vaguely remember and most of that was pure nonsense.

Upon going to my room to sleep having barley lay down, (or so it seemed,) I was being awoken for breakfast. This weed had worked I slept undisturbed all night long, although I still felt as groggy as if I had had a disturbed nights rest. Now I have to weigh up sleeping at night or not, as the result of smoking the weed or having a disturbed night’s sleep both have the same result in the morning, tiredness.

Session 9: Follow the Dwarven Path


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Mind terrorAs Jace started to explain what he had just seen, we heard noises from within the cave, looking into the cave the Horror was now flanked by two Cadaver Men, deciding not to wait any longer I charged in and headed straight for the main Horror, quickly followed by the rest of The Circle of Light who mostly concentrated on the Cadaver Men.

Not really knowing what to expect, as neither I nor the rest of the group had encountered anything like this before, I wadded in to the Horror with all my might, only for it to scurry of to the back of the cave, at which point another Cadaver Man rose out of the ground. Finishing of the Horror with ease, helped by a few arrows from Elora, the rest of the Cadaver Men were quickly dispatched.


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