Session 18: Running into Darkness


The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

9th of Riag

Only the coldness and shadow surrounds us now as we run further into the lost city of Parlainth where we chase our friend Sekra who was taken just hours before by the undead carnival that preformed in the fortified town of Haven. I have to say this strange and ancient carnival of the dead that is a gift from the undead queen Twiceborn is probably one of the strangest things I have ever seen as countless droves of undead shamble out of the ruined city where they perform a strange carnival of the dead as a gift for the land of the living, and it was at this carnival our friend Sekra got herself into trouble on the gambling tables creating a debt she could not pay and the undead horde quickly dragged her off into the lost city whilst the carnival packed away.

We could not allow our friend Sekra to die as she has already been through so much and has not only lost her adventuring group and friends who were killed in Parlainth but has only just recovered from the taint of a horror which corrupted her mind and dreams, to say the least Sekra has been through a lot and is not of sound mind seeing us launch a rescue party into one of the most horror infested ruined cities in the world, we now run alone into the darkest night just an hour before the dawn and we chase one of the biggest undead parades in the world right into the undead queens lair, perhaps we can bargain for our friends life, it’s either that or we fight.

Dancing statuesRunning for sometime following the tracks left by the large undead carnival we made good time along the darkened street of the ruined city and can only assume that the large convoy of undead had scared many of the creatures out of the area leaving our path clear. It was around the first sign of light as the sun slowly began to rise that all of that changed. I have to admit it was a strange and almost awakening experience seeing the first rays of the morning light scatter over the lost an ancient city before us and it was in that dull morning light that we came across a large fountain with two large stone statues in the middle, one female and one male statue holding each other as if dancing.

Session 17: The Carnival of the Dead


Carnival of the dead

The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

I can only say that the group woke up with very mixed feelings this morning as while we were all happy to be alive after our trip into the lost city of Parlainth where we killed a powerful Horror called a Mindtrap, we were also feeling drowsy and tired after another bad night’s sleep filled with more strange and mysterious dreams. I myself dreamt of been in a battalion of other knights like myself that were guarding a great city, however suddenly my brothers around me began screaming and fighting against some unseen enemy that was ripping them limb from limb in what looked to be a horrific and bloody battle.

Drawing my sword proved little help as the enemy was invisible to me like my brothers around me were been slaughtered by some ghost like force, when all of a sudden a glint in the distance caught my eye and looking ahead I could see a large gleaming knight clad in the armour of my people and he was carrying a rather impressive sword and gleaming shield. Standing for just a few seconds the dream seemed clouded to me seeing my mind once again think of the rainy window in the Restless Troll tavern as the dream was like looking through a misty window until suddenly the knight clad in shining armour lifted his sword high into the air and brought it crashing down onto his shield which let out some kind of glorious yellow and gold light as the sword stuck the impressive shield.

Irrupting outwards like a great shock wave the yellow light spread out into a great sphere around the knight and with each second as the light travelled it relived and uncovered horror after horror that had been invisible to me, there were thousands of them in all directions and within moments I had began fighting my way towards the gleaming knight hacking down countless horrors as I ran across the battlefield of the dead until I had finally reached the grand knight who seemed to shield me behind a large gleaming shield where we slowly began to back away towards the gates of the city.

Session 15: Horrors in the Rain


The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

Horrors in the rain30th of Sollus

Rain drops in the cold morning air still rolled down the window of our room at the Restless Troll where we woke after a uneasy night’s sleep, we had gone to bed late after seeing the residents of Haven building barricades in the street whilst arguing with each other and fights breaking out at random, tensions where high over the rumour of a huge incoming attack of Horrors that is due to happen any time now and have to say it’s got the town in quiet a fright.

However perhaps more disturbingly Elora the female archer had a dreadful night’s sleep and was tossing and turning all night and even mumbled words under her breath, waking up several times with hot sweats she said she had a bad dream where a large beast with various tentacles was reaching out towards her like it was trying to capture her soul. Sitting down and explaining more about the dream Kaerless and Gron seem to have heard stories about some large beast like creature with tentacles which is a powerful and destructive named Horror called Taint, however that was just one story so perhaps the dream was nothing more than a random nightmare but it certainly worried the group as the townsfolk themselves had reported having bad dreams as well.

Looking rather pale and tired Elora dragged herself out of bed and the others cracked jokes saying she had been dreaming about me and woke up all hot a sweaty, this seemed to lighten the mood a little as I do have a strong effect on the females but think deep down we were all worried Elora who seemed run down, however after studying her magically we could not see the mark of the beasts upon her and she seemed free from Horror taint so we headed down stairs and got her a hot breakfast and drink of fresh herb tea which she seemed to like.

Session 13: Saleos Rebuilt


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Hiesman saleosOver the course of the next four days we organised the able bodied inhabitants to start preparing the planned building areas for our return, tasking various groups to dig foundations, clear out the Kaer, move the bricks to where we planned to build the wall and fell trees ready for building. Six of the inhabitants where to join us, notably two adepts a Dwarf Scout by the name of , Hiesman Saleos one of the original decedents of the Kaer builders and a Dwarf Warrior by the name of Giak.

During this time we went over the plans with Hemius Trueborn who appeared to be pleased with our designs and only made one or two suggestions of improvement which we integrated in to the plan.

House of saleos village map 3

Session 12: Saleos Found


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Heading towards the smoke for the rest of the day we eventually arrive at the side of a mountain and can see just over a ridge the smoke bellowing high in to the air. Jace immediately flew over the ridge and rather than finding what we had assumed to be an attack on a caravan, what he actually saw was a large group of about 100 shabby looking name givers, shambling around a large fire and four large buildings. Reporting back what he had seen, we decided that caution was the best option, so slowly we walked around the rocky outcropping and approached the camp making our presence known so as not to scare or cause unnecessary retaliation.

House of saleos village view

Session 11: Engia’s Last Stand


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

DoorStanding in the door way in front of the piled up oil soaked wood, with Elora on one side firing her bow and the rest behind casting various spells at the Giant Spiders we could see fighting the Fog Ghosts, Jace decided, rather foolishly I thought at first, to fly in to the cavern and attack. Thinking that within seconds he’d be overrun by the reported hundreds of Giant Spiders, Jace had said lay inside. However; this didn’t happen and after a few minutes of spell casting and ranged attacks nothing else seemed to stir inside the cavern.

Once again I think little Jace has got over excited with fear and on first going down the tunnel he was so surprised at what he saw, that the six or eight spiders that where actually there suddenly turned in to hundreds and caused us to unnecessarily worry about how we were going to continue.

Session 10: End of a Kingdom


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Dark caveNot knowing what to expect we walk slowly in to the room and as we get closer we realise that noise is being created by Greater Termites which we have fought on many occasion now, at this I immediately charged in with little concern as these are easily slain creatures and nary a match for The Circle of Light, so I thought.

How wrong could I have been, although they looked the same they immediately surprised me as I approached, rearing up on their hind legs they sprayed a viscous fluid all over my body at that instant I immediately started writing around in agony as the fluid started to burn and caused immense pain. Elora also got covered in this acid like fluid and screamed so loudly that anything else that lived in these tunnels must have surely heard her.

Unable to do anything but roll around on the floor, Kaerless shouted “get in the water” If I wasn’t so distracted and in agony I might have thought that myself, however rolling in to the water didn’t seem to help that much and by the time I had recovered only one of the nine Greater Termites was left standing, as the others had managed valiantly to slay the rest.

Session 9: Follow the Dwarven Path


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Mind terrorAs Jace started to explain what he had just seen, we heard noises from within the cave, looking into the cave the Horror was now flanked by two Cadaver Men, deciding not to wait any longer I charged in and headed straight for the main Horror, quickly followed by the rest of The Circle of Light who mostly concentrated on the Cadaver Men.

Not really knowing what to expect, as neither I nor the rest of the group had encountered anything like this before, I wadded in to the Horror with all my might, only for it to scurry of to the back of the cave, at which point another Cadaver Man rose out of the ground. Finishing of the Horror with ease, helped by a few arrows from Elora, the rest of the Cadaver Men were quickly dispatched.

Session 8: Caucavic Horrors


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

14th to 21st of Rua

Serpents coveWe spent a long week in Serpents Cove, kitting out more fully this time, with better armour a large cache of booster potions and burning oil. Many more sleepless nights ensued until I finally relented to some of this weed Rastin always wanted to share. At first all it seemed to do for me was make me cough and splutter, persevering I managed to inhale and after a short while I started to feel lightheaded and slight dry in the throat. I know I talked with Rastin for many an hour and drank profusely but of what we spoke I only vaguely remember and most of that was pure nonsense.

Upon going to my room to sleep having barley lay down, (or so it seemed,) I was being awoken for breakfast. This weed had worked I slept undisturbed all night long, although I still felt as groggy as if I had had a disturbed nights rest. Now I have to weigh up sleeping at night or not, as the result of smoking the weed or having a disturbed night’s sleep both have the same result in the morning, tiredness.

Session 7: Engias Trial


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

8th of Rua

Unknown fortificationLooking over to this once grandiose fortification, we inspect the bridge to ensure its safe appearing to be so we slowly make away across expecting at any moment for it to collapse or to meet a swarm of termites charging out of the keep. Fortunately nether happened, which in some way was rather disconcerting, we could see recent tracks of these termites and not by any means had we been quiet, so either the tracks where of those crossing the bridge to the mounds through the tunnel or a yet unknown surprise lay ahead of us.

Checking the entrance to the keep we could see nor hear any obvious signs of movement cautiously we entered in to a court yard area, on either side where towers with many balistraria, which would have one day been this keeps first line of protection from invaders. Not wanting to risk being trapped and becoming pin cushions Jace investigated and found no traps, but we did get assaulted by a hand full of termites which once again were easily dispatched without too much trouble or concern. On the right side we found very much the same, a few more termites and a larger mound. All were slain and the mound burned by pilling wood from the sleeping quarters on top.


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