Upandal’s Blessings

Wooden Handled Artisan Tools


These wooden handled tools, which combine a file with a chisel and hand drill, have won much praise from artisans and enchanters. The central shafts of each tool are made of rune-encrusted metals woven with generous amounts of True Earthand True Wood. The tools enable an artist to correct mistakes when crafting items from any substance, so long as he does so within five minutes of making the error. The tools are especially useful to artists working with precious metals or similar substances, as they can correct errors without whittling their carvings down to a smaller size. Oftenused by craftsmen to decorate shields and weapons, Upandal’s blessings were also used to etch runes into kaer doors during the Scourge. Should the user of these tools fail a Craftsman or Artisan Test he may immediately erase his mistake and make a second test. Using Upandal’s blessings when crafting magical items requires a Craftsman or Artisan Test against the item’s Spell Defense. On a Pathetic Result, any errors made while crafting the item cannot be corrected.


Upandal’s Blessings