The Emerald Storm

Short Sword

weapon (melee)



This finaly crafed short sword is made from a strange (unkown) black crystal material that is razor sharp and as strong as Orichalcum. The runes and gems in the sword are carved from solid Emeralds that seem to shimmer when the sword is held. The sword appears to have a very complex true pattern (almost like two patterns merged into one) and the sword also appears to be HIGHLY MAGICAL.

Short Sword:
STR Min: 8
Size: 2
Weight: 2
Dam Step: 4
Max Thread Users: 1


Knowledge: The user must know the name of the sword (The Emerald Storm)


The sword is now damage step 6

Hand of the Dark God: Once per day for 2 points of strain the user can cast the Ethreal Darkness spell. The caster may make a Perception Test is he does not have the Spellcasting Talent. No threads are needed to cast the spell as the 2 points of strain magically power the spell which is classed as been cast from a Spell Matrix. The user for the purpose of casting this spell is classed as a Nethermancer and is immune to the Etheral Darkness spell.



+1 Mystic Armour
+2 Silent Walk Talent Rank


Knowledge: The user must find out where the sword was made, and what people made it.


The sword is now damage step 7

Hand of the Emerald God: Once per day for 5 points of strain the user can fuel the sword with life energy seeing the emeralds in the sword glow a bright and vivid green. The magic in the sword swells and the emeralds begin to glow very brightly until the sword bursts into a green ethreal flame that does not harm the user. For 5 rounds the user adds 2D6 to any damage tests made by the sword which is classed as green magical fire damage.



+1 Physical Defense
+2 Suprise Strike Talent Rank


Deed: The user must find the people who made the sword and help them if possible.


The sword is now damage step 8

LifeForce of the Shadows: Once per day for 1 point of strain the user can call forth the LifeForce of the Shadows. If used the user instantly adds +5 Steps to his next recovery test which should be taken imediatly, the sword however does not grant the user a free recovery test.



+2 Mystic Armour
+2 Physical Defense

The Emerald Dawn: Once in a lifetime for 20 points of strain the user can permanantly destroy the sword in a massive emerald green explosion that would light up the entire landscape for miles around. Forcing massive amounts of life energy into the sword the emeralds glow so brightly and vivid that the green light would almost be blinding, around 10 to 12 seconds later the sword explodes in a colossal emerald green explosion sending razor sharp shards of magical crystal and emeralds flying in all directions, this massive explosion would light up the entire sky in a glorious green flash that spread over the entire horizon, like the dawns sky was green.

For the purpose of damaging creatures, any creature stud within a 20ft radius would take a step 40 damage test, if the sword is stuck inside a creature that creature would take a step 80 damage test, but the sword would be permanatly destoryed and all legend points for threads lost.


The magical power in the sword and its true pattern still seem to be growing and after the swords recent history where it was used to deffend a kaer until the bitter death it seems much of that darkness and anger have rubbed off on the sword, like it’s changing because of its recent past.

Deed: The user must find and tell the story of Kear En’Faden Loki.


The sword is now damage step 10

The user (while in possesion of the sword) gains the Dwarf racial ability Heat Sight.


Found in Kaer En’Faden Loki see Session 3: Purify the Kaer

The Emerald Storm