The Chain of Skulls

17 round disks strung on a knotted cord of black sinew


The Chain of Skulls

The Chain of Skulls is a macabre item of nethermantic magic—seventeen round bone disks, each the size of a human palm, strung on a knotted cord of black sinew. The sides of each disk contain carvings of runes and magical symbols that describe various Nethermantic spells and enchantments. The Chain is allegedly kept in a long narrow box of dark wood inlaid with bone and lined with black velvet.

The Chain of Skulls represents generations of work by a nethermantic magical order known as the Fellowship of the Night. These magicians devote themselves to exploring the netherworlds, studying the native spirits in those realms and preserving all their knowledge for future generations. One of their most important tasks has been the gathering of information related to the Horrors and the Scourge so that Barsaive’s people may one day eliminate the threat that the Horrors pose.

Upon the death of each master of the Fellowship, his or her fellows perform a ritual in which a disk of bone is cut from the skull of the deceased Nethermancer. This disk is then inscribed with the master’s most powerful spell or enchantment. For seventeen generations, the Fellowship has kept the chain unbroken, and the current members of the Fellowship consider it their most sacred and valuable possession.

Each disk in the Chain of Skulls contains the formula for a single spell, inscribed on both sides of the disk. The spells are Bone Dance, Astral Spear, Life Circle of One, Fog of Fear, Shadow Hunter, Astral Flare, Astral Horror, Blessed Light, Blood Servitor, Spirit Portal, Control Being, Step through Shadow, Restrain Horror, Create Life, Dark Sword, Last Chance, and Gateway. The Chain is also a talisman that enables anyone who knows the Ritual of the Ghost Master to call upon the dead master Nethermancers whose bones form part of the chain. This property of the Chain is the one most prized by the Fellowship.


Maximum Threads: Unknown
Spell Defense: Unknown
Legend Point Cost: Unknown

The Chain of Skulls