Plate Mail of the Rising Sun

Golden Plate Mail Armour



This highly crafted and enchanted set of plate mail armour was just one of many made years ago by the Knight of the Rising Sun who were a holy order of knights who once protected the ancient lands of Vivane sticking loyally to the traditions of military practice and religion they formed a small but glorious kingdom built on the foundations of honour a loyalty seeing the people of the lands live in peace for many years under the great protection of the knighthood, until Thera reared its ugly head.

During this time the knighthood openly opposed Thera’s slaving operations seeing the knighthood attacked in a hope of silencing any opposition to the order of Thera. The out numbered knights fought various battles against the evil and corrupt nation and lost many lives trying to protect and evacuate the people of Vivane and Cara Fard who were been rounded up like cattle, however after many years of warfare these brave knights were attacked almost to the point of extinction using powerful air ships that at the time they were unable to defend themselves against, and this means most of these glorious sets of golden and silver armour lay buried within old strongholds or over grown by the long grass of battlefields of old, however some are still in circulation.

Each suit is specially made for the owner and while these suits can be used by other people some say they never quiet fit right for someone else however the protection and powers they bestow are the same as for the original owner it was built for. The Knights of the Rising Sun tuck great effort care and expense building each suit at the great Flame Walk Forge of their people which is fed by a magical river of lava that surged with elements of true fire and molten true earth where they built and enchanted some items to a high standard, building them to specifically aid the skills and the abilities of the owner both covering their weak points and excelling their strong ones.

Each suit of knights armour is gold and silver in colour and is not only magically enchanted for the owner granting him powers directly but each suit also has a small number of basic enchantments places upon them, for example each suit has a permanent clean and repair like enchanted place upon them meaning the armour will stay bright and shiny even after years of use with scratches and dints magically repairing themselves over time, meaning once cleaned and cared for these suit will often last the user a lifetime and beyond with sets of armour often been passed down the bloodlines for many generations where they stay new and gleaming by the ancient enchantments upon them.

The suits are also laced with minor amounts of the true elements of fire and earth and while this amount is only small is does come from the lava river at the legendary Rising Flame Academy where the armour is built at the Flame Walk Forge and is used in such a way to strengthen the metals within the suit making it much easier to enchant magically. Once built and carved the armour is then enchanted specifically for the owner with each set granting different powers that help the original owner on his path, each built to excel the owner on his quest and overall have a glorious and gleaming first impression on people seeing the knight in armour.

This suit was specifically built for Rayven Astar (Knight of the Rising Sun) who follows the warrior path of his people, however having excelled and enjoyed the arts of story telling, acting, diplomacy and even the history, greeting customs and the religions of our world Rayven was seen as both a warrior and a emissary to far away lands, he was seen as both a proud warrior and knight of the people but also a story teller able to spread the legend of his people far and wide, and on that note the suit was made to aid those skills and talents as well as protecting him in combat.


Knowledge: The owner must know the name of the armour (Plate Mail of the Rising Sun)


The Golden Light: Upon connecting himself with the armour parts of the users magic flow into the suit which then fuel the enchantments of repair and cleaning inside. This means over night using tiny amounts of the users magic the suit will repair and clean and scratches or small holes and will remain shining and clean under most circumstances fighting the effects of rust and even extreme conditions such as cold or heat meaning the suits often stay gleaming even after major battles.

The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 9 / Mystic Armour: 3



The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 10 / Mystic Armour: 3

The initiative modifier for the armour is now -2 and not -4


Knowledge: The user must find what materials were made to build the suit


The Light Inside: Connecting himself further to gleaming set of silver and gold armour seems to give the user a glorious first impression as people see a proud and strong knight of the light standing in front of them, this good and noble look gives people a good general impression of the character and also grants the user +2 on any Charisma based actions or skills he uses.

The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 11 / Mystic Armour: 4



The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 12 / Mystic Armour: 5

The initiative modifier for the armour is now -1 and not -2


Knowledge: The user must learn the name of the enchantments used to enchant the armour


The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 13 / Mystic Armour: 5

The user also gets +2 Spell Defence



The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 14 / Mystic Armour: 6

The initiative modifier for the armour is now -0 and not -1

The user also gets +2 Physical Defence


Deed: The user must complete the ritual of fire and must travel to a place with open lava carrying with him one true fire coin and one true earth coin, saying a prayer to the passions for the Knights of the Rising Sun he must hold the coins next to his heart / breast plate whilst he finishes the ritual. On completion of the ritual the user must throw both coins into the lava as an offering to the passions and memory of the knighthood who built the great armour.


The plate mail is now: Physical Armour: 15 / Mystic Armour: 7

The Rising Sun: One per day for 5 points of strain the user can call forth the power of the rising sun seeing the armour beginning to glow brightly, after only a few seconds the armour has began to glow so brightly that even looking upon it hurts the eyes as it glimmers with brilliant gold and white light until suddenly it explodes into a glorious sphere around the user spreading at least 50ft in each direction and creates and sphere of magical golden light that can be seen for miles around, and this sacred magical light is said to have various effects versus different people or creatures and lasts around 30 seconds before slowly beginning to fade.

Enemies: Those trapped inside the light who have hostile intentions towards the user or his group are flashed blinded by the light and are consider to be harried gaining -2 to all actions and find it a struggle to even see or open their eyes making combat or giving chase very hard, while this ability does not do damage it was often used to give knights a last ditch attempt to retreat and regroup.

Friends: Friendly characters (Either NPC or PC) that are inside the circle automatically get the option of taking a normal recovery test at +4 Steps. This ability does not grant the user a free recovery test but does however give any friendly character inside the light the option to use one of their own instantly. Also friendly characters inside the light can make an instant toughness test to resist the effects of poison or disease which is made with no modifiers. The light while still bright does not effect their eyes leaving them to act as normal.

Neutral People: People of a neutral stance that are caught inside the light instantly get to make a toughness test to resist the effects of poison or disease which is done with a +2 Step modifier. Further to that they are overcome with a feeling of warmth and happiness as they look into the golden light that shimmers around them and gives the user +2 on any interaction tests made towards them often making them listen to commands or take suggestions much easier.


Plate Mail of the Rising Sun