Ouroboros Marked Items

Runic Marked Pattern Items


Rules for Ouroboros Marked Items:

The effect of this rune has made each item a magical item that will be defined in game.

The item that has an Ouroboros rune on it and when looked at in Astral Space has a pattern that is very similar to the characters true pattern and also has a mingling of the rest of the groups patterns as well.

Although this pattern is in flux and as such can’t be used against the name giver, unless the item becomes a group pattern item.

  • For the first three ranks you get to choose a Discipline Talent to apply a bonus to
    • Only one Discipline Talent can be chosen for all bonuses
      • You do not get to choose three discipline talents with a +1 bonus
    • It can’t be an optional Talent or Skill

Information after Identification:

Very powerful magic’s have been at work and have made your items magical although there patterns are not completed and therefore the items powers are yet to be known. The only other information is that at Rank three the items Key Knowledge is to use the marked items to form your group pattern, and can only be created by the original owners of the runic marked item. Not forming a group pattern means you can’t weave any more threads to it.

It is not necessary to use this item for the players group pattern item.

  • Max Threads: 6
  • Thread Ranks: 7
  • Spell Defence: 15
  • Legend Point Cost: Warden
  • Key Knowledge’s at 1st, 3rd and 5th Thread Ranks
  • Dead at 7th Thread Rank
  • Rank 1:
  • Key Knowledge: Name of Item: Character needs to name it
    • If a weapon the item its now counted as fully forged
    • If armour its now counted as fully forged
    • Other Items will get a bonus that needs to be determined by GM and the Player
    • +1 Step bonus to a single Discipline Talent
  • Rank 2:
    • +2 Step Bonus to a single Discipline Talent
  • Rank 3:
    • Key Knowledge: Deed Create group Pattern Item
    • +1 Step bonus to group pattern thread
      • This now counts as Rank 1 for the groups pattern, Rank 3 for the Item
      • However Legend Point Spend is still calmative as off the original Rank 1 cost
    • +3 Step Bonus to a single Discipline Talent
  • Rank 4 to 7 unknown:

Final message at end of Dream:

Just as you start to awaken out of your dream, you see the faces of hundreds of name givers slowly walking toward you with hands out stretched and as they approach, each and every one of them knells before you and shakes your hand and then disappears in a faint glow of yellow warming air. As the people disappear they thank you for saving them from their years of torment in the horrors grasp and reveal to you a place within Parlainth where the shield from your dream can be found

The images of the location of the shield were from the city pre scourge before it disappeared. You saw a vibrant city containing Parlainth’s largest and most eye catching structures. Pyramids dominate the landscape, complimented by many other unusual shapes. Columns, friezes, and statuary adorn the buildings, and beautiful murals cover the walls. The wide walkways are paved with clay stones embedded with colourful tiles in geometric patterns. Many gardens with statues fill many of the area’s spacious squares, along with pools and fountains.

You eventually walked in to a large building in the Vaults district for the passion of Astendar. At the back of the building you then entered the Northern Catacombs and walked down a winding staircase then down a long tunnel passing many closed doors and many other corridors. You walked for at least an hour before you came to a huge chamber within which were statues representing all 8 name givers. On the back wall taking centre place was a huge statue of a Dragon holding the shield in one of its claws and in its other claw was a shimmering sphere that changed colour frequently.

The last thing you remember is the armoured Knight saying “The shield is yours, use it wisely and it shall aid you when you most need it, but head this warning the shield was made for good.” The Knight starts to disappear when you hear a fading voice say “A gift has been given, look towards your most treasured item”

You somehow know that the language they spoke in was Theran but you understood it clearly and start to realise that these people must have been the original inhabitants of Parlainth before the scourge and had been trapped by the Mindtrap ever since. There thanks were sincere and you felt as close to all of them as if they were your own brothers and sisters.



See’s a huge axe swathing through a hoard of horrors as the horrors fall by the way side Gron sees a heavily armoured Knight wielding the axe and a great shield standing victorious as all around him lie countless dead horrors. Just at it appears that the battle has been won darkness descends over the battle field as the Knight stands still staring at another massive hoard of horrors charges toward him. As the hoard charges on the Knight succumbs and is seen lying on the floor with only the shield left coving his dead and mutilated body. You find yourself picking up the shield and as soon as your hand touches it a bright yellow light begins to emanate and as the light touches the Knight you see that his wounds have all healed as he stands tall, takes the shield from your hands and then says “Prepare yourself” Then out of nowhere you are suddenly surround by uncountable numbers of horrors. The knight immediately strikes his shield with his huge axe and the next thing you see is a plateau on an unknown mountain range as you here the Knights say “Gron of the Circle of Light, This is the Great Brotherhood, look to the western peaks and the council of four will be found”

Rune inscribed on Axe


You find yourself and a battalion of other Knights of the Rising Sun standing guard at the gates of a hugely fortified city when suddenly you find yourself alone as all of your companions fall dead before you, slain by an enemy that cannot be seen. A glittering light suddenly catches your eye and looking to your right you see a heavily armoured Knight adorned with the emblems of The Knights of the Rising Sun carrying a huge sword and a large beautifully adorned silver shield. He shouts toward you to prepare yourself as he swings his sword crashing it against his shield at this a yellow light emanates outward from the shield. As the light radiates outward to your surprise horror upon horror is revelled to you as you both begin to fight for your lives. Whilst the battle rages on you start to realise that this Knight is slowly manoeuvring you behind him and slowly towards the gate, upon reaching the gate, he once again swings his sword and as it touches the gate a portal appears and at that instant the Knight says to you “Go now Rayven, honourable Knight of The Knights of the Rising Sun and know this, your people still live, look to the western peaks” and with that the Knight pushes you through the portal. As you fall through the portal you look up and see it instantaneously close.

Rune inscribed on TBC


Walking alone through a familiar wood you hear ahead of you the sounds of fighting. Slowly you move forward and as you approach a clearing you see a heavily armoured Knight holding a large long bow and a small shield strapped to his forearm. All around him are countless horrors, surprisingly the Knight appears to be holding his own as he seems able to fire of several arrows in the blinking of an eye taking out several horrors with one shot. As you stand there wondering what to do some of the horrors notice your presence and start to charge towards you, as you start to prepare yourself for battle, the Knight suddenly appears before your side and tells you to stay behind him. The battle rages on and not one horror is able to get passed the Knight whose skills in manoeuvring and archery are unlike anything you have ever heard before. Just as you think the battle is nearing an end, you see coming in to the clearing stream upon stream of horrors charging ever onwards towards you. At this the Knight holds up his shield, fires an arrow in to the air, the arrow takes but a few seconds to return and lands dead centre into the shield at this it begins to glow brightly and you find yourself shrouded in this warm yellow light. Seconds later, clearing your vision you find yourself alone with no sign of the Knight or the horrors, as you remember the Knights last words. “Elora of the Circle of Light remain true to your friends and you will never fail.”

Rune inscribed on Bow


Wandering alone in a mountainous landscape searching for information regarding Vasdenjas, Master of Secrets, you have a strange feeling that you are not alone as you follow the trail ever upwards to the spire where you hope to find the entrance to a long lost Kaer. After a few more hours walking and increasingly feeling that you are being followed you suddenly find your way blocked by a recent rock fall as you look around for another way a heavily armoured Knight appears before you carrying a staff identical to your own and a large impressively adorned shield. He shouts at you to get behind him and as you start to run towards him you take a glance behind and see horror after horror suddenly appearing out of thin air charging towards you. Upon getting behind the Knight he shouts kneel, which you do without hesitation as the Knight crouches behind his shield slamming the butt of his staff in to its back a raging flame emanates from the front of the shield instantly turning all the horrors before you to cinder. As he stands he points up ahead and you see a way through the rock fall as he shouts at you “Go now Rastin! But know this the Dragon you seek Vasdenjas lives, look to the Western Peaks”. At that very moment another huge hoard of horrors start charging up the mountain side towards you, without hesitation you run for the path expecting the Knight to follow only to find as you turn the corner you suddenly materialise at the foot of the very mountain you have been climbing all day.

Rune inscribed on Staff


Skulking in the shadows of some dark corridor to gain entrance to the treasure vault you have been seeking all your life you start to realise that information you recently received that led you here seemed to have come easier than expected and only now you start to doubt the accuracy of that information. Too late now you think and continue cautiously onwards thinking it can’t be far now. Finally after eluding a few more guards you find the door you’ve been looking for, you take out the parchment that has a spell ward password on it and recite it word for word, although its written in a language you don’t fully understand your convinced you’ve said it accurately. As the last word leaves you lips your heart stops as you suddenly find yourself inside a huge vault surrounded by wall upon wall of all the treasure you can ever hope for. Not wasting a second you begin searching for the one item you came here for, not forgetting to put a small bauble or two in your pocket along the way. Finally you see it, the shield, as you start to pull it out, you feel a tug back and taking a second you think it must be caught so you pull again with all your might. This time however the resistance is greater than yours and you find yourself being pulled in to a hole even as you try to let go of the shield you still can’t stop yourself from being pulled ever deeper in to the hole. After a few moments you find yourself in a large cave with a Windling carrying the shield and a large sword who instantly tells you to be quiet. At that all the walls in the cave start to rumble and large rocks start breaking off the walls and then bursting out of every wall in every direction is a massive hoard of horrors all charging towards you. At that the Windling shouts stand still! Lifting the shield in the air and hitting it with all his might with his sword you’re suddenly surrounded by a bright yellow light, at the same instant the images around you start to change until you suddenly realise that you’re outside the very castle you were just in. The last thing you remember was the Windling saying “Jace of The Circle of Light be true to your companions and all the treasures in the world will be yours.

Rune inscribed on TBC


As you stand there at the closed gates of a Kaer you start to feel all too familiar with what is about to happen as you see all around you your fellow Elven companions for many years ago and realise you in your home Kaer just before the battle with the miasma and you are now no longer a child but an adult and an experienced Nethermancer. Feeling prepared for what is about to come having heard the stories for many long years locked inside that Kaer you resolve yourself to not let it all happen again. The attack starts much as you remember from the stories you were told, although the battle seems to be going better than you remembered when all of a sudden you see one amongst you that you have no memory of and no stories have you heard of this Knight. Taller than all around round and wearing silvered armour, holding a massive sword in one hand and a beautifully adorned shield in the other he stands at the front of the attack slashing his way through the miasma and apparently keeping it at bay as he shouts back, “OPEN THE GATES!” At that more creatures suddenly appear out of thin air and wave upon wave come crashing down on the Knight who surprisingly remains standing despite being overwhelmed. You start to realise that now is the time to save your people as you run towards the gates of Kaer Vaughn and urge your people to open the gates and let you and your companions in. The hoard of horrors now seemed to be over powering the Knight and Hollowheart remains adamant that the gates remain closed. At that the Knight suddenly yelled “OPEN THE GATES, NOW!” and as his words trailed off the gates started to open. Fearing that time was short you took the advantage and encouraged your companions and last remaining survivors inside Kaer Vaughn. Feeling somehow responsible for not being able to assist the Knight as the last person got through the gates you ordered it closed, but at the very same instant the Knight was beside you, standing with his shield in front giving it one mighty blow with his sword and at that you heard a howling wind as the horrors in front all started to be pushed away and shredded as if thousands of knives were flying through the air. As soon as the mass of horrors had cleared a yet larger hoard appeared as the Knight turned to you and said “Kaerless of Kaer Vaughn, go and save your people with the knowledge that your name is true” At that he pushed you through the gates as they slammed shut.

Rune inscribed on Signet Ring

Ouroboros Marked Items