Obsidiman Talisman




This item carved from solid Obsidiman rock and stands around 7 Inch long and has been expertly crafted with ornate patterns. Deep grey in colour the item appears to be very hardwearing and also appears to be very magical in astral space.


Knowledge: The owner must know the name of the item (The Obsidiman Talisman of Elam-Ra)

Effect: The Power of Elam-Ra: Having trapped much of his magic within the seven items created the adept feels a surge of magic upon connecting with the talisman and for a moment feels dizzy like in a conscious dreaming state that is often enough to bring the strongest of adepts to their knees, this influx of magical energy increases the users own magic levels granting them new abilities.

The adept may pick one extra talent option that is available to them at their current circle and this talent is learnt at rank one and then treated like any other talent and can be increased with legend points as usual. This magical talent after further training becomes part of the adept for life meaning even if the talisman is stolen or destroyed the adept still retains the talent they have practiced, this power however only works for Obsidiman Namegivers.


Effect: +2 Spell Defense


Knowledge: The owner must find which mountain range Elam-Ra died in.

Effect: The Knowledge of Elam-Ra: Upon weaving this thread it is said the user falls unconscious for several hours and enters a dreaming like state where they are shown cryptic dreams of the life of Elam-Ra and begin to see a world in dreams that they can not fully understand. Not only do they see cryptic and mystical dreams but also of actions experiences and shadowed events from the life of Elam-Ra that seem to teach the adept lost and mystical secrets of our world.

The adept gets to pick two new skill options at rank one that are granted to the user from the life and experiences of Elam-Ra. Having spent many years wondering the ancient world and having both dreamed of the past and the future Elam-Ra’s knowledge base became vast, and while these experiences were often clouded in a dream like state it was enough to give him a broad understanding of a lot of subjects meaning the adept (at the GM’s discretion) can pick whatever two new skills he likes which again after further training become part of that adept for life, but again this power granted by the dreaming only works on Obsidiman Namegivers.


Effect: +2 Mystic Armour


Knowledge: The user must learn what seven items were created from Elam-Ra’s body.

Effect: The Voice of Elam-Ra: During his many years of wandering Elam-Ra met all of the namegiver races and picked up various language skills, some of which he learnt in person, others he dreamed off in fragmented visions of the past and future. On weaving this thread the adept sits or kneels upon the ground and enters a deep meditation like state for around one hour, during this time the adept mumbles in various languages, some of which are the languages we use today while others are dead languages that have not been heard for thousands of years, and while the large majority of this is gibberish the Obsidiman adept retains some of the knowledge that was dreamed.

The adept gets to pick two new language skills at rank one, that can either be speak or read and write skills, that are shown to them by the dreams from Elam-Ra’s life, once trained further these skills become part of the Obsidiman forever. These skills while at rank one should be treated as a very basic and fundamental knowledge of the language, not as an advanced or expert knowledge, also knowledge or reading and writing magic’s can not be learnt by these dreams.


Deed: The user must travel to the mountain range where Elam-Ra died and must find a clearing upon the stone of the mountain that overlooks our world, standing silently and alone the user must weave the last thread of this item upon where he enters and deep motionless trance and will remain in such for no less than 24 hours where he experiences a series of dark dreams and sees the world changing and been ripped apart in front of him, entire forests been torn from the land, mountains crumbling into sand, and entire oceans vanishing all appear in a dream form as the adept stands silently in his trance, only shaking from time to time as the dreams change or become more shocking.

Effect: The Heart of the Dreamer: This the last thread of this item produces a dark knowledge of the life of Elam-Ra again sending the adept on a vision like quest within the ancient Obsidimans life, this if anything is a dream of the ending of all things, of the final destruction of our world that Elam-Ra dreamed about all of his life. During this great dreaming state the adept can feel powerful magic’s running through him and he gets to retain some of the hidden knowledge of his dreams.

The adept gets to pick one more talent option that is open to him at his current circle, this talent is learnt at rank one and then can be increased as normal. The adept also gets to pick one more skill at rank one which again can be learnt and increased as normal after. While only Obsidiman can benefit from these dreaming gifts they do stay with them for life once they are trained further, the thread also provides a +1 Physical Armour bonus to the user as the magic’s harden the skin.


The name Elam-Ra is treated as a myth among the few Obsidiman who have heard it as its history pre-dates the Scourge by a considerable amount making this item a thing of fairytales that only a few scattered minds will remember and that even fewer will believe. Little is known of the life of Elam-Ra other than he emerged from his liferock over a thousand years before the Scourge and that by all accounts this awakening was due to a dark and troubled state of dreaming.

It is said that Elam-Ra slumbered within the state of dreaming but that unlike his brothers he felt awake and could feel a darkness surrounding him, and could hear and faint and echoing scream from within the rocks like the world was calling out to him in pain, and it was these feelings that awoke the great dreamer. From there it is said that Elam-Ra walked the ancient world for many years searching for the worlds pain and that within his mind he held a great but also terrible gift of foresight, almost like he was trapped in-between our world and the world of dreaming.

Stories say that it was within these great dreams and visions that Elam-Ra could see our world in a different way or even in a different time, and that many of these visions were of a dark and damaged world of pain and terror that in the end convinced Elam-Ra that a great and terrible darkness was approaching our world, and while he didn’t know what this darkness was or when it would happen he could see the damage and devastation in left behind, like the world was been destroyed before him by some unseen force, like the world was been destroyed within his dreams.

Little else is known of the life of Elam-Ra other than after many years of wandering he learnt many ancient and mystical secrets about the darkness that was approaching, and within his meditations and great dreaming states he began to understand the damage it would leave behind. However it was with his death where the legend was born as it is said that Elam-Ra returned to his liferock and called to his brothers, to wake those who would listen, and while it is not known what secrets was shared between the brotherhood it is said that Elam-Ra refused to return to his liferock but instead chose to die within our world.

In nothing more than lost and ancient children’s stories it is said that Elam-Ra’s body was crafted by the brotherhood into seven peaces, each peace containing a part of the knowledge of his great life, and in his dying words he said that many dark times would befall our world but that one day when the world faced one of its darkest challenges the seven peaces of Elam-Ra would be reunited to help save this world, but like stated these are just things of fairytales and children’s stories.

Obsidiman Talisman