Document Boxes

Document Boxes that replicate other documents


Document Boxes

Maximum Threads: 5
Spell Defense: 6

There are five Document Boxes all told, and each is identical in appearance, except for the flow ofthe wood grain. Each appears to be a darkly stained box ofwood with dimensions of lO"x15"x3". Two small handles, one on each of the wide flat sides, can be used to pull open the box. In the top flap, there is enough room for one sheet ofparchment, and it bears the dwarven rune for ‘Original.’ In the bottom flap, there is enough room for twenty sheets of parchment, and the dwarven rune for ‘Replica’ is carved into its front side.

Rank 1 Cost: 200
Key Knowledge: Wielder must learn the name of the inventor, the Obsidiman Wizard Zemn Rox.
Effect: Allows wielder to place a parchment in the ‘Original’ flap, and with a Willpower Test against the Spell Defense of the Box, it will duplicate the document onto all of the parchment in the ‘Replica’ flap. This ability includes sketches or drawings, but not paintings.

Rank 2 Cost: 300
Effect: Wielder can place parchment in the ‘Replica’ flap, and with a point of Strain and a successful Perception Test vs. the Recollection Chart (unless the page is memorized by other means, in which case the test is not needed), the box will duplicate a document the wielder has seen. Again, this ability includes sketches or drawings, but not paintings.

Recollection Chart:
Up to a day ago: 6
Up to a week ago: 10
Up to a month ago: 15
Up to a year ago: 20

If the roll is a Failure, the document is garbled. If it is a Poor Success, the character misremembers the document, and it is this document that is printed. The lower the score, the more likely personal thoughts will find their way onto the page. A score of one means one of the character’s secrets is probably written on the page.

Rank 3 Cost: 500
Deed: The Document Boxes were created to help scribes, sages, and spellcasters to perform their research, and be able to spread it easily to libraries and other colleagues. Unfortunately, after making the fifth one, Zefrin felt the call of the Mother Rock, and returned to it. Outside of his Mother Rock, a library was established by some of his Obsidiman and Wizard brethren, in his honor. If the owner of the Box brings a tome to the library, they will receive a Legend Point bonus of 1,300 Legend Points. If the book is unique, the reward will be 2,100 Legend Points.
Effect: For five points of Strain and a Willpower Test against the Spell Defense of the Box, the wielder may produce a page of printed text as dictated in the wielder’s mind. After the initial cost, the wielder can produce up to twenty pages (as many blank sheets as are in the ‘Replica’ flap) of original text before the test must be performed again. This only works with printed text.


Document Boxes