Diorama of Shaping

Diorama of Shaping can shape and create tunnels


Diorama of Shaping

Maximum Threads: 6
Spell Defense: 16

When the Theran architects had to rebuild great areas of the Southern Catacombs to serve as the storehouse for the Theran treasury reserves, they developed a device to assist them in their endeavors. The Diorama appears to be a one thirty-sixth scale, three-dimensional clay sculpture of areas of the Southern Catacombs mounted on a stone tablet that extends 6 inches beyond each side of the sculpture, making the base of the Diorama 22″×22″. One side of the Diorama has a inlaid silver sigil, the rune of the Pre-Scourge Theran architectural guild. The abilities of the Diorama are not instantaneous, and take several minutes to complete, with the exact time depending greatly on the complexity of the area corresponding to the Diorama.

Rank 1 Cost: 300
Key Knowledge: The user must learn that the device is called a Diorama ofShaping.
Effect: When the Diorama is placed on the ground and activated by the user rubbing his hand over the sigil of the architectural guild, the clay sculpture will mold itself to resemble the structure ofthe walls and floors ofthe 10 yard by 10 yard area in front of the Diorama, starting at the edge of the Diorama opposite the sigil.

Rank 2 Cost: 500
Effect: The Diorama will now also represent large scale objects within the area depicted by the Diorama. Objects must take up one cubic foot for the Diorama to represent them. The Diorama will represent the items as solid objects. For example, the entirety of the underside of a chair would be enclosed, and a table stacked high with books would appear to be very thick, rather than having each individual book detailed. A hallway filled with collapsed stone would appear to be solid.

Rank 3 Cost: 800
Key Knowledge: The user must learn the name of the Mage-Architect that constructed the Diorama of Shaping.
Effect: The Diorama will now allow large-scale addition of mass to the area depicted by the Diorama. The greatest bulk of this mass is brought in from the Elemental Plane of Earth. Originally intended to thicken the walls around the vaults, it can be used to effectively collapse hallways and rooms within the Southern Catacombs. A collapsing hallway or room should be treated as a trap that can be defeated (and thus the collapse averted) by the Disarm Magical Traps Talent or Dispel Magic Spell. As usual, the trap must be detected to be averted and the person attempting to avert it must act before the trap.

Collapsing Catacombs
Detection Difficulty: 7
Spell Defense: 16
Disann Difficulty: 15
Trigger Condition: Triggered by Diorama ofShaping
Trap Initiative: 20
Trap Effect: Falling ceiling which does step 15 damage to any person caught beneath it.

Rank 4 Cost 1300
Effect: The user ofthe Diorama can now create tunnels and apertures in the area depicted by the Diorama. The Diorama, being the tool of an architect, will create the necessary structural supports so that the tunnels will not collapse. In doing so, the Diorama may not necessarily create the exact tunnel or aperture the user wishes, as it was designed to ensure the long-term stability of the openings it creates.

Rank 5 Cost 2100
Deed. The user must discover the location ofthe workshop where the Diorama was created, and recover one of the original maps of the structure of the Southern Catacombs before the treasury vaults were added. This deed is worth 1300 Legend Points.
Effect: The scale ofthe Diorama changes to become 1/360, so the area that is depicted and can be altered by the Diorama is 100 yards x 100 yards.


Diorama of Shaping