Dage’s Arrows of the Elements

Five Elemental Arrows

weapon (ranged)

Dage’s Arrows of the Elements

Threads: 5
Spell Defence: 12

Each arrow is made from one of the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Wood and have been created from true elements by elementals who bestowed each elemental arrow with its unique powers. When the arrows were created they where individual magical items, but long before the scourge an Elementalist Archer called Dage Driffolk Dere stumbled upon The Arrow of Fire. Many years later when on another perilous adventure he found yet another Elemental Arrow this time the Arrow of Air. This immediately intrigued him and he began to think that there may be three others made from the three other elements and he managed to find them all then there powers might be combined and be more powerful.

After many years of study and following one dead end after another Dage was finally getting too old for further adventures but still remained convinced that three other arrows where yet to be found. Then one day rather fortuitously Dage attended and auction of a recently deceased adventure, amongst the items available for bidding on that day was the Arrow of Wood. Luckily no one within the auction room was remotely interested in a solitary arrow that all anyone knew about was made from Elemental Wood and forged but when the starting price of 5000 Gold was announced Dage immediately bid, waiting for what seemed like an age before no other bids were coming finally the auctioneers hammer sounded and the Arrow of Wood was now his.

Feeling the end of his time drawing near Dage then decided to hire groups of adventurers to search all across the lands in the last few places that he still had leads for that one of the remaining arrows may be found.

After six months and Dage now being bed ridden two of the groups never returned but as if fated the final group returned with not one of the Elemental Arrows but both the Arrow of Water and the Arrow of Earth. Taking all Five Arrows and placing them in a specially made quiver Dage began and enchantment which last for seven days and nights. At the end of this time an almightily roar emanated from the arrows as if unknown beings were in immense pain, the roar eventually subsided.

During this enchantment Dage was studying the arrows with the help of his elemental sprits that he had befriended over his long life the enchantment eventually joined the true patterns of each arrow in to one powerful pattern. Even though Dage had initially thought the Arrows where connected when he finally collected them altogether he soon discovered that this was not the case and then as if destined to do so with his dying breath using all the power he could muster he managed to create the five elemental arrows together in to one pattern.

Thread Rank 1:
LP: 200 per Arrow – 1000 Total:

  • Must have woven to all five arrows before being able to weave any further threads.
  • Must have thread weaving of 5 to be able to weave to all 5 arrows as each arrow counts as a distinctly separate magical item.

Key Knowledge: Need to know the name of each arrow
Affect: Each Arrow acts as a Forged +5 arrow, this counts as the Will affect step for Spells, unless the owners Will Step is higher.

Thread Rank 2:
LP: 300 per Arrow – 1500 Total

  • Once this thread is woven the five Arrows and the Quiver become intrinsically linked and the individual powers of each arrow start to grow.
  • All arrows now count as one magical item not five

Quiver: Arrows must be kept in this specific Quiver which is separated in to five distinct compartments each compartment specific for each Arrow.
Affect: When one of the arrows is fired, after 1d4 rounds the arrow will materialize back in the quiver

Arrow Affect:

  • Arrow of Fire: Bestows upon the owner 1d6 armour protection V’s Fire Damage
  • Arrow of Air: Owner of this arrow can cast once per day the Elemental Spell: Gills
  • Arrow of Earth: Grants the owner talent Earth Skin at thread rank level
  • Arrow of Water: When fired at an enemy the arrow will act as the spell Ice Mace and Chain +5 steps for Effect tests. Spellcasting step is at thread Rank level
  • Arrow of Wood: Grants the owner talent Wood Skin at thread rank level

Thread Rank 3:
LP: 500 total
Key Knowledge: Must learn the name of the Elementalist who merged the arrows together

Quiver: Affect: When one of the arrows is fired, after 1d4-2 rounds the arrow will materialize back in the quiver

Arrow Affect: Each arrow now does +6 damage

Thread Rank 4:
LP: 800 total

Quiver: Affect: No Change

Arrow Affect: Can fire two arrows at once at a single target. Both arrows cannot return at once, they return according to Thread Rank 3 affect but only roll once and then the second arrow returns a round after the first arrow.

Thread Rank 5:
LP: 1300 total
Key Knowledge: Need to discover the name of the five elementals involved in the fussing of the arrows

Quiver: Affect: Arrow returns in the next round and is immediately usable unless two arrows are fired together then follow Thread Rank 3 rule

Arrow Affect:

  • Arrow of Fire: May cast “Fireball” Spell once per day
  • Arrow of Air: May cast “Lightning Bolt” Spell once per day
  • Arrow of Earth: May cast “Metal Scream” Spell once per day
  • Arrow of Water: May cast “Blizzard Sphere” Spell once per day
  • Arrow of Wood: May cast “Earth Staff” Spell once per day

Thread Rank 6:
LP: 2100 total

Quiver: Affect: No Change

Arrow Affect: Each arrow now does +7 damage

Thread Rank 7:
LP: 2100 total
Key Knowledge: Deed: Need to seek out the grave of Dage and then summon the five elementals in a ceremony that will last 7 days and nights. At the end of this time Dage’s sprit will appear and give the current owner the option to be trained as an Elementalist and Dage will then become a Ghost Master for as long as the items are kept by the current owner. Normal Rules for multi character progression apply.

Quiver: Affect: Mundane Arrows can now be placed in the quiver, but only 5, if left for 24 hours they will become forged at +7. Cannot then create 5 more as only 5 can be created at one time and exist at the same time. Each arrow can only be used once and once used it is destroyed.

Arrow Affect: Dage will also imbue each arrow with any spell affect up to and including Level 7 Elementalist Spells at the owner’s discretion.


Dage’s Arrows of the Elements