Night Harvester

Troll Battle Axe

weapon (melee)

Troll battle axe has slain a horror called Nightwist after which Gron named the weapon “Night Harvester”

  • Forged *3
    • +2 Steps Damage
    • -1 Size = One Handed Weapon

The battle had been on-going for two strenuous days and my brothers were starting to tire with nearly half of them already slain, the onslaught was relentless. At this time a Troll Clan called “Dark Slayers” of 300 or more, happened upon the carnage and became embroiled in the fight. During the battle, which lasted for a further three days, all of my brotherhood where slain along with more than half of the Troll Clan. As the last Obsidiman fell the remaining horrors vanished as quickly as they had appeared. Why was I spared? To this day I have no answer to that question but if it takes 1000 years to find out whom or what committed this act, I will avenge my lost brothers.

Night Harvester