T'skrang Swordmaster retired now deals in maps and information on Parlainth


Vardeghul’s Lore Exchange

You wish to know the likeliest spots to find treasure? Hah! Doesn’t everyone want to know! Striking it rich is not as simple as you’ve likely been told. I suggest you buy a copy of my price list a bargain at 5 coppers and select several documents. You read them, you’ll at least know your heads from a hole in the ground, eh?

Vardeghul, a T’skrang struck by the urge to see the world, came to Parlainth on the first wave of opportunity seekers. After nearly losing her life on several forays into the ruins, Vardeghul stopped and looked around her at the swarms of scruffy adventurers descending on the city every day, each of them hoping to stumble on a treasure fabulous enough to make them wealthy for the rest of their lives. Few of them, she realized, would ever reach that goal. Most of them mounted aimless excursions into the vast ruins, hoping for a lucky find before one of the terrible creatures infesting the Forgotten City chose to make lunch of them. Many were slain, and the few who struck it rich did so out of blind luck. Little hard information on Parlainth existed, save a few ancient scraps rendered inaccurate and useless by the Horrors’ ravaging of the city. Modernday Parlainth existed as a jumble of shattered buildings and creature lairs scarcely resembling the great monument to civilization described in the few rediscovered documents that mentioned it.

Vardeghul realized that accurate (or apparently accurate) information on the city might be the most valuable commodity of all, and that she could get rich by supplying it for the multitude of explorers who flocked to Parlainth to make their fortunes. Using her contacts as an adventurer to collect every scrap of information possible from those still risking lives in the ruins, Vardeghul eventually accumulated an impressive stock of documents on Parlainth She then opened for business, selling information quickly becoming a wealthy tradeswoman.


Vardeghul’s Deputies

Steffgor, Chujonn, and Mahousk Grobakk: Troll Warriors

These three surviving members of a set of troll quadruplets work for Vardeghul as guards. The brothers also serve as part-time deputies for Torgak.