Pagmor Gilt-Throat

Troll Sky Raider operates the false men wars betting shop


Wagering on the outcomes of the ongoing falsemen wars is a popular pastime in Haven, though more than one explorer has lost his or her hard earned coin by betting big on a faction seemingly poised for victory. The Name-giver to whom these gains invariably go is Pagmor Gilt-Throat, a Troll sky raider with a lucrative business taking book on these bets. Every week, Pagmor and his followers float over the War Zone in their crippled drakkar and note which falsemen control what strategic landmarks. This information allows Gilt-Throat to set booking odds that ensure his continued profits.

What do you mean, you’re not good for your bet? I’m very disappointed. I’m hurt, truly hurt. Now I have to punish you, and I hate that. Really. I’m a tenderhearted soul, so I am. It hurts me to punish people. That’s why I pay these stout fellows. It won’t hurt them to punish you. In fact, I’ll wager they enjoy it. Oh, but you can’t afford to make any more wagers, can you?

Gilt-Throat’s drakkar, the Unyielding, is barely navigable because a portion of its hull is missing, but can safely cruise slowly above the ruins at an altitude of 180 feet. The mountains surrounding Parlainth tend to protect the city from strong air currents, and Pagmor never takes his drakkar out during the rare periods of high wind. He also avoids sailing near other airships; the Unyielding would be a death trap in a fight, and its lack of maneuverability could well lead to accidents. The Unyielding is useful for surveying missions but little else. Though Gilt-Throat makes most of his money running wagers on the falsemen wars, he will also take explorers sailing over the ruins for a fee. He refuses to risk his craft by stopping to pick up or drop off passengers.

Pagmor Gilt-Throat sees himself as a model citizen of Haven and attempts to act dignified at all times. He dreams of founding a business dynasty and going down in history as one of the town’s noble founders. Other citizens of Haven find Gilt-Throat’s pretensions amusing and laugh at him behind his back. To his face, however, everyone shows the utmost courtesy, because Gilt-Throat is as well known for his violent temper as his skill at parting Haven’s residents from their money. Topics guaranteed to send him into a rage include aspersions against Trolls or sky raiders, suggestions that his gambling business tarnishes the heroic image of sky raiders, and insults about his clothes.


Pagmor’s Employees

Pagmor’s employees all obey him with unquestioning loyalty. Though they have reached higher Circles than their boss, they defer to his business sense, impressed by his ability to keep them rolling in gold with much less risk than they faced in their raiding days.

Grentor: Troll Sky Raider

The snootiest Troll of all Pagmor’s cronies, Grentor walks through life with his nose in the air. He does not see his own utter lack of social graces or consideration for others. He speaks with a slight lisp, and becomes enraged when anyone imitates it.

Farflyer: Troll Sky Raider

A dreamy fellow, Farflyer imagines himself sailing through the skies again one day, saving beautiful Troll maidens from the clutches of evil slavers, discovering great treasures, and building a wondrous legend. Instead of actually performing those heroic acts, however, he contentedly plays brute enforcer to Gilt-Throat while others make names for themselves braving the dangers of Parlainth. Farflyer has slipped into the comfortable life of Gilt-Throat’s chief thug without even realizing that he has renounced his daydreams of glory.

Wallag the Black: Troll Sky Raider

Wallag the Black is a foul-mouthed swaggerer, notorious for the volume of his belches and the dedication with which he scratches himself. He likes to intimidate othersnothing pleases him more than the thought that others fear him. He stays in Haven because he enjoys his carefully built reputation in town as a blackguard. Oddly enough, he has a soft spot for the weak and innocent and is more likely than Pagmor’s other employees to help out someone in trouble if justice demands it.

Vanargmog Sugarcruncher: Troll Sky Raider

Vanargmog Sugarcruncher earned his name for his love of pastries and other sweets. He almost always walks around town with his warhammer in one hand and a piece of cake in the other. Much more placid than his fellows, Sugarcruncher pretends to have a violent temper to keep the others from picking on him. He loves comfort and believes that his cushy job for Pagmor sets him up for life.

Pagmor Gilt-Throat