Omag Bastabus

Unofficial Theran representative in Haven


Though Thera claims no official representative in Haven, the independently wealthy Omag Bastabus serves as Thera’s main inhabitant. Ostensibly in Haven as a private Theran citizen surveying the ruins of Parlainth. Bastabus’ involvement with Theran spies is an open secret; none of the town’s adventurers are naive enough to believe he has no relationship with the many hooded figures who skulk through the city whispering to one another in thick Theran accents. No one can prove any criminal act against him, however, so he remains free to act as he will.

Though Bastabus presents himself as a man of great importance, the citizens of Haven only tolerate his presence because they have yet to catch him doing anything directly against Haven’s interests. Torgak keeps a sharp eye on Bastabus but never acts directly against him, reasoning that the Therans will only send another spymaster more difficult to keep tabs on if Bastabus becomes less useful.

Omag Bastabus speaks the diplomatic language of Thera, flowery and full of flattery. The rough-hewn explorers of Haven often find his phrasing laughable, but it arouses loyalty in fellow Therans and Theran sympathizers. Bastabus keeps his emotions tightly capped under an air of glacial calm. If excited beyond measure, he might forget himself so far as to raise an eyebrow.

I am afraid, my dear and illustrious friend, that your accusation appears to have been formulated without complete awareness of the facts of the case. I am certain that if you take into account the reliability of the witnesses in question, you will see that the evidence for your claim is unfortunately of a questionable nature. I understand well the strain you have been under recently, my most gracious friend I will not allow one slight, somewhat ill-considered imputation to dampen the spirit of friendship that exists between us.

Omag Bastabus