Trusted Advisor to The Circle Path Company: Nethermancer


For longer than anyone else currently in the Circle Path can remember, Nemiroph has been the trusted advisor of the House leaders. Members regard him highly for his wisdom and experience, and few ever question his cold judgement and his often biting opinions. He and Belstraum often disagree on matters, and it is widely known that the two dislike each other, but Nemiroph also acknowledges Belstraum’s talents. Because he realizes that the Council will never remove Belstraum from his seat, Nemiroph says nothing about it in public, but continually reminds the leaders of his opinions.

For almost twelve years now, he has hidden his scars from the incident at the inn, wearing a mask to cover his disfigurement. Only his eyes can be seen, but at the comers burned flesh can be seen. Because of that incident, his relationship with Yuriel and Remiel has always been very close. They treat him like a second father, and he returns the sentiment by devoting his free time to them and teaching them many things. That is perhaps the closest thing to compassion he will ever show.

He agrees with Belstraum that Remiel would be a better leader than Yuriel, but for different reasons. Yuriel’s capable of being a good leader, but has no desire to be, and he recognizes that. Capability without desire amounts to very little. Many times before her disappearance, he has spoken with both Yuriel and Remiel, discussing possibilities of Remiel inheriting the position. However, with the strictness of the laws of the House that have lasted for so many generations, little could be done to change them.