Needren Lannen Wisewell

Oldish Human Illusionist and resident of Haven


A Fourth Circle illusionist and a native of Bartertown, the human Wiswell studied illusion in the caverns of Throal. He is 58 years old, stands just under average height, has hunched shoulders and weighs about 140 pounds. He has a large nose, watery blue eyes, and thin white hair. His manner is diffident and excessively courteous, his robes meticulously well-kept.

After a few years of adventuring as a youth, Wiswell’s studies of magic drew him into deepening quandaries on the nature of truth and reality, an occupational hazard among illusionists. His questioning led to a crisis of conscience and courage, and he retired from adventuring. Wiswell recently came to Haven to prove his courage by going into Parlainth, only to have disaster strike.


Needren Lannen Wisewell