Large mound of bulbous flesh and wounds


The Mindtrap is a large, melon-shaped creature the color of spoiled cream. Its body is covered with open wounds and sores, which the Horror has inflicted on itself so that any who attack it risk coming into contact with its dangerous blood. The Horror has many eyes and several mouths placed at random around its body; it can see in all directions and can speak through any one of its bleeding maws, though the blood that bubbles and froths on its lips makes the Mindtrap’s words a bit hard to understand. The Horror uses its four powerful arms to propel itself. Each arm ends in a large spike, which the Horror uses both to move and to attack. Before making a spike attack, the Mindtrap coats the spikes in its own blood.

The Mindtrap nesting in Parlainth was trapped within that city for the duration of Parlainth’s retreat from the world. Ever since Parlainth’s magical return to Barsaive, the Mindtrap has been slowly creeping closer to Haven, anticipating a glorious feast on the great number of minds ripe for the harvesting that it senses in the town. It has fed-on many adventur&rs in the past ten years or so, but it constantly desires more minds to toy with and destroy.

The Mindtraps lastest ploy, to which the unfortunate Sekra fell victim, has been to Horror-mark and torture any adventurer unfortunate enough to stumble on the Horror’s lair. In Sekra’s case, the Mindtrap “spit out” her partially intact mind and sent her back to Haven with a bag of its blood to spread everywhere she could. The Mindtrap hoped others would touch the blood, enabling the Horror to harvest victims without having to lure them directly to its lair. Unfortunately for the Mindtrap, Sekra carried out its wishes almost too well, drawing a map of its nesting place on Haven’s Map Wall.