Lord Remiel

Acting Leader of the Circle Path Company


Born the youngest child to the leaders ofthe Circle Path Company, little attention was ever given to him. Because he was not even an Adept, it was thought that he would never amount to much. Thanks to Nemiroph, however, he has received a great deal of education and training. Nemiroph recognizes the ability that he has; Remiel shows great promise and intelligence, and possesses the qualities of a good leader.

Because he never had to worry much about the training and schooling that his elder siblings all went through, Remiel studied at his own pace. He would have passed all his peers anyway, as Nemiroph quickly noted. As a non-Adept, that is quite a feat.

Remiel has no desire to take over the leadership position from Yuriel, but he also recognizes the fact that she has no desire to keep it. He also realizes that, as of this time, there is very little that can be done about it. For the short time she served as leader, he gladly offered his assistance to her and gave her advice when she needed it. She may have publicaly been at the head ofthe Circle Path Company, but all her declslons and declarations were greatly influenced by Remlel. In. practice, Remiel has been serving as the leader this entire time.


Lord Remiel