Liniarg Blindingshout

Leader of the "Loyal Order Of Delvers" Ork Swordmaster

“Welcome to Haven. You have heard of the Loyal Order of Delvers? Of course you have. Join up, lad the rewards for membership are well worth it. Quite strong upper arms you’ve got, haven’t you? Beautiful muscles. You don’t mind if I give them a little squeeze, do you . . . ?”

Like her comrade Torgak, Liniarg Blindingshout finds herself getting on in years, but refuses to accept old age as gracefully as her old friend. Once a beauty who could break an Ork’s heart, she still tries to act the part of a seductive heroine. She recently began dyeing her white hair a shocking orange color, and never appears in public without heavy makeup on her eyes, cheeks, and lips. In her own eyes, she remains forever young. Those who allow her to maintain this delusion find her cheerful and pleasant, if boisterous. Those who remind her of her declining years suffer her explosive wrath. Liniarg bears grudges, and refuses to forgive anyone who attempts to apologize for offending her.

Liniarg wants to do things that make her feel young, and also wants to strengthen the Loyal Order of Delvers. This latter goal means keeping down the upstart Ork Archiana Smoothskin and her Association of Unaffiliated Explorers. Even the thought of the younger, aggressive Archiana sends Liniarg into a shaking rage, as Archiana reminds her too much of her own lost glory days. Consequently, Liniarg goes out of her way to make life miserable for any Orks in whom Archiana shows a romantic interest.


Liniarg Blindingshout