Lady Yuriel

Heir to the Circle Path Company: Swordmaster


Yuriel has always been the hotheaded type, prone to irrational and emotional outbursts. More suited to adventuring than anything else, she often avoided house lectures about finances and trading, and went off to learn other more interesting skills. And this was years before she began her training as a Swordmaster! When her Adept potential was finally recognized, she quickly left to train, leaving only a short, cryptic note for her family, aptly demonstrating her approach to life.

When news came of the deaths of most of the senior members of the Circle Path Company, including most of her family, she was devastated. She just finished exploring a kaer, and was returning home when she learned of the tragedy. She meekly accepted the role that was assigned to her as one of the surviving senior members of the family. When alone, she cried for several nights, cursing her luck and despair.

For months, she helped lead the House superficially, letting Nemiroph and Remiel make all the decisions. She merely signed the papers and declared the proclamations. She was a willing puppet. The adventurers that she normally traveled with left on a journey without her, and she was all alone, as far as she was concerned. If only there was a way to officially pass on the responsibility to her younger brother, she would gladly do so without so much as a blink. Then, one day, the way out came in the form of an Ork, who invited her to join the Far Striders. She left quickly, leaving only a short, cryptic note for her family, telling them where she went and has contacted them irregularly ever since.


Lady Yuriel