Human Female Beastmaster


GM’s Character, possible NPC for future use.



Known As:
Kiya Wolf Walker (In & around the Liaj Jungle)
Kiya Bear Heart (In & around the Delaris Mountains)

Kiya was but a small child aged only 5 when her family were brutally killed by pirates and savages, and it is within these first scattered memories of her life that her true path began.

Faded now are such memories almost gone and out of reach, but she can remember it been a warm summers day and the air was sweet with new smells as they sailed down the Liaj River on the small trading boat. She can remember seeing large mountains with peaks that stretched out into the clouds like colossal giants of the world, and can remember miles of green river banks covered in flowers that were bathed in the summers light, she even remembers the small butterfly that landed on the deck of the boat as they sailed along the shimmering river.

It was around mid day when the boat pulled up at the river bank next to a large marsh field area that was well known for growing the precious herb known as Jakar Root, and after collecting several sacks and basic weapons half the crew set out to collect the precious root for trading. Kiya can remember at this point that her family were passengers on the boat and while the crew searched around the marsh land for Jakar Root her family went ashore with a picnic and found a small grass area just a short way from the boat.

She can remember the lush riverside flowers and insects buzzing in the air, and in faded memory she can see her mother smiling at her and telling her to hurry along. However it wasn’t long before the peace was shattered by a blood curdling scream followed by the sounds of fighting, spinning around she can remember seeing a large group of scruffy looking men attacking the small boat at the river bank. These men wearing torn scruffy clothing and wielding basic weapons such as axes and swords easily overran the boat as half the crew was in the fields collecting Jakar Root, and as Kiya watched she could see the crew been hacked apart on the boat.

It was around that moment they heard a noise quickly approaching them from behind, and within a second her family had turned around only to see a huge and crude mace smashing down into her fathers skull which not only killed him instantly but shattered his entire head open sending blood and fragments of skull splattering allover the family. Within seconds another bandit had grabbed the mother and the last thing the young child remembers was her mother screaming at the top of her lungs “Run Kiya, Run!!!!”

In sheer terror and panic Kiya ran into the long grass fields and carrying only a small leather rucksack and her picnic basket which she grasped onto out of sheer fear she carried on running as looking back she could see the scruffy human men had killed her family and the entire crew. She ran for as long as she could until it all began to dawned on her, and she began to understand she was totally lost now in a harsh and unknown wilderness, and that the last time she would ever see her family was when one of the scruffy bandits held her dead mother head in the air.

She broke down into tears and had never been more scared in her life and sadly that was about to get worse as not only was the great sunset of our world approaching, but slowly speckles of a summer rain shower started to appear in the air. Before long she was terrified, the sun was setting and it soon began to rain heavily, her heart beat a 100 times per second and she could feel her hands shaking in fear, and as the rain fell down upon her and the great sun set in the sky she pulled her red rain coat from her backpack and headed to a huge set of trees in the distance hoping to get some shelter.

Making it to the edge of the great forest she curled up crying under one of the trees and laid there shivering and in tears, she can not remember how long passed but it seems liked days as the night fell cold and dark, it was around that time just a few hours before the dawn that she heard a deep and vicious growling from behind her, jumping up and looking around from tear covered eyes she was frozen still in terror, as what she saw was a massive wolf that was growling and showing its teeth directly at her and it looked ready to attack at any second.

Slowly picking up her picnic basket the wolf growled at her and tuck several quick steps forward like it was going to attack, however Kiya had just enough time to pull out a large peace of pork meat from her picnic basket and threw it to the great wolf who soon began sniffing the meat before eating it whole. Quickly pulling something else out of the blanket Kiya stood frozen as the great wold walked towards her, it total fear she could do nothing else other than hold out her hand that was filled with a large chunk of T’Skrang spiced fish.

Shivering in terror and with rain water stinging her eyes she thought she was going to die and offered out the fish in hope the great beast would leave her alone, she closed her eyes and could hear the beast getting closer and she was about to scream when she felt deep warm breath of her hand and the fish softly been taken out of her trembling hands. Opening her eyes she dropped the packet a spiced fish on the floor and the wolf continued to consume the contents, and as it did she could see the great beast just inches away from her and in a daring childish move she reached out and touched the huge wolfs fur, running her hands over its back and ears, and she did this she noticed the wolf was greedily eating the spice fished and its tail was wagging as she stroked in back and ears.

Looking at her the wolf didn’t know what to think until Kiya pulled out several peaces of stone baked bread and offered them tot the wolf, and for a small time they both stood together with Kiya feeding the great wolf while stroking its ears and back. Before long the entire basket was empty and the wolf now nearly full looked at the small human creature, and looking directly at Kiya he could tell she was lost and alone, that she was terrified and in danger, and in some sort of strange animal instinct the wolf could tell there wear strong magics surrounding this girl, that her life and true pattern had just been changed forever, the wolf could see she had lost everything and had then given everything she had left to the wolf.

Kiya meets the wolf

The great wolf curled up under the tree where Kiya had been sleeping and seemed to beckon her over with his head, slowly moving closer Kiya ended up cuddling the wolf and sleeping together under the trees, she can remember the wolfs wet fur smelt of earth and the forest but it felt warm and soft to the touch, even the wold breath warmed her as the beats let out huge deep breaths and curled up in a ball around her like a mother looking after her cubs.

Only a few precious hours past but slowly the rain began to stop and the great sun begin to rise over our world, and unknown to Kiya that dawn was the first dawn of her new life, the first dawn that lead onto a path that changed her life forever. The great wolf waking in the morning light felt cautious and confused about this small human girl and was unsure how to act, after several moments staring at her in the first morning sun light the wolf began to walk off into the deep jungle, and having nowhere else to go Kiya followed her new found friend.

The wolf considered eating her or just leaving her lost int he great Liaj Jungle but after walking for only an hour the wolfs ears perked up and its nose began to sniff the ground, walking into a small clearing between the trees the wold began wagging its tail and ran up to a large tree that seemed to hold large deep red fruits high into its branches. The wolf quickly sniffing around the base of the tree seemed to find only a few fruits which is ate with seconds on finding them and licking it lips with everyone.

Kiya taking several steps forward to try and find her own fruit got growled out by the great wolf and this fruit seemed to be highly valued. Spending a log time sniffing around the wolf soon became frustrated and couldn’t find anymore of the precious red fruits and was about to leave when Kiya suddenly began to climb the tree. Making her way slowly right up into the high branches she felt scared and began to shake, however she managed to reach the first set of lower fruits and began knocking them down towards the wolf who ran around excited eating everyone that fell and wagging its tail with happiness.

Looking at the fruit Kiya could see a large deep red and pink fruit that seemed to be soft and filled with juices, and taking a bite she can remember the burst of lush tasting fruit and juices in her mouth that almost tasted like a sweet mixture of sugar and honey, and after eating several fruits herself she continued to throw them down at the great wolf would was jumping up eagerly at the base of the tree, and from there you could say Kiya made a friend for life and can remembering giggling and thinking how the silly wolf did need her after all, after the feast of this great tasting fruit the stuffed wolf strolled off into the trees with Kiya just behind.

Over the following years the bond between the wolf and Kiya grew and each day they would search the great jungle for food together, and over time learnt to gather various things that one could not get without the other, the great wolf killed other animals giving them raw and bloody meat to eat, while Kiya climbed trees for fruits and eggs, and also on occasion caught small fish with her hands in streams, the pair wondered deeper into the great woodland and for many years Kiya was lost with the wolf who grew in size almost if my magic of the jungle itself, and with each day and challenge the bond between them grew ever stronger until the wolf became her family.

Kiya grew with the wolf

Over the following years Kiya learnt much about the forest and animal behavior, she watched the great wolf Kota hunt, she watched how he found shelter, how he sniffed the ground looking for tracks and signs of animals, she even learnt what fruits and berries were safe to eat and found several herbs that seemed to have healing properties as the wolf would eat them when feeling sick. Not only did she learn a awful lot about the jungle but she met many other animals over the years, and many of those animals knew or had seen the great wolf Kota and feared to harm his young, and over the years the young Kiya seemed to grow an affinity with the animals around her, meeting every type of animal from tigers to snakes, slowly the jungle became her home, and the animals became her family.

Kiya runs with the pack

It was around this time after spending many years alone in the jungle that Kiya encountered another group of humans deep within the jungle, she was shocked at first but also curious and excited as it had been so long since she met one of her own kind. The people wore very little clothing and seemed to camouflage themselves with the jungle around them, they appeared to be an entire nomadic tribe living deep within the jungle. On seeing the small blonde human girl standing with a colossal wolf the tribesmen seemed to ready themselves for attack but also seemed surprised that this young scruffy human girl shared such a bond with the animal.

Running away into the jungle it was some weeks before Kiya visited the camp again, and from there she met and was greeted kindly by the nomadic people who called themselves “The Tamers” and seemed to be a mixed group of name givers who lived an isolated and natural life deep within the jungle, many of which were Beastmasters, Elementalists and expert woodsmen that had chosen a life away from society. Things were very difficult at first because over the years Kiya had virtually forgotten how to speak, bit slowly the tribe started to teach her and she became know as Kiya Wolf Walker as several times a week she would approach their camp and leave the colossal wolf Kota waiting outside in the jungle, and slowly Kiya began to learn more about the world, about the passions and horrors, she began to learn more about the jungle and its creatures and learnt more secrets to calm even the most savage beasts, and by her teenage years she had grown a lot and met several of the different tribes hidden within the Liaj Jungle.

By her teenage years even the most vicious bests trusted her

Many years past like this and Kiya learnt many things from the animals and the tribes people, and while she did not see the tribe as her home she visited often and became welcome by them as an ally of the forest and animals. It was some years later that a terrible thing happened and while walking deep within the jungle Kiya and the great wold came upon some large ruins of what seemed like an old city crumbling into dust, with the sun setting they decided to take a quick look around the ruins and what followed was an epic fight for their very lives.

Walking a short way into the ruins they heard a powerful and echoing roar and turning around startled both Kiya and the wolf were shocked as what they could see was a huge and foul horror creature that had countless gross tentacles tipped with razor sharp points that seemed to leak some black venom, standing around 30ft tall the horror lunged forward smashing two razor sharp claws into the great wolf Kota, what followed was a hectic bitter fight to the death, because as the horror surged towards Kiya the great wolf went berserk and lunged at the foul horror grabbing its throat between his mighty jaws which gave Kiya just enough time to back away from the massive demon creature.

The fight was vicious between the two great beasts but heavily injured and with foul black horror poison running in his veins the great wolf finally died, and as Kiya watched she could only scream in sheer terror as she could see tears in the great wolfs eyes as he died, and in those final seconds as the last life in the wolfs eyes began to fade she noticed he had never taken her eyes off her making her the very last thing he ever saw in this world. Also injured the horror slivered off into the ancient city ruins and vanished into the night, and that night under the stars and deep within the great jungle Kiya cried over the torn and poisoned body of her only family, of the only father she had ever known.

The horror

It was at this time that Kiya’s life once again changed rapidly, and that night under the stars she swore revenge on the horrors for killing the only family she had known, and heart broken from the loss of her friend she collected what few things she had and sent out into the world wanting to escape her loss and learn to fight the horrors. Heading South towards the mighty Delaris mountains and new journey in her path was about to begin, and filled with rage and sorrow, filled with guilt and confusion, and filled with harrow she fled her jungle home and began to climb high into the mountain cliffs at the base of the Delaris mountains.

She cried at many points during the journey and can remember thinking if she could get high enough that maybe she could see the world before her and figure out what it was all about and why such bad things kept happening to her. For 4 days and 4 nights she climbed into the mountains until she was exhausted and shivering in the cold winds, this land was alien to her, there were few trees here and little vegetation, and so far there didn’t seem to be many animals other than birds flying over the cliff tops. Lying there shivering and hungry in the night she could see a million stars stretching out over her jungle home in the distance and considered turning back countless times, but each time she thought about the wolf and how she had nothing there anymore, in her heart she felt she had been cast out and once again had her family torn from her.

The 4th night was hard on her and cold and starving she lay shivering through the night until morning where she woke in need of food, water and warmth. It was that morning that she was woken by something moving around the rocks, slowly getting up in her weakened state she was shocked to see a huge figure appearing around the rocks. Moving back she lifted her hand up to her eyes to block out the morning sun and could see a confused and startled Troll standing in front of her who seemed to be shocked at this small human girl so high in the mountains.

The huge Troll let out several works in a deep rustic voice that Kiya didn’t understand and moments later several more Trolls came running over to look at her. Cowering and surrounded by the huge Trolls she said “Please, please don’t hurt me” but the Trolls seemed to speak in a language she didn’t understand. Sometime later another Troll arrived and kneeling down next to Kiya he spoke several words at her int he common tongue and asked her who she was and what she was doing within their mountains, trying to explain the Trolls could see she was exhausted so they lifted her up and the next thing she remembers is waking up in a huge bed made from bear skins, she remembers the tent seemed huge to her and she could smell fire and cooking meats from outside, even incense filled the air in the tent but she could hear the wind howling outside.

Looking out of the tent door she was shocked and could see a small village like camp filled with at least 50 Trolls who talked together and ate freshly cooked meat in huge handfuls. Before long a Troll came in to check her progress and found her awake and in fear. Slowly the Troll sat down and asked her is she was feeling better, and nicely asked her to explain who she was and why she was here in the mountains, in fear Kiya tried to explain what happened and the Troll could tell she wasn’t lying and was clearly upset and devastated about something, the Troll was also interested to hear more about this passion and knowledge of the animals that Kiya had.

Over the following few weeks they talked more within the tent and Kiya was slowly shown to the rest of the Troll clan who seemed to make fun of her size, but was told that she must not be harmed as the Troll Shamans sense strong magics in her waiting to grow. It was perhaps three weeks after this that Kiya was walking in the mountains with her new found Troll friend who spoken the common language, and walking just a short distance away from the camp they talked together about life in the jungle and the mountains and how different they were, and it was around that moment that they walked around a large cropping of rocks and quickly jumped back as a huge black blur jumped up onto its back legs

What was before them was a large teenage black bear that had nearly reached adulthood, this huge black bear arched up onto its back legs and was standing over 10ft tall and was even bigger than the Troll. The bear letting out a colossal roar scared them both seeing the Troll walk backwards and trip on a rock sending him crashing down onto his back. The bear again roared and at this point Kiya didn’t care anymore, she had already lost everything and she wasn’t about to die to some animal so she began to scream back, she began to shout and wave her arms at the huge bear speaking at it with authority in a loud clear voice she tried to scare it away.

The bear not wanting to tackle two opponents soon backed off and walked away into the rocks glancing back several times at the small blonde girl who had stud up to him. The Troll getting up off the floor holding his head thanked Kiya and could see she had a way with the animals and had been fearless around them. That evening in the camp Kiya could see several of the Trolls were speaking together and her friend who she had saved was among them, sometime passed when suddenly a group of 4 trolls accompanied by one of the Moots Shamans walked over to Kiya and asked her to follow them.

Taking her into the Shamans tent they sat her down in front of a fire in the center of the tent and the Shaman began to speak in the deep Troll language that was been translated into common by one of the other Trolls, and it seemed they wanted to preform some kind of ritual of passing, a ritual of adulthood. The Troll Shaman began to chat in Trollish language and as he did Kiya could see him pouring a dark liquid substance into a large stone cup and mixing it with deep red mountain berry wine, she could also see the Shaman had a dried dust like version of the dark substance and was loading it into a smoking pipe.

Finishing the cryptic chanting the Shaman gave Kiya the large stone cup and gestured for her to drink it, looking at one of the other Trolls who could speak the common tongue he looked directly back at her and said “Adepts Blood, drink it Kiya” so she did. Shortly after the Shaman again began to chat and seemed to bestow some sort of magical power upon his pipe which was then lit and passed to Kiya who was told to smoke the bitter tasting black smoke which leaked from the end of the pipe, taking only a few small breaths Kiya began to feel dizzy, her heart began to quicken and it was like she could feel energy alive in her veins.

The world seemed to alter now, flickering in the flames she began to see her dreams, her nightmares, or past set out before her like a dream world, looking over to the chatting Shaman she could see glimpses or reality through the dream and as the Shaman danced beside the fire she could see his face tuned into that of the horror who killed her wolf Kota, again her heart began to race and patterns of her life swirled around in the smoky fire lit tent and her eyes started to close in relaxation. She could see the butterfly landing on the deck of the boat when she was a child, she could feel the breath of the wolf on her back that first night in the rain, she could see the wolf jumping at the base of the tree the first time they found fruit together, and through the smoke and flame she could see the horror that destroyed her great wolf.

Suddenly the dreaming state began to change and cold clamminess shuddered over her skin as she could see herself climbing into the mountains, she could see herself walking and talking with her friends, and then suddenly a huge black bears head appeared and roared at her with all its hate and anger, and in her dream she roared back as loudly like she has the voice of a bear. From there her vision floor over the rocks and mountains like an eagle following the bears tracks below, and swooping over the rocks Kiya suddenly saw the large black bear laying heavily injured on the floor with a huge bear trap around its leg which was bleeding heavily.

Trapped in a cove the bear seemed unconscious or dead and was seriously injured, it was around that time the vision broke for a second and Kiya could see the Troll Shaman shaking uncontrollably and holding the temples on the side if his head like he was looking into the dream with her, and in a sudden flash like dream she could see the Shaman standing next to the huge dying bear and danced around it like he danced around the fire. In the last moments of the dream Kiya could see the bear roaring, she could feel strong energies in her veins, she could feel herself roaring inside and finally all she could see is a darkened fire lit face of the foul horror that had killed her wolf and taken so much from our world, and with that she fainted.

Several hour past before she came around and while she remembers dreaming further she can not remember what it was she dreamed, however on waking up and coming round she greeted by the Troll Shaman who stud alone smoking a large wooden pipe that look worn from years of use, standing up in front of her he simply nodded a her and past her a rucksack. Looking inside the large ruck sack was several weeks worth of rations, several huge chucks of meat wrapped in leaves, and several packs filled with the unmistakable smell of Jakar Root, the Troll Shaman looked at her and simply nodded like they both knew what she had to do.

Quickly setting off in the direction of the injured bear Kiya walked almost all day away from the camp until she came across the little alcove in the rocks where the bear laid in the huge metal bear trap that had been placed there years before. Running down to the bear Kiya could see flashes in her mind like she was seeing parts of the dream that matched the landscape around her, and running down to the bear she could see it was hardly breathing. Quickly breaking up some Jakar Root she placed the pulp and juices into the bears mouth and then begin the difficult process of opening the huge metal bear trap around its leg.

After sometime prizing the thing open with rocks and large log the trap finally sprang back open and she dragged it away from the bear. Quickly covering the bear with a blanket she opened some of the wrapped meat and mixed in some Jakar Root and tried to get the bear to eat, and slowly the bear come round enough to eat some food. For 4 days and 4 nights Kiya slept with the bear each day cleaning its wounds with mountain water and feeding the bear doses of fresh meat and Jakar Root and soon the bear started to come round a lot more and noticed it was the human girl he had encountered just days before, and that she had saved him.

Slowly Kiya nursed the big bear back to health stroking his ears each day and soothing his pain by speaking gently to him, and by the 5th morning the bear was about ready to walk and could hobble short distances. Kiya further bonded with the bear by feeding it, helping it to walk and stand, and even let it drink water from her hands. In time the bear was well enough to walk and in some strange animal kind of way it seemed to thank Kiya before walking off into the rocks again looking back at her several times as he did.

Heading back to the Troll camp Kiya was exhausted and arrived late in the night, sleeping until late next morning she was woke up by several Trolls who shuck her awake, looking down at her sleepy eyes they said “come, come” and following them out into the camp they pointed up to the high ridge over looking the camp and she could see the huge black bear that stud up and roared over the entire camp as she made eye contact.

Standing there looking at the huge bear on the ridge Kiya noticed the Troll Shaman approaching her with a large Troll man that she had never seen before, as they neared the Shaman looked up at the ridge and the bear and began speaking in the Troll language, he said “This man is Ragnar’rith he will be your teacher for the next two years, he will teach how how to use that knowledge and gift with animals to become a great master of the beasts, he will teach you how to turn your knowledge and life experiences into magic, how to see through an animals eyes and to feel there heart beating with your own, he will teach you to walk among the animal spirits and to use your own blood to fuel the magics locked within you, in the end you will be an adept, or you will be dead” with that the Shaman walked away.

From there Kiya life changed dramatically and her new teacher tuck her out into the mountains everyday to introduce her to the wilderness and animals of the mountains, and slowly the friendship with the great black bear started to develop as she came back to the camp looking for her on a regular basis. For the next two years Kiya studied the ways of the beast master and learned to walk the adepts which was been shown to her by a Troll master of the High Peak Moot, and after that training Kiya not only became an adept but could feel the magic swelling inside of her, and her friendship with the great bear Riyukal had grown tremendously.

In total she stayed with the High Peak Troll Moot for 4 years until her mid 20’s and after such kindness by the Troll Moot she feared saying goodbye, but still strongly in her heart she remembers her family all those years ago and how they were butchered in the wild by savages, she remembers her great wolf father Kota who died protecting her, and above all she remembers the vow for revenge against the horror that killed her most beloved friend.

It was around that time high in the Delaris peaks that the Troll Moot fashioned several gifts for Kiya in the form of armor and basic equipment, and with the sun rising high above the peaks Kiya said goodbye to the Troll Moot saying she would hopefully return here once her task was done, but for now she had grown into a women and an adept, and adept who must settle her own history within her heart and mind. With that Kiya set off from the great Delaris Mountains waving goodbye the Troll Moot who had come to call her Kiya the Bear Heart, and the only person that followed was the huge black bear who strolled at her side each day.

For now Kiya sets out into the world looking to fight the horrors and cleanse our world of their taint, and also to seek revenge and those who destroyed her life, now high into the peaks of the Delaris mountains is the rise of an Adept.


Kiya the rise of an adept