Keldys Tul

Ork Proprietor of Loak's Legacy


Keldys Tul, Ork Owner

Keldys is not an adapt but that doesn’t stop him from challenging all and sundry that frequent his abode. A likable and mostly friendly Ork and generally not quick to anger unless his Inn is in any way insulted and even one slight against the former owner Loak will be certain to cause him to fall in to a rage and those that have felt Keldys’s wrath rarely do so again and will be permanently ejected from the premiss’s. Keldys feels mostly responsible for Loak’s untimely death being one of the party that cajoled him to re-enter Parlainth and prove his long tales true and since that day has honoured his death. Keldys Tul has resided in Haven ever since.


Loak’s Legacy

Loak ironfistLoak’s Legacy bears the name of its late owner, the retired adventurer Loak Ironfist. A statue of him (or something that looks like one) stands in the dining room near the bar. The four-story inn has adjoining stables in the rear. On the bottom floor are the kitchen, bar, dining room, and private meeting rooms. The three upper floors contain bedrooms, including a large communal sleeping room. Accommodations in a private bedroom cost 80 silver pieces per night, all located on the second floor. The top floor has a suite fit for a Lord and is mostly always hired out.

Apart from the private room prices all other prices within Loak’s Legacy are relatively affordable in comparison to the Restless Troll being 25% more than book price, rather than 50% more at the Restless Troll.

The vast dining room offers two hearths, a long bar with padded, wooden stools, and several long tables with benches set along each side. Loak’s does not provide small, private tables: they expect their customers to belly up to one of the long tables and rub elbows with their fellow patrons. During the day, the dining room does a modest business, but at night the place gets a little rowdy, filled with guests bragging about what they recently found or killed in Parlainth’s ruins. Brawls frequently erupt, usually because one patron challenges another’s story.

For those who desire more dining privacy, one of the three private rooms adjoining the dining room can be had for 1 gold piece per evening, not including food and drink. In each of these rooms, up to ten people can sit and enjoy their dinner in peace and quiet. The communal room on the first floor contains plenty of bedrolls and sleeping furs. For the privilege of staking out a spot on the floor overnight, guests pay 1 silver piece. Needless to say, Loak’s does not guarantee any kind of security in the communal room.

The Legend of Loak Ironfist

Keldys Tul, a member of the scouting party that found Loak in Parlainth, took over the Silver Scorcher Inn and re-named it Loak’s Legacy in honor of the Dwarf hero.

Loak Ironfist explored the ghostly ruins of Parlainth after it returned to the world, shortly after the end of the Scourge. After long years of harrowing exploits and narrow escapes, he retired from adventuring and opened an inn called the Silver Scorcher.

He spent the next years as a successful innkeeper, until the day he chose to share tales of his exploits in the ruins of Parlainth with a band of young, green adventurers staying at his inn. Doubting Loak’s claims of having explored Parlainth, they dared the Dwarf to return to the Forgotten City and bring back proof that he had gone there. A defiant Loak took the dare and re-entered the ruins. Several days later, a scouting party found him in Parlainth, turned to stone. To this day, no one knows how Loak Ironfist met such a terrible fate. The scouts brought Loak’s body back to Haven and the inn, and set him up near the bar.

Keldys Tul