Justice Bells

Leader of Justice for All: Ork Liberator

“The choice is clear-freedom or slavery. Die, Theran dog!”

Passionate and driven, Justice Bells sees the world in black and white. In her book, slavers and Therans deserve no mercy. Anyone who opposes them must be virtuous; any who defend them must also be evil. Some of her less fanatical followers try to rein her in when she threatens to go completely out of control, with limited success. Justice is such a loose cannon that Cleotha Splayfoot wants nothing to do with her despite their similar aims. Torgak sees her as a threat to order and his own position, but acknowledges that her following is just large enough to keep him from making any move against her. He forces himself to wait for her to make a big enough mistake for him to justify banishing Justice for All from Haven.


Justice Bells