DEX: 7 STR: 5 TOU: 7
PER: 10 WIL: 9 CHA: 5
Initiative: 7 Physical Defense: 9
Actions: 2 Spell Defense: 13
Attack (6): 13 Social Defense: 9
Damage: Physical Armor: 8
Claws (6): 11 Mystic Armor: 4
Death: 66 Recovery Tests: 3
Unconsciousness: 54 Knockdown: 8
Wound Threshold: 12 Movement: 8 *
Legend Award: Fourth Circle (1 per 2 PC)

“*” This value is also the Horror construct’s climbing Movement Rate
Powers: Climbing S (4): 11, Durability (4), Frost Web (4): 13,
Iron Web (4): 13, Lacerators, Spellcasting (4): 14
Loot: Thorax web worth D12 × 10 silver pieces (counts as
treasure worth Legend Points)


Jehuthra are constructs of the Horror known as Hate, first formed during the early years of the Scourge. These seven-foot-long spider-like beings have eight legs, each ten feet long, and their bristly bodies end in humanoid faces. Though their eyes look vacant, jehuthras possess considerable cunning and intelligence. They prefer traps and ambushes to a straight confrontation, and an over matched jehuthra will flee rather than fight. Only if flight looks difficult or impossible does a jehuthra defend itself with its magical powers.

The metallic deposits on a jehuthra’s chest form a thorax web, which the creatures use to create three different magical effects:

Frost Web, Iron Web and Lacerators. Unless noted otherwise, all of these effects have a Dispel Difficulty of 12.

Frost Web: Water—Cold. Frost web takes one round to cast against a single character, who must be within 40 yards (20 hexes)of the jehuthra. The jehuthra rubs its thorax web and points at the
target, then makes a Spellcasting Test against the target’s Spell Defense. If the test succeeds, the victim is entangled in an icy,barbed web, which is extremely cold. The jehuthra makes a Frost
Web Test for damage each round. Physical Armor protects against this damage, but metal armor offers no more than 3 points of protection. The web holds the victim fast for three rounds, unless he shatters it by making a successful Strength (12) Test.

Iron Web: Earth—Metal. Iron Web is a defensive effect that allows a jehuthra to form a metal maze around its prey. The jehuthra traces a pattern upon its thorax web, then makes an Iron Web
Test against the highest Spell Defense among all the target characters within a 10 yards (5 hexes) radius. If the test succeeds, a 6 yard-high maze (3 hexes-high maze) is created, consisting of eight independent paths that lead to the maze’s center. The web maze extends for 10 yards (5 hexes) around the jehuthra, closing over the top of the maze walls. The Iron Web isolates each character, placing him on a separate path from his fellow travelers. If a group has more than eight characters, the Iron Web distributes them as evenly as possible. The paths lead only to the center of the maze, and do not intersect. Characters moving faster than a slow
walk (4 yards (2 hexes) per round) must make a successful Dexterity (6) Test in order to safely move through the maze. A Poor result inflicts Step 7 damage on the character as the web’s magical barbs tear at him. Physical Armor protects against this damage. A Pathetic result means the character also trips and is Knocked Down unless he makes a successful Knockdown (7) Test. The web lasts for Step 9 rounds, or until dispelled. Dispelling a single path has a Dispel Difficulty of 12; the entire web has a Dispel Difficulty of 21. Rather than wait in the center, the jehuthra usually scurries down a path either to escape or to attack a character. If it wishes,
the jehuthra can make a Spellcasting Test to dispel its own Iron Web—either a single path or the entire web.

Lacerators: Lacerators are cold, icy spikes that form on two of the jehuthra’s legs, granting a +4 bonus to the construct’s Damage Tests. They take one round to form and last for Step 9 rounds (the construct’s Willpower Step).