Human Wizard in Haven: Purveyor of magical charms, alchemical substances, books, scrolls, true elements, crystals


In excellent health despite his advanced age of 105 years, the Wizard Hiermon can no longer undertake long journeys, but still manages to get around with a spryness that belies his stooped and wrinkled appearance. A human Wizard of great wisdom and power, Hiermon specializes in acquiring knowledge of rare and mysterious objects. A shrewd bargainer and a stubborn man, Hiermon nonetheless has a good heart and willingly aids strangers even at cost to himself.

His best friend is Brenula the Ork, who owns a weapons and armor smithy in the town of Haven, above which is Hiermon’s own residence. Hiermon wears an ornately embroidered robe and uses a twisted staff for help in walking as well as for defence.


Hiermon’s Residence

The rooms above Brenula’s shop belong to the wizard Hiermon, Brenula’s personal friend. He has lived in these apartments for ten years and has filled them with the clutter one might expect in a spellcaster’s dwelling. Old books, mysterious crystals, alchemical implements, and other unusual items lay scattered casually on every surface. As he is one of the few sages who makes Haven his home, both the Loyal Order of Delvers and the Association of Unaffiliated Explorers hold Hiermon in high regard.