Giant Spider

The giant spiders of the Servos Jungle are approximately six to seven feet in length.


The giant spiders of the Servos Jungle are approximately six to seven feet in length, similar in size and appearance to Jehuthras arachnid Horror constructs, and are often mistaken for them. Horror powers or no, giant spiders are still very dangerous creatures.

DEX: 5 STR: 5 TOU: 7
PER: 4 WIL: 5 CHA: 4
Initiative: 5 Physical Defense: 6
Actions: 1 Spell Defense: 5
Attack (2): 7 Social Defense: 5
Damage: Physical Armor: 2
Bite (3): 8 (poison) Mystic Armor: 0
Death: 39 Recovery Tests: 3
Unconsciousness: 31 Knockdown: 8
Wound Threshold: 11 Movement: 8 +

Legend Award: Second Circle

+ This value is also the creature’s climbing Movement Rate

Climbing S (2): 7, Enhanced Senses (Touch) (2): 6, Poison [SD 7; Paralysis; Damage 9], Spellcasting (5): 10, Venom (4): 9

If a target falls unconscious by the spider’s venomous spit, the spider encases the victim in a thick cocoon and feeds on the victim at its leisure. A cocooned victim who awakens may free himself without making any tests. Occasionally, packs of five or more giant spiders spin large communal webs to ensnare prey.

Venom: The giant spider can spit venom up to 8 yards (4 hexes away).

Web Trap:
To detect a giant spider’s web, which is strong enough to entangle even Namegiver-sized victims, characters must make a successful Perception (9) Test. Whenever a character stumbles into a giant spider web, the gamemaster determines the web’s Strength value by making a Step 8 Strength Test. To free himself from the web, the character must make a successful Strength Test against the web’s Strength value. Giant spider webs are often large enough to ensnare up to three human-sized targets.


Encountered in Session 9: In to the Caucavic Mountains

Te spiders we met were obviously a different variant to the ones we have listed here, but they are similar enough to use the Servos Spiders as an example as to what we faced

Giant Spider