Blood Elf High Circle Nethermancer visits Haven occasionally and stays at the Restless Troll

Do not feel shame that you are stupid, foul-smelling, humorless, cowardly, lacking in scruples, displeasing to the eye, incompetent, and without civilized manners. After all, adventurer, these are your good points.

No Blood Warders live in Haven, they only come to the town to pursue specific missions. Tension in Haven always ratchets up a notch when the blood elves appear. They look creepy and menacing, and bad things tend to happen around them. Many of Haven’s residents want Torgak to bar them from town, but he refuses the request each time, claiming he’d sooner have them in plain sight than sneaking around, and that refusing them entry would surely get several of his deputies killed. He has managed to prevent the blood elves from buying any property in town, however, so Blood Warders must always stay at The Restless Troll where Torgak can keep an eye on them.

The Blood Warders crave magical lore and treasures, with which they hope to one day wipe all Horror taint from Barsaive

Most often when the Blood Warders come to Haven, an elf named Fafedriel leads them, accompanied by a small force of high Circle blood elves that includes other magicians as well as adepts of other Disciplines. Confident of their safety by virtue of their immense power, members of this group enjoy throwing their weight around.

Fafedriel speaks unusually loudly for an elf, and uses his vicious sense of humor like a weapon. He takes delight in openly mocking others, and cannot speak for more than a few minutes without giving a piercing, maniacal giggle. The gruesome reputation of the Blood Warders and tales of Fafedriel’s personal power force even Torgak to grit his teeth and take the elf’s unpleasant jests. Though other blood elves sometimes appear to regret their corrupted state, Fafedriel revels in the discomfort he arouses in others. He goes out of his way to make sure that his enemies hate him, because such strong emotions will lead them to make mistakes in their dealings with him.

Less dour than many of his colleagues, Fafedriel loves music and fine wine. On occasion, he even dances in The Restless Troll’s tavern. This fondness for common pleasures appears to be his only redeeming trait. In general, Haven’s residents think of Fafedriel as an utterly blackhearted villain.