Possessed undead beings


Demiwraiths are an unusual type of animated dead. Not true undead, such as ghouls or ghosts, these hateful spirits possessed victims during the long years of the Scourge and eventually merged with the host body. Some of these spirits could not separate themselves from their hosts when the hosts died, and became demiwraiths.

Demiwraiths animate the dead flesh that imprisons them, and revel in destroying the living. A black, foggy astral substance often shrouds a demiwraith’s body, giving these beings an appearance similar to that of a true wraith.

Because a demiwraith is not truly undead, increase its Spell Defense and Mystic Armor by +5 against spells or powers specifically designed to target undead beings.

Encountered in: Session 3: Purify the Kaer


DEX: 7 STR: 6 TOU: 6
PER: 6 WIL: 8 CHA: 5
Initiative: 6 Physical Defense: 9
Actions: 1 Spell Defense: 9 (14; see text)
Attack (2): 9 Social Defense: 13
Damage: Physical Armor: 6
Claws (3): 9 Mystic Armor: 4 (9; see text)
Death: 50 Recovery Tests: 3
Unconsciousness: None Knockdown: 6
Wound Threshold: 10 Movement: 6
Legend Award: Second Circle (1 per 2 PC)
Powers: Chilling Touch (4): 12, Durability (2)
Loot: D4 small gems, each worth D12 × 10 silver pieces, or a total of
5D6 × 10 silver pieces (worth Legend Points)