Obsidimen Bodyguard to Lord Remiel


For almost forty years, Degaas has been the quiet, unassuming giant looming behind the leaders ofthe Circle Path Company as their Bodyguard. While his life as a Bodyguard has never been terribly eventful, the Circle Path Company treats him generously, and in return, he offers unwavering loyalty to his employers.

Only once during his entire term of employment has someone been injured on his watch, and that was from an event that he had little control over. A merchant’s inn that the family had chose to stay in during one business trip caught fire, and while they were trying to escape, a burning beam fell from the rafters. He was already shielding the House leader from the flames but he saw that two of the family’s youngest children, Yuriel and Remiel, were right under it. Degaas was helpless, watching in horror as the world seemed to crumble around him. Then, an unexpected shape swooped across his field of vision, moving the children out of the way and taking the brunt of the hit himself.

They all got out safely that night, though Nemiroph would be forever scarred. Degaas holds great respect for him now and forever, and would lay his life down for him as well as the leaders ofthe House. To Yuriel and Remiel, feeling that he failed them that night, his service to them is as strong as ever.

He recognizes both Yuriel and Remiel as inheritors to the leadership of the Circle Path, and is equally supportive of them both. With Yuriel’s disappearance and apparent danger, he is most anxious to aid in bringing her back.